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  1. Yea, I think Zorro In Arkham is supposed to be where the phrase Zur En Arrh comes from. I was puzzled about the last panel where Bruce says "what?". After thinking about it is I think the implication is that Bruce didn’t quite hear what his father said, only the first syllables. Naturally, its one of the last things he hears before the trauma of his parents death, so its imprinted forever on his subconscious.

    I don’t think anyone of consequence saw him without his cowl. He took it off right before he jumped onto the helicopter. 

    Also, I’m of the inclination that Dr. Hurt is Joe Chill seeking to finish the job. Batman and Hurt rebutt each others claims about his identity, so I think both Thomas Wayne and Mangrove are out. What IS claimed, though, that doesn’t receive any rebuttal is that Hurt was there from the very begining. And the last page reminds exactly who all was there in begining. 

    Either way, I’m kinda glad Morrison didn’t take the easy route. Big reveals with shocking statements on big splash panels are kinda overplayed. 

  2. This is an excellent review DemonBoy. Many of these reponses to this story remind me of an unfortunate thing about the times we live in. We want instant gratification on most things. Why not have a story with room for thought, interpretation, and debate. Does everything have to be in your face "blow it up" and "shoot it" Punisher style?

     This is a story we can look forward to having it pave the way for lots of follow up arcs for years to come. My opinion is that young Bruce never understood the last words uttered by his parents which has haunted him since. What better way to have the phrase Zur En Arrh come from. Dr Hurt was there from the beginning = Joe Chill to me. REST in Peace is the reference for Bruce Wanye not Batman.     

  3. Thanks for the compliment.  Unfortunately, according to Dan DiDio in his latest 20 Questions interview, it seems that Morrison will not be doing Batman in the foreseeable future or he’s making a choice to stay or leave right now.

  4. I think Hurt is Mangrove Pierce, but after he was framed for murder, he took up the persona of Joe Chill. Sort of like how Rorschach was actually Walter Kovacs but he always thought that Rorschach was his actual self.

  5. Nah, man. Didio didn’t say anything that suggests Morrison isn’t coming back. Morrison has said that Morrison is coming back. Didio was just dodging the question cause he didn’t want to talk anything after Battle for the Cowl.

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