Cover Preview: HEROBEAR & THE KID #2

So you might have heard on this very website about the return of Herobear & the Kid. Well, it’s on, and folks all over are remembering their childhood and passing it on like gangbusters.

BOOM! Studios shared Mike Kunkel’s cover to Herobear & the Kid #2 with us exclusively, and we’re also passing that on.


To be clear, these issues are reprints of the original mini-series, leading up to new stories later. But they’ve got new covers by Kunkel, and most of you haven’t read it to begin with, so… new to you! I have read it, and it’s charming, and wonderfully drawn.

After his grandfather passes away, 10-year old Tyler inherits an old stuffed toy bear and a broken pocket watch. If dealing with bullies wasn’t enough, he soon learns that things aren’t always what they seem… and that you shouldn’t judge a bear by its cover. In this issue, join Tyler and Herobear as Tyler finds out he kinda loves this superhero gig! A beautifully rendered work that perfectly captures what it is to be a kid.

Author(s): Mike Kunkel

Artist(s): Mike Kunkel

Cover Artist(s): Mike Kunkel


  1. This was a terrific series, I can’t wait for the new stories to begin. Everyone should drop a DC book and buy this!