New Comics for 08.07.2013 are Working in a Coal Mine, Goin’ Down Down Down

New Comics_CoverGet to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Josh Flanagan has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had to do for your job? Define ‘worst’ as you will.



  1. Big comics of the week. Manhattan Projects, Swamp Thing, X-Factor, Earth 2 and Cable and X-Force.

    BQ: My job didn’t really have me do stuff that was considered “The worst”, but it was long and boring.

  2. Good solid week of shit, got me some Avengers, The Manhattan Projects, Prophet, Abe Sapien & finally Luther Strode’s final issue is out!

    BQ- Turn up for it!

  3. All New X-Men
    Catalyst Comix
    Green Arrow
    The Manhattan Projects
    The Victories

    BQ: This job has been pretty good to me but in high school I worked for a fast food restaurant that made me clean someones explosive diarrhea that was caked all over a toilet.

    • Forgot Satellite Sam

    • Cleaning the scat is pretty bad, about four years ago I was working quite a few part-time jobs & one of them was cleaning in a hospital & in the disabled toilet I had to clean an explosion of blood & shit that was everywhere but in the toilet itself!
      Good times.

    • That sounds like the saddest job ever. You can’t even get mad about it because it’s disabled people that can’t help it. For me I was 15 years old and I could not believe how this shit (literally) was everywhere. It was unbelievable. I could not fathom how someone managed to do that. Things like that keep me from complaining about having an office job.

  4. Avengers
    Dial H
    The Manhattan Projects
    The Sidekick
    Ten Grand

    BQ: I park cars right now and let me tell you some people do not keep care of them. The worst ever was a guy who literally had 20 bags of McDonalds in his car. The smell was horrendous!

  5. Swamp thing and Earth 2 this week
    BQ: I use to work at a bakery and for some reason I was always stuck doing the puke worthy cleaning. Like washing out the trash bins after a bro barfed in it.

  6. Getting:

    Green Arrow
    The Movement
    Atomic Robo
    Manhattan Projects
    May get Phantom Stranger as well.

  7. Only Trillium #1 this week.

    BQ: Used to work at McDonalds ages ago… looking back at it, the worst I did was eat their food.

  8. Manhattan Projects #13
    Avengers #17
    Earth 2#15
    Daredevil: Dark Nights #3
    Superior foes of spiderman #2

    BQ: Cleaning out the grease trap at this meat shop I worked at years ago. It was absolutely horrible; I threw up and had to leave the building.

  9. Batwing #23
    Cyber Force #5
    Detective Comics #23
    Earth 2 #15
    Green Arrow #23
    Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #11

    BQ: Clean toilets

  10. Pretty light week for me. Biggest item would have to be DD: Dark Nights.

    BQ: When I was at Barnes and Noble, some jerk toppled over the shelves with the “Alternative Beliefs” books while calling it “Sci-Fi”. Guess who had to clean it all up? 🙁

  11. Catalyst Comix #2, Earth 2 #15, Fatale #16, Quantum & Woody #2, The Manhattan Projects #13, The Movement #4 & Trillium #1.

    BQ: Had to take a client for a night ‘on the town’. He got spectacularly drunk and I had to see him home safely
    He chose to re-enact ‘The Exorcist’ vomit scene in the back of the taxi. I spent 2 hrs cleaning it up & pacifying an angry cab driver, whilst ‘puke-boy’ slept soundly in his room.

    The ‘excreta’ theme in earlier posts triggered my memory of this lousy night.

  12. Looking forward to Avengers, Manhattan Projects, and All New X-Men.

    BQ: I work retail. And since the world is full of idiots, just showing up is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. If you really want to loathe your fellow man and weep for the future, I can’t recommend it enough.

    • Working retail was the driving motivator for me to go to college. It really does expose you to some of the worst elements of humanity.

    • My favorite past experience of retail was a drunk guy yelling at me for not carrying CB radio antennas “RADIOSHACK GONE AND CHANGED ALL THEIR STRIPES” before proceeding to get in his car and almost annihilate a pedestrian in the parking lot.

  13. Average week. Not adding anything new. Not exactly dropping anything, but not continuing with SATELLITE SAM or HUNGER after having read the first issues; they weren’t bad by any means, just not compelling enough to prise the requisite dollars from my wallet. I had been considering dropping DETECTIVE, but I just caught up a few issues I had put off reading, and I’m actually really enjoying it now. It just took me awhile to really get into Layman’s run, but now I’m looking forward to this next issue.

