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September 21, 2011 – Wonder Woman #1

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Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

To use political parlance, it’s important to shore up your base. Not all of the new DC #1 issues can be winners. Even if most of them are pretty good, in order to stand out in this comic market, a book has to be exemplary. Knowing that, DC focused their best talent on the properties that really matter to them. You’ve got Grant Morrison doing Superman, Scott Snyder on Batman, Geoff Johns on Aquaman and Green Lantern. In terms of DC comics, everything else is secondary. Except Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is a title that’s always had a strike against it. That strike is, of course, a girl. You can hedge all you want, but creators have had a hell of a time finding a way to make Diana enticing to a mostly male audience for years without resorting to making her into a super-sexy nymph, which would also have been silly. Wonder Woman has had some great moments in ensemble settings, but never seemed to take her place in the in popularity ranks next to Batman and Superman. It wasn’t for want of trying. Gail Simone, Greg Rucka, mainstream (!) author Jodi Piccoult, Allen Heinberg, and most recently J. Michael Straczynski have all taken a swing at the Princess, with varying degrees of success, but never got her to the top of the charts. The most recent effort badly missed the mark, when it misunderstood what sort of changes were needed.

But this? This is something.

Right away, this seems to be the same Wonder Woman we’ve always known. The costume is a little rejiggered, but it’s basically the classic style. She’s a big lady, standing tall, with broad shoulders. Yes, there was a bit of a sideboob shot, but compared to what’s happening over in Catwoman, you can hardly say they’ve oversexualized her for sales purposes. In this issue, she’s a straight up action star, with the power of a god. Finally, instead of redesigning Wonder Woman again, they’ve redesigned the actual gods around her, and wouldn’t you know it? I, a person who has maybe bought one issue of Wonder Woman in my entire life, am interested.

Writer Brian Azzarello took a different approach with this book than most of the other #1 issues. There was no long inner monologue of explanation of who she is and why she’s here and what she’s doing in this brave new world. Nope. We’re thrown in at the beginning of some problem with the classical Greek gods, and Wonder Woman is the X factor who’s going to mess up their plans. There’s action, intrigue, and personal, if not godly, intrigue. You get to see Wonder Woman actually fight like the raging Amazon she is with tactics that look real, despite being performed on a centaur. You want to know more about everyone around her, because they haven’t really told you anything. Not in way that’s confusing, but in a way that makes you want to stick around. But Wonder Woman? She doesn’t need explaining. It’s all there in her actions and very few words she speaks. Azzarello’s work is most impressive in its relative effortlessness. Take a flip through some of the other relaunch books this week, and see the globs of text all over those pretty pictures. Now look at the economy of words on the Wonder Woman pages. That economy was also delivered without sacrificing clarity, which is hopefully a sign of a lesson learned from some of Azzarello’s earlier DC projects. This is a guy who knows his stuff, and is bringing it all to bear by not actually doing too much.

None of Azzarello’s work would have been successful without the right artist. From the very first cover image we saw, and perhaps even before that, it’s clear that Cliff Chiang is that artist. Comic book pages that are sparse on the text need a very skilled sequential artist, and Chiang brings both that talent, and the special kind of elegance that only he can draw. Chiang explained to us, and it’s evident, that he is using a rougher style than we’re used to seeing from him. His past linework was so smooth that it almost seemed to be done by computer. Here Chiang wanted to prove that he’s doing this work all analog, and it works so well, adding a touch of grime to this story featuring ageless and ancients gods brawling with one another. The beautifully choreographed fight sequences crackle with movement, and the slightly more scratchy line give it some extra life as well. Chiang, like Azzarello brought all his skill and experience to bear in this issue, and it shows mightily.

Chiang also gets extra points for the wonderful designs of these Greek gods. It’s a different look at them, and I was especially impressed with Hermes, who even has a unique body shape, just slightly unhuman and avian. I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for other members of the pantheon.

I want to make sure I give Matthew Wilson he due as well. I’ve mostly seen his work at Marvel, so I was surprised he was coloring this book. I noticed it immediately and flipped around to find the credit. When I saw Wilson’s name, I wasn’t surprised. He’s among the best of the latest vanguard of colorists, where taste and restraint have become their calling card. Wilson is the perfect colorist for this art, and fans of the book should consider themselves lucky to have him.

There wasn’t really much DC could do to get me interested in a Wonder Woman book. From my relative disinterest in the property, to the weight of all those many false starts, I just wasn’t all that interested. I don’t even consider myself that much of a Brian Azzarello fan. But this is why comics is an art and not a science. You throw all these things together, and you just might find some magic, and there is a lot of magic in Wonder Woman #1.

Josh Flanagan
I shouldn’t have mentioned the sideboob, I know.


  1. Go wonder woman. ! A good comic from her at last ! Could this be the turning point giving us the “classic” must have story that we’ve never had before. ?

    • Rucka wrote the closest to a “classic” must have story.

