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  1. I honestly think the middle of this story arc was the best,  It was pretty interesting in the beginning also.  Now the end on the other hand, that sucked.  I still don’t know who Doctor Hurt REALLY is and I’m starting to not even give a shit.

     Last night I dug out all my other RIP magazines, well the Grant Morrison on Batman ones anyway, and read the whole thing from top to bottom.  I am still lost.

    I might just buy the TPB when it comes out just so I don’t have to keep pulling the original monthlies out of their boarded bags to keep reading them over and over just trying to figure out what the hell is going on here!!

  2. I think Grant Morrison has completely lost his mind.  Final Crisis is a train wreck and Batman is heading toward the same pile-up. Please make it stop!  I am really over these comic book writers (Ellis, Millar, Morrison) that write scripts that read like Psilocybin-induced streams of consciousness.  I’m running away, far away from this type of writer going forward.  I want good old fashioned comic-bookery (see Marvel’s Nova).  This is BATMAN, not a Vertigo title. 

     My .02




  3. I think I’ll go buy some back issue Nova’s today!

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