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  1. A really good way to get people to respect your opinions is to attack and/or call stupid people who might disagree with you. Good job.

  2. I didnt find anything wrong with this review conor….Great review flapjaxx

  3. The problem with the review is not that it bashes the book it’s that right up front the reviewer states for all intents and purposes that if you don’t agree with his assessement there’s something wrong with you.


    As for the book itself I didn’t mind it so much, but I can’t argue with the fact that it IS just cliche layered on cliche. Reflecting vback O haven’t found this book all that interesting since about halfway through the whole Red Skull takes over America arc. I’m hoping the two upcoming "anniversary" issues get tthings back on track.

  4. Even if you were right on every point I’d have trouble agreeing with this review.  You were venomous from the outset.

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