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  1. Intense!

  2. Hey, I like Captain Carrot.  He got shafted during Infinite Crisis. I’m glad that GM rectified his situation. 

  3. Don’t forget he brought Aquaman back in one panel…………to ride a seahorse?

    Also, Superman using his screaming powers? WTF? That was a big EFF you if I ever saw one in a comic book!Thanks G mo!

  4. Dude, don’t you know? The whole story was about the Zoo Crew! Don’t you get the analogy, man? It’s so apparent. Captain Carrot is to Darkseid as dog is to alabaster. Come on! Open your mind! 

    BTW, I don’t know why I’m seeing Captain Carrot show up in books and that other green guy who satires everything, but it’s ridiculous to bring back Linda Danvers, I’m just sayin’. 

  5. I think Afro/Soul Brother Superman was Sunshine Superman who appeared in Animal Man years ago. So it’s not his first appearance…it’s his long demanded return!


    SUNSHINE SUPERMAN REBORN: by Grant Morrisan and Jim Lee a biannual ongoing series coming soon from DC Comincs.


    (note: SSR #2 has been resolicited to August 2012.)

  6. Wow, this thread really cuts through the BS!

  7. Best review yet.  Bullshit indeed.  Who was the vampire guy in the end ?? MANDRAKK ? wait a second..WHO CARES..the whole thing was utter nonsense..

  8. "Here we are the final showdown between the heroes and the super bad ass villain and Nix Uotan conjures up Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew to save the DAY!! "Are you fucking serious?"

    That is a hilarious line!

  9. THe best part of course was Supes "singing " to save the multiverse…the best undisclosed power/reveal of the series.Anytruth to the rumor he sang "She bangs" ala William Hung?

  10. After finishing this book I suddenly had sympathy for what it must be like for my wife to read a comic.

  11. Shit, Captain Carrot showing up was the best part of the entire series.  Just sayin’.

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