iFlashback! June 25th, 2003

It’s time for iFlashback! A weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago. Why nine years and not ten? Well because our Mondays in 2012 sync up with the Wednesdays of 2003.

So jog down memory lane with me. The date is June 25th, 2003. The number one film in the box office was the Ang Lee directed, Eric Bana starring, not as bad as people make it out to be, Hulk.  These are some of the comics at your local comic book shop.

The Flash #199

By Geoff Johns, Scott Kollins, Doug Hazelwood

Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth

By Warren Ellis, John Cassaday, David Baron


X-treme X-men #27

By Chris Claremont, Igor Kordey, Scott Hanna


Empire #0

By Mark Waid, Barry Kitson, James Pascoe, Chris Sotomayer


Peter Parker: Spider-Man #57

By Zeb Wells, Sam Kieth

Black Panther #61

By Christopher Priest, Jim Calafiore, Norm Rapmund

The Losers #1

By Andy Diggle, Jock

Born #1

By Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Tom Palmer


Batman #616

By Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams

That was the week that was June 25th, 2003! Batman #616 was the highest selling book of the month. Love or hate Hush but that book sold like gangbusters. That Flash book was amazing and I remember Empire being good too. Plus a Planetary/Batman crossover and a Punisher origin story! Cool week for comics.


  1. That Planetary/Batman crossover is awesome. I was surprised at how well Ellis ‘gets’ Batman.

  2. damn it, these flashbacks need to go back farther, i feel so old!

  3. Planetary/Batman great stuff!

    Also some utter pants there in Batman: Hush & the overrated Andy Diggle’s The Losers!

  4. “Born”=Excellent ‘MAX’ origin for ol’ Frank. It’s Garth Ennis doing ONE of the things he does best, war stories, but with Frank Castle as the focus. A must-read if you’re a Punisher MAX fan, or if you just like good war comics.

  5. Zeb Wells’ Peter Parker: Spider-man run was good.

    It was a nice little arc over three stories, Peter began to wonder why he always fights the same villians over and over, and he began to wonder why he bothers. It all ended nicely in this Sandman two-parter drawn by Keith.

    I don’t know if it’s traded, but I’d recommend it.

  6. I loved The Losers, always thought it deserved more attention

  7. Up until the last issue of the arc I was loving that Hush story, I remember being unable to wait until I got home to read that issue.

  8. I need to look for these books, they look pretty good.

  9. The Blitz saga were the first Flash comics I ever read and they were amazing. Not knowing anything about the character, it introduced and explained a boatload of continuity and made for an awesome new legacy villain while remaining simple and action packed. And Scott Kollins, man… *___*

  10. X-Treme X-Men took place in the 616 universe right? So why is Wolverine in his Ultimate X-Men uniform? Shouldn’t he be wearing the streamline black jacket outfit from Morisson’s and Quietlys New-Xmen?

    I loved Johns new take on Zoom. He created a very menacing and powerful villian that would go on to haunt Wally. And I know it’s come to be seen as overrated by some since its publication but I still love Hush and consdier it one of the “go to” books for a tremendous Batman story.

  11. Wow, that was a hell of a week.

    Empire is still one of my favourite books ever, so good, so creepy.

    The Blitz storyline is probably my favourite Flash arc ever,

    Born Max wasn’t quite as good as the (first I guess haha) Fury Max story, but was still awesome.

    And say what you will about the Lee/Loeb Batman, for me it was beautiful art, with some great iconic moments.

  12. Why is Brak in the bar code for Empire?

  13. Planetary!!! I just loved every single issue from them… This one is so much fun. I have it in “super huge european-size” 🙂
    Flash 199… wow… good memories…

  14. Punisher: Born is a great “origin” story for the character. That and it’s a great war book which has always been Ennis’s wheelhouse.

    Here’s what other major events happened on June 25th:

    1876: General Custer and his men get slaughtered at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
    1913: The Great Reunion. 53,000+ Civil War veterans come together at Gettsyburgs to remember the war.
    1950: The Korean War beings.
    1978: The Rainbow Flag, representing Gay Pride, debuts.

    Also, today is NATIONAL CATFISH DAY!

  15. Shouldn’t that be…

    1876: The killings of non hostel woman and children by General Custer and his men were brought to an end at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

  16. By the way TNC, I should have started by honestly thanking you for doing the leg work on what else happened today. My apologies. That just hit one of those hot button, history isn’t always quite what we learned it in 5th grade, issue. It’s often a bit more complex then a simple word like slaughtered. My statement wasn’t much better, just from the other side. A better statement would probably be…

    1876: General Custer and the men of the 7th Calvary Regiment were defeated and killed in battle at Little Bighorn.

  17. Batman #616, Batman beating Ras…can’t say the same for Catwoman.

  18. Back when Scott Kolins was an excellent artist instead of the garbage he’s putting out now.