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Grant Morrison is a great writer to read high. I know that
to all of you who don’t smoke truth that such a statement is a joke. But to me
it is real. It is truth. Grant Morrison is of us, and his tales spin out at our
funky wavelength. Those of you who don’t know truth only get a shadow of Grant
Morrison’s truth, but as in Plato’s Cave, you will never escape from your

Morrison starts the issue with big-lipped Superman and
Superwoman,  From Earth KKK are
approached by the Supermen of the Multiverse or whatever, but they don’t have
the one Superman, they don’t have the form
of Superman, they are but shadows of
Superman. Now I’m going to be honest here, but why was this page so racist? I’m
really disappointed that Grant Morrison did that, it’s like he’s a man without
truth which he isn‘t. 

Then we go to the last
bastion of hope for humanity. The scene is poignant and makes me hurt; the way
that Frankenstein just stands there as all of existence falls around him is
beautiful. As is the sentiment of Lois Lane from this faraway Earth. Hers is
the voice of Dan Didio: “Read of the Final Crisis!”


This next page is
incredible. Mahnke draws the rage of Darkseid so well. He looks beaten and
filled with the most powerful rage ever in existence. Superman stands here as
the most powerful man in existence and death followed with him, Barry and Wally
racing Kirby-style out into our minds.


At this point,
Darkseid has condensed all of time into his present. Nothing existed before
him, nothing to exist after. Batman shot that bullet last issue, but it wasn’t
fast enough to fatally wound Darkseid at that point. But at the moment when
time condenses, Barry and Wally have drafted it into the proper speed.


Superman has control
of all, for his is the purest will. His world shall be magnificent… no it shall
not. It shall be just as it was, for Superman is to give all of the people
their fee will, some to do good. Some to do evil, just as it was in his old
world. And he does it as Darkseid watches on and the ti9me trapper makes his
last move at the very end of his very


And then the shadow
Supermen zoom in, as if drawn in by the magnet that is the form upon which they
are imperfect copies.
And they stand before the true evil, not Darkseid,
but the time trapper.


And time returns to how it was, with the monitors fallen and
the new gods arisen once more. And Batman becomes the storyteller of all time.


This event has been a triumph for the past six issues, and
as magnificent as this issue was, I feel that it doesn’t live up to the promise
of the first six issues, I just wish that this had been some kind of elseworld
where Morrison could embrace the truth of the story, which was the end of all
things, not the redemption and rebuilding that  we got, however the way the earth was rebuilt
does dovetail into the apocrypha theme that began with death following with
Barry by creating “a new heaven and a new earth”.  

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. There shouyld be a disclaimer "thgis review was written blazed off my ass"

  2. Wow this is what happens when you smoke truth huh? I command you to get blazed and review all of the books i read !!!

  3. @cannabis: Same disclaimer should have preceded Final Crisis. 8)

  4. @Optimus187Prime

     I’m thinking about starting a blog.

  5. No, a podcast. Way funnier.

  6. @JumpingJupiter

    Solo podcasts don’t work. And my weed buddies don’t read floppies.


  7. At least this review made more sense than the actual comic.

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