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This was a Clifford-sized steaming pile of dog excrement. I wouldn’t normally write a review on a given issue, but this was so bad I was compelled to do so. Morrison is such an overrated hack, it’s laughable. If I could give this story a “0” — I would.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I was going to argue, but I just couldn’t stop laughing

  2. What an opening line!

  3. ahh! Clifford – yes. Now I remember who he is.

  4. 2 for art?? C’mon man! I agree with the Clifford line, though. Maybe even King Kong sized.

  5. Who would win in a fight? King Kong or Clifford?

  6. ok,,forget what I told the last guy..THIS WAS THE BEST REVIEW YET..only you insulted dog sh*t by comparing it to this mess.

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