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DC Histories: Superman vs. Vampires

In the battle between supernatural and superhuman, who comes out on top?

New Comics for 08.13.2013 is going to stick with ‘The Lone Ranger’

I like comics! You like comics! Let’s not go to the movies as much as we’d like!

iFlashback! August 11, 2004

It was a big week in comics nine years ago! Check out the books you were reading back in 2004.

Howard Porter to Replace Kevin Maguire on JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000

Begs the question: Who do you get to sub on a New 52 title when Keith Giffen is already working on it?

DC Histories: Superboy-Prime

Once you get to know him, he’s not all that bad.

New Comics for 08.07.2013 are Working in a Coal Mine, Goin’ Down Down Down

I love comics. You love comics. Let’s blow off work and read some Love & Rockets.

iFlashback! August 4th, 2004

Get ready to see books with long and ridiculous titles. There were like four of them that came out this week, nine years ago.

DC Histories: Grant Morrison’s Batman

As Grant Morrison’s years long Batman story wraps up, remember where it’s been.

UPDATED: The CW Planning a ‘Flash’ TV Series to Spin off from ‘Arrow’

It’s, ya know, fast tracked.

New Comics for 07.31.2013 are Headed to Cabot Cove, Maine

You like comics, we like comics, ayuh!