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  1. Hmmm, while I can never say whether someone should "get" something or not, I’m really not sure if the lack of context is all that big of a deal here — at least to me. I mean, we definitely are told that this coven was responsible for stabbing her in the heart. That’s kind of a big motivation right there. But even setting that aside, a lot of fiction doesn’t always start right at the beginning. I think Rucka intentionally takes this approach. After all, he could have gone back and started with an "origin" for her. But that’s a story that’s still yet to be told. And I’m okay with that. I think this is one case where you’re thrown into the action first, and then the writer will unravel the context for it as we go along.

    For example, the TV show LOST is completely built on that premise. The series STARTS with a plane crash, but then spends a lot of time going back and eventually giving up lots of backstory as to the characters’ pasts.

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