Howard Porter to Replace Kevin Maguire on JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000

Originally scheduled to debut in October, Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis’ Justice League 3000 series has been pushed to December. That’s due to a high profile artist change made quite public on Twitter earlier this week by the original penciller Kevin Maguire.

According to Maguire, DC Comics terminated him from the project for mysterious reasons. He’s since learned a little more about the reasoning behind that decision, but hasn’t elaborated publicly aside from saying he’s been offered other gigs, including some from DC. According to Newsarama, Howard Porter will replace Maguire on the book, a simple enough transition given Porter’s existing role providing character designs for the 31st century heroes.

Here’s a previously released cover from Maguire showing what the book might’ve looked like.


And some previously released character designs from Porter:

Justice League 3000_Batman_CBR




  1. Sucks for McGuire but like we say here in Québec: C’est la vie!

  2. I know why he got fired, the idiot. He drew Batman sitting down, in the air no less. Everyone knows Batman never sits down.

  3. I suspect Porter was a better fit for what DC wants the book to look like, which I presume is something approaching the 90’s and being “edgy”.

  4. There’s about to be a lotta pissed off JLI fans out there.

    Personally, I’m fine with this. It’ll be cool to have the artist from one of my favorite JLA runs on this.

  5. Hey Supes, who does your hair – Dairy Queen?

  6. So is DC telling MaGuire his art is only good enough for happy tough in cheek books? Kevin might want to contact Sienkiewicz to ink his stuff then.

  7. Another day, another faithful employee gets fucked by DC…

    I mean, seriously, what the hell? I read somewhere that they want an edgier, darker book… Why? And why does that can Maguire and NOT Giffen?

    • This makes no sense whatsoever. I was SO excited for this book, and know SO let down. That 80s run of Justice League is one of my favorites of all time. And to get that same team on another JL book seemed too good to be true and probably was. If DC wanted darker and egdier, why would you get DeMatteis, Giffen and Maguire to do a book in the first place? That isn’t their thing.

  8. As good as Porter’s work looks here, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I was looking so forward to getting the old team together again. That JL retro 90’s book that came out a couple of years ago was gorgeous to look at and laugh out loud funny. I’m still gonna buy this, but it will be a bitter-sweet experience.


  9. I’ve never liked Porter’s art all that much, but i may still check this out.

  10. Howard Porter is a great artist and his previous work on JLA shows that.

    But when a book is announced with the creators of Justice League International then that’s why I want to buy. Subsequently, if the key artist decides to drop out I am less inclined to buy. To get rid of Maguire because the tone needed to change might be the most frustrating thing DC has done. Yes, they fired Gail Simone and things have gone south editorial wise. However, to insult a great artist like Maguire who probably took great pains to get him to work on this is just something I can’t even try to forgive.

    I’m sure Justice League 3000 will be a good title and Porter will do a good job. I refuse to get this though for how much they insulted Maguire and his fans (like me).

  11. Well this book has gone from a definitely to a maybe for me – well done, DC!

  12. Those are some fugly character designs…

  13. I really like the Superman design. And the Flash design is better then his current costume. But damn if I wasn’t looking forward to Maguire drawing this. I think its a big maybe for me now.

  14. Not upset by Kevin leaving. His art is terrible.

  15. I’m not sure an ascot is a great design idea for a guy that will be running into a lot of wind resistance.