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    Written by SCOTT SNYDER

    Size: 32 pages
    Price: 2.99

    This book has gotten better and better. I don’t think this run has gotten enough credit for being one of the best things on the stands since day one and this is the best issue yet. Snyder and Francavilla’s Jim Gordon story may have started off as a backup but I believe that it is the story that this run on Detective Comics will be remembered for.

    I have never before been as desperate to know who did the lettering on a book as I was after reading this issue. This book made you feel the crazy, see it right there on the page from the first word balloon. Jared K. Fletcher deserves a lot of credit for this issue. His letters and Francavilla’s art combine to create an experience in comics that can be fairly described as visceral.

    The Francavilla art. The man is some kind of mad genius. So few lines, all of page’s effect achieved with shadows and crazy, frenzied, paranoid colours. This issue didn’t so much depict scenes of insanity as impart a feeling of unease in the reader and feel the crazy of its characters.

    Snyder has been weaving a truly chilling tale into this run. Mainstream comics are not known for restraint or understatement but Snyder has achieved horrifying moments with quiet, subtle scenes and panels that terrify us not with what they show but with what they imply. He has become a name to look for each week.

    P.S. Have I mentioned that this issue has one of the most memorable scenes I have ever read from one of the most memorable bad guys in comics?

    Story: 5 - Excellent
    Art: 5 - Excellent

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