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  1. One would tend to think a theater director knows a thing or two about story. Haven’t read this yet but your review sounds pretty reasonable. Other than the " You like confusing, oddly told stories, we like simple straight forward plots" comment.

  2. "If you are going to try and argue against the points I make, I welcome the discussion.  Keep in mind however that nothing anyone can say can make me like this book, and I don’t want you to waste your time."

    haha, well then it would hardly be a productive discussion right?  So why bother?

    While I understand your dislike with the book, you seem to have as much of a passion for not liking Morrion’s storytelling style as the passion that the people have for defending it.

    I did find your comments interesting though

  3. "The thing that bugs me more than anything else is the dismissive nature those who like the story have about those who do not like it."

    The thing that’s bugged me is exactly the opposite. I’ve been annoyed by all the dismissive comments of those who don’t like it. But yours was a pretty thoughtful review and I can definitely see your perspectives on things.

    "When someone, who regularly reads DC books, pays money to purchase a big company wide event, and then can’t enjoy it because the manner in which it’s told is too confusing, it is a failure of the storyteller, not the audience."

    Well I think in that case it’s a failure on both parties, if you want to look at it that way (and I’m not sure I would). Morrison failed to entertain you; you failed to be interested enough in what he was doing. There are bad writers, and there certainly are bad (or unskilled) readers too. You don’t seem all that unskilled of a reader, though, so don’t think I’m trying to put you into that category. But they are out there: the people who just don’t have the reading skills to understand FC. All of the flame wars over FC are complicated by this. But as evidenced by your review, you pretty much DO see what Morrison was going for, and you didn’t go for it. It’s almost refreshing to read negative reviews like yours.

  4. I realize that my final comment about preferences, comes off as snarky, I don’t mean it to be so.

     As for my opinion not being changable, that doens’t negate a conversation on the work, just go in knowing that the merit of the work and the style is debatable, my opinion is not.

  5. I think that there is a failure on both parts, but unfortuantely, we are the customer and this is a major company wide event.  I think it’s fair to say that if you don’t like this type of book, don’t read it.  That argument works really well for books like Fables, Amazing Spider-Man, and other ongoing character or team based titles.  The problem here, I feel, is that this Final Crisis was a company wide crossover, touted as the third and final part of an overarcing storyline begun in COIE, continued in IC, and concluded here.  With that type of hype and importance, you are not just writing for a niche market, you are writing for virtually the entire DCU reader base.  It is with this goal in mind that I suggest GM failed.  I believe more people will read this series and be turned off to GM, DCU, and comics in general than will read it and be turned on.  That being said, I do believe that there will be some folks who DO get into comics because of this, just not that many.

  6. As a designer I totally agree with the above statement about target audience.

  7. @ Fractal514 I wholeheartedly agree with all your statements. MY biggest problem was that TOO damn much happened off panel. I could deal with every thing not being explained to me but would have liked to see abit more developement of what felt like some major moments.

    "Libra is built up and does nothing of consequence in the end." Amen! He was built up as a major player then too easily/quickly dismissed! Overall FC had a better build up than finale in my opinion

  8. Awesome review, Fractal514. I totally agree with your above post, also.

  9. I loved this review.  Fantastic.

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