It’s Official: Ivan Reis To Replace Jim Lee as JUSTICE LEAGUE Artist With #15

It’s been rumored for a while and now it’s official: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado will take over for Jim Lee and his army of inkers as the art team of DC Comics’ flagship book, Justice League.

Cover to Justice League #15

Head over to Buzzfeed for the full story, as well as a look at the cover to Justice League #16, and a full statement from DC Entertainment CCO and Justice League writer Geoff Johns which reads, in part:

With new relationships developing – like Wonder Woman and Superman – new members coming on – like Shazam! and the all-new Atom — and new threats rising — like Ocean Master & Atlantis — the Justice League will grow and change as we march towards the impending TRINITY WAR.

Reis and Prado take over art duties with December’s Justice League #15.

What does this move mean? Well, I’m betting that some people who had dropped off of Justice League will come back for Ivan Reis, who is quickly becoming one of the most popular artists in comics. It also means that, baring some blockbuster creative team announcement, Aquaman probably won’t survive the loss of Johns and Reis. And finally, what of Jim Lee? DC is now teasing that the news of his next major project will be announced next month at New York Comic Con.



  1. Nice cover …although that’s almost exactly how Aquaman looks on Reis’ Aquaman #1

  2. F*** YEA!!!!!!!

  3. This is going to be wonderful!!

  4. Today is a good day.

    I’ve been waiting for this since SInestro Corps War. There is no one more deserving, or more capable, of drawing a stellar JL title. I cannot wait.

  5. so shazam is taking green,lanterns spot?

  6. Happy for Reis, he’s very talented and deserves some more room in the spotlight. That being said, Justice League is still a disaster of a book as long as Johns is writing it.

  7. the saddest part of all this(besides not knowing when the next time i’ll see fresh Jim Lee art will be), is the notion that the Aquaman on-going might suffer or even be lost and done for. but, if Jim Lee can’t do JL, Reis is the only worthy successor.
    is Johns for sure done with Aquaman? cuz if he sticks and you can get someone awesome like Van Sciver to come on board, Aquaman could still thrive for a long time to come.

  8. Good for Justice League.
    Bad for Aquaman.

  9. I really liked Lee on Justice League. But this will be good too.

  10. Proud to have a two fellow brazilians as the art team of the JLA!

  11. I need some evidence that Reis isn’t some sort of pencilling Robot, I don’t think he’s taken a break since Blackest Night!

  12. Isn’t the Flash going to wake up and everything will be back to normal again? That seems like the failsafe in case this goes too bad. I started off reading a lot of these books but the artists can’t seem to maintain a steady schedule. Jim Lee’s artwork is gorgeous and Ivan Reis’s will be a great replacement but this new university can’t maintain much steam. I’m holding off buying anymore books because I know they’ll be in .50 bin at my next comic show!

  13. Sad to see Aquaman take the hit. I’d love to see Gary Frank to take his place, obviously that would never happen.

  14. Shazam on a team with Superman? Johns really likes a challenge.

  15. Ivan Reis’s Cyborg looks alot better than the bulky Jim Lee version.

  16. this is the best news I’ve heard all month

  17. I’m in mourning for the Aqua Man series. The stages of grief: shock, anger, depression, disbelief, pick up the next title, acceptance.

  18. I guess this means Aquaman is cancelled? Cause with Ocean Master becoming a new threat for the League, and considering he’s being introduced in Aquaman, I see no reason for that book to continue. Especially if Reis/Pardo are leaving that title…

    Oh well. I’m definitely going to buy this now with Reis on major book again with this title. Although not sure if I wanna get into this Trinity War stuff. Not a big fan of major events anymore.

  19. I don’t think this means anything for Aquaman other than we will have a new art team. And I find that exciting, to be honest. I’d like to see Johns team up again with Scott Kolins for Aquaman. He was looking sharp in The Flash Annual. And Reis is a beast. He deserves grander comics like Justice League. He’ll end up being much more satisfying than Jim Lee, because even though I enjoyed the art, with all the inkers on board, and maybe other factors I don’t know about, I haven’t enjoyed the art as much as in Hush or All-Star Batman and Robin. I’m just curious to see what Lee will do next besides a ream of variant covers. His presence on a Batman book is always welcome. I’d prefer to see him on Action Comics or Wonder Woman. But deep down inside, I really just want Lee and Miller to finish All-Star Batman.

    • Agreed on all your points. Scott Kollins is back to being awesome, but I don’t think he’d be great for Aquaman. Maybe give some up and comer a shot to work with Johns. Amy Reeder anyone? I’d love to see her on it

    • Yeah, I can’t see Johns getting paired with a sub-par art team on any book he does at DC. Dude knows Richard Donner, y’all.

  20. I’ll come back for this.

  21. Hell yeah…..this is GREAT comic news!!!!!!! Hope Aquaman sticks around though…its been a really good comic.

  22. Sad that Reis will be leaving Aquaman (I presume anyway – surely he can’t do both).

  23. I knew Lee would be leaving soon. Heck I was suprised he stayed this long. But to me even Reis couldn’t save this book from the horrendous writing of Geoff Johns.

  24. Nice, they’re adding the Atom to the team.

  25. I have to hand it to Jim Lee when this book was announced over a year ago I thought like many of us probly it would be plauged by lateness or he was only gonna do a few issues, He’s only had i think like 3 fill in issues counting the Tony Daniel issue that hasnt came out yet. Now where am I gonna get ne Jim Lee art………..Hold on Doc Brown came with the Dolorean time to go back 1992!!!

  26. DC is really making sure they have their TOP talent on this book. With the likes of Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Geoff Johns at the helm, it makes me wonder why I still am not reading it.

  27. This is good news and bad news. I love Aquaman now and I love it especially for the art provided by Reis and Prado! I just hope the next art team will be up to the challenge.

    Crazy idea but Manapul and Buccelato would be great (art wise) for Aquaman with all those watercolor and crazy post-modern art. Though I want them to stay on the Flash, I think it would “work”.

  28. Good choice.

  29. “Jim Lee and His Army of Inkers” wold be a good name for a band.

  30. Finally Shazam is on the team. Been waiting for this to happen for months.

  31. I dreamt of this but didn’t think it would happen. So Allright!!!

  32. NOOOOO Dont leave aquaman. By far aquaman is the best comic out after batman of course.