Cover: Ramón Pérez’ SIX GUN GORILLA #2 Features Gun, Gorilla

BOOM! Studios gave us a shot to run this cover for Six Gun Gorilla #2, and with that title, and this sweet Ramón Pérez art, how could we say no?


Lost in the psychedelic warzone of the Blister, Blue is saved by a mysterious, other- worldly creature — 6GG, a genetically modified silverback gorilla with two enormous six-shooters. Now, with the Rebel WarParty, pedal-bike bandits, and Blue’s own army (the BXF) on their trail, the odd couple must make their way through the wilderness of this strange land on a quest of steel, blood, and thunder.

Written by Simon Spurrier (Marvel’s X-MEN LEGACY, EXTERMINATION) and drawn by hot new talent Jeff Stokely, SIX-GUN GORILLA is a pulpy mash-up of Western weird- ness and lo-fi science fiction unlike anything else on the stands!

Author(s): Simon Spurrier
Artist(s): Jeff Stokely
Cover Artist(s): Ramón Pérez


  1. I saw issue 1 in the newest Previews. Sounds like fun, I think I’m going to pick it up. Any chance BOOM! might leak iFanboy an interior page or two?

  2. As a fan of Apey Goodness (Planet of the Apes) & The Flash’s Rogue Gorilla Grodd… can I say no to a genetically modified Gorilla with Six-Shooters? I can’t! Damn them and their stinking paws!

    Seriously, if Boom! does this title with the same “gusto” as the Planet of the Apes titles they’ve been publishing for the last few years, it should be great! Spurrier & Stokely are a great creative team as well…

    • Absolutely! Who’s NOT gonna try this? The premise is freaking interesting.

      I second your Apey Goodness fandom. The entire output of Boom’s Apes titles has been excellent–never a disappointment.

      Spurrier’s Extermination series (also from Boom), though short-lived, was terrific. Highly recommended.

  3. I am all for this! Jeff Stokley’s art looks amazingly cool. Add Ramon Perez covers? I’m in. And I’ve been wanting to check out Spurrier since some buzz on his Legacy run recently. Good stuff all around. (Plus, James Harren variant covers, for those into that sort of thing…)

    • Spurrrier’s name is what first drew me in. He has been very entertaining on Legacy and he wrote a really clever “Time Warp” story. Dude’s sharp.

    • Very good to hear. From seeing you around the iFanboards, I think we generally have similar tastes, man, so I’m glad to see you talk highly of him. I swore off superhero books, but I’ll check out Time Warp. — I just remembered, Spurrier did the Hellblazer: City Of Demons mini too, with Sean Murphy, which (at least to a layman) was pretty great.

  4. Spurrier has been so outstanding on X-Men Legacy that I’ll pretty much check anything out now. Unless it’s published by Avatar. I won’t buy Avatar stuff. I think he did a run on Crossed. I’ll pass, thanks.