    ALL NEW X-MEN #15

    BQ: Worked at a fiberglass plat one summer while I was in college. It was 12 hour days, 7-days a week, so lots of overtime, but very tiring. I had to wear a full body protection suit (still got LOTS of fiberglass splinters all over my body each day) and only breath through a heavy-duty filter apparatus. It was my job to vacuum up waste by-product around and above the furnaces, where it would be around 130-150 degrees. The vacuum pipe orifice was maybe as big around as a basketball, and we were told it would absolutely rip your arm off your body if it got caught in the pipe. The pipe was also really heavy, I had constant bruises on my shoulders from carrying it around. Drank more Gatorade that summer than in all the rest of my years combined. Oh, and my supervisor was a real jerk who yelled at me on a daily basis; the only boss I’ve ever had like that, but no one pretty much everyone was in a constant bad mood because of the heat. But it paid pretty well, so I did it that whole summer. The next summer though I went back to my movie theater projectionist job that paid minimum wage; that was the easiest and most fun job ever.

  14. Just Trillium for me this week, but that’s fine.

    BQ: I had to clean up “love juice” from the pillow section at the retail store I work at. The worst part is the kid’s section is two isles down. I’m quitting soon once my next orientation begins at a different job.

    EARTH 2 #15

    BQ: First gig I had, boss wanted us to crash a large dinner at a major trade show. He sends us to this hotel….It turned out he wanted us to crash a Make A Wish foundation fund raising dinner, something like ten grand a table, to raise funds for MaW Foundation. Of course he didn’t spend the dough, and wanted us to “mingle, make contact with new prospects, then just grab an open seat and have dinner”. Three of us walked out when we realized what was going on.

  16. Earth 2 15
    Green Arrow 23
    Green Lantern 23
    Sheltered 2
    The Activity 14
    Manhattan Projects 13
    Trillium 1

    BQ: When I first deployed to Afghanistan, I was only a lowly E-3. As such, one of my duties defending liberty and battling terrorism entailed me burning the feces of our fighting forces in large steel drums. This is after everyone defecates in long trenches in full view of everyone. They don’t show that on the recruiting poster.

  17. Unrelated to comic books…I had to put my Labador to sleep tonight. Rest in peace Kate, it was a great 13 year ride.

  18. Looking forward to, and dreading, the final Dial H For Hero, it’s been a blast.

    Bonus question-wise, calling on relatives of horror crash and murder victims to ask them to lend the newspaper a photograph.

  19. An average week for me. Most excited for Trillium. Also getting Dial H, Swamp Thing, Fatale, Sidekick, Shadowman, and last week’s The Wake. Will probably pick up Phantom Stranger next week. I’d like to give Quantum & Woody more than one issue, but I wasn’t wowed last month and I only have so much room in the budget . . .

  20. Excitingly light week and I still haven’t read last weeks books. Time to catch up.

    Abe Sapien has been super-creepy. I get anxious just thinking about it. Cobra files has been pretty darn cool. I wish they could get over the constant renumbering and confusing titles.

    BQ: I work in the advertising business and each day brings a new, fresh, and hot plate of humiliation. On the upside, my job has helped me to calculate the actual dollar value of my soul. I need comics now.

    EARTH 2 #15
    PROPHET #38

  21. ALL NEW X-MEN #15
    CAPTAIN AMERICA #9 (Back Issue)
    COLLIDER #1 (Back Issue)
    EARTH 2 #15
    HUNGER #2

    Biggest week for me yet.

  22. EARTH 2 #15

  23. Avatar photo Parri">Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Dropping all but Batman from DC’s line means a light week for me. Just ALL NEW X-MEN and TRILLIUM.
    Really looking forward to the new Lemire. Love his creator owned OGNs and mini series.

    BQ – I’ve been pretty fortunate when it comes to work. Current role means I visit a lot of factories; I don’t envy the people that work there. Mind numbing stuff.

  24. ALL NEW X-MEN #15
    AVENGERS #17
    HELHEIM #6
    X-FACTOR #260

    BQ: Having to clean the women’s bathroom. Massively clogged toilets and bloody tissue, pads, and tampons everywhere. ‘Nuff said.

  25. Daredevil Dark Nights
    Green Lantern
    Green Arrow
    Sheltered (I’m realy looking forward to this the first one was very good)
    Cyber Force
    and All New X-Men

    BQ: I used to bus tables years ago during the bar rush at a coffee shop and of course one of my duties was to keep the restrooms cleaned and stocked. Long story short—I had to clean up a pile of shit on the floor next to the toilet. Could not fucking believe it. Thats when I first realized people are disgusting .

  26. All new x-men
    Manhattan Projects
    Superior foes of Spider-man
    Quantum and Woody
    Sidekick if my shop has it
    Thrilling Adventure Hour HC, but I’ll probably wait for it on Amazon.

    BQ: I currently am an executive assistant at a VFX company and while I do some awesome stuff around the office, I also take care of my bosses house while they travel to our offices in Vancouver…… They have three cats and one litterbox between them.

  27. Light week, will check out Trillium just for spice.
    BQ: I was forced to apologize to someone when I’d done nothing wrong, just so the boss didn’t have to deal with the issue. I really dislike having my integrity and honor cast aside for the sake of someone else’s ego. God, I sound like a Klingon.