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The art on this is just plain gorgeous!  The layouts of the pages are fantastic, very well-crafted and innovative.  There’s one particular 2-page spread showing Kate Kane’s entire loft apartment that I sat and stared at for a few full minutes.  I’m a sucker for that kind of shot, just like when we see all the levels of the Batcave in one panel or something like that.  I’m really looking forward to the upcoming issues of Detective Comics.  Oh, and the writing was great as well.  I’m fairly new to comics (other than occasional trades and OGNs) and I don’t know anything at all about the current Batwoman, Kate Kane, but I really didn’t feel at all lost when reading this.  Highly recommended! The Question co-feature left me wanting more as well, which is a good thing!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I have to agree! I loved how the art changed when she had her bat suit on, versus when she was just in her everyday clothes……

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