Cover Preview: ALL-NEW X-MEN #17 Lego Variant [Exclusive]

Perhaps you will have the option to pick up this cover when purchasing your copy of All-New X-Men #17. And maybe all of the dialog inside will be replaced by little noises and sly winks.

X-Men#1Cover-LegoHomageColors001Applied copy

He’s so cute, he can’t even look angry and wish for the genocide of non-mutant humanity without being cute.


  1. Just thank goodness it isn’t the Lego Scarlet Witch saying “No More Legos” 😉

  2. He’s awesome, but it looks weird just slapped on that old X-Men #1.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s only too bad this deal doesn’t extend to Erector Sets. Then Magneto could really raise some hell.

    Get Skottie on some Duplo variants!

  4. Erik Magnus Lego-sherr.

  5. So are there 3 other covers that connect to this? Connecting is what Legos are all about, after all.

  6. I had to look twice at that. I thought it was a real lego Magneto guy. Good artwork.

  7. I dig it, Daddy-O. Is the cover a foldout like the original with the X-Men charging at Maggy or is this it?

  8. That’s interesting looking, but why Lego?

  9. Am always amused to find X-Men readers who pronounce Magneto as “Mag-netto.” Will this bring out the people who say “Lee-go” instead of “Legg-o?”