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Cover Preview: ALL-NEW X-MEN #17 Lego Variant [Exclusive]

The thing about Legos is, there’s almost no metal.

Cover Preview: Daymen #4

They are the enemies of the Nightmen.

Cover Preview: HEROBEAR & THE KID #2

It’s just sweetness wrapped in a big ‘ol cape.

Exclusive Rob Guillory Cover for PREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR #1

We’re gonna get in trouble for that title, and we didn’t even write it.

SUICIDE RISK #5 Covers Should Call a Hotline

That headline is not OK. We know that much.

Cover Preview: DAY MEN #2

Not to be confused with the Night Man (AAAAA-AAAAAHHHH!)

Pichelli Covers THE BOUNCE #2 in Smoke

Note the red eyes.


This is the end. Space ape!

Exclusive Covers: Mike Carey’s SUICIDE RISK #4

It’s fun to say “Elena Casagrande” out loud.

Cover: Ramón Pérez’ SIX GUN GORILLA #2 Features Gun, Gorilla

We really cornered the market on ape-based books.