    • Key word being “closest”. Rucka’s story definitely defined Diana and set her apart from Superman and Batman. The only thing keeping it from classic status was that Diana was only “capital H” heroic in the sense that she did what no one else would. It wasn’t necessarily her most shining moment.

  2. After reading Batman #1, I was convinced it would be the POTW. The fact that WW got the pick on the same week Batman came out makes this a must buy. I was thinking of waiting until next month to pick this up but I’m downloading the issue now.

    • I gave Batman 5 stars as well. Weren’t nothing wrong with it.

    • Yeah it was just good Batman, this is a fresh WW.

      My POTW was going to be this before I read Hulk.

    • I really liked Batman, but didnt think it quite had the same spark as Wonder Woman did. When I put down Batman, I thought thats “hmm, really enjoyed that” but when I felt a vibe of excitement run through me. Batman was a good, solid read, Wonder Woman was a exciting one.

    • Exactly, this has the spark of inspiration.

      I personally am already kind of sick of the Gotham-as-a-character who’ll beat you down you think you know you have no idea etc.

      They are telegraphing that pretty hard in all the Batman books this week (esp in Nightwing) and it’s a trope, from I can tell, that is going to be employed heavily in the new direction. Hopefully it won’t be as universal and omnipresent as the Nobody-and-I-mean-NOBODY-beats-Batman story motifs of the late 90s/ Early 2000s. (Which Grant Morrison also had a hand in creating with his JLA run.)

    • Bad ass, creepy, action packed, and left me wanting more. What an amazing read. Batman still takes my POTW but when both story arcs are finished WW could win out. Thanks Josh for picking this title and increasing the likelihood that others will check it out.

    • Picking Wonder Woman #1 over Batman #1 must have been a really hard decision for Josh? I Assume.

  3. Yay, glad to see this as the Pick of the Week, it was mine to. This is probably my favourite title from the entire relaunch so far, I cant wait to see how the story develops, I have this feeling its going to be great.

  4. Four Peat

  5. Wonder Woman potw? F***ing Awesome! Can’t wait to read it and the rest of my stack

  6. Who’s pick was it this week?

  7. Hey fellas. Whose turn was it On potw? It’s not signed ?

  8. come on guys dc again?

  9. Yes I forgot to sign it! Crucify me!

  10. Hmm… guess I’ll have to give this another look through. I didn’t like it so much my first time around, but I think that could be because I couldn’t figure out for the longest time who most of the captions corresponded to…

    • i’m with you on that. I gave this a decent skim read in my local shop and decided to drop it for Daredevil.

      this DC mania is killing me, i may land up on a second trip to the comic shop today! : )

  11. A great and surprising read…never would hav thought I’d love a Wonder Woman book since the Hiketia. It just felt like a current take, with enough intrigue to bring me back for more. There was plenty happening without it being at all confusing. And man, that art, woah.

  12. I thought this was a great book and can see why it got the Pick. Is this the first POTW for a Wonder Woman book?

  13. Surprising. My wife subscribes to it so I’ll have to wait to read it but I know she’ll be encouraged to hear it got POTW. I’ve just started reading this week’s stuff and Captain Atom sure didn’t start things off on a good note!

  14. xmen scism 4 was my pick it has been a great book also I have never been a big azarello fan so I passed on wonder woman

  15. This was very close to being my pick but it was slightly beaten out by X-men Schism. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  16. Love what Chiang did in this issue, both clean and gritty at the same time. Coloring was fantastic as well. Azzarello is great at his craft allowing a lot of the tone to be set by what the characters didn’t say, as opposed to a few of the other new52. Excited to pick this up each month and be amazed that I actually care about a Wonder Woman book. Nice review as always Josh, though I feel like you all need a little bit of a break from comics to prevent them from become a chore. Reboot yourselves, if you will.

  17. Loved Wonder Woman! Haven’t read that many WW books in a while but this was awesome!

  18. Cliff Chiang is incredible. The writing was fine and I want to know what happens next, but the art is why I’m picking up #2. I’m extremely happy that we have a Wonder Woman book deserving of this kind of recognition.

  19. ok just read all my books so my top five is batman love love love capullo since spawn 4 cloak and dagger loving emma rios art 3 daredevil waid is doing great xmen scism 4 is in at 2 and my new potw is avengers children crusade very silently its the best event book on the stands. so i changed my pick still a great review on wonder woman josh

  20. Batman #1 is my potw.


  21. Can’t argue with the pack, it was strong effort and I knew Azzarello had the goods to make this character entertaining again. Overall though, a lot of good things came out this week.

  22. meant to say “pick”…

  23. Re-read Wonder Woman, SO much better this time around. Batman’s still my pick, but by inches now

    • Batman was mine by inches as well. I read Wonder Woman digitally because my LCS was sold and. It read really well, especially that great action scene Josh refers to. I think for me, I gave Batman my pick because i liked the artwork just a tad bit more. You know what, I am making Batman AND Wonder Woman both my picks. There!! Loved them both!

    • I’m in the same boat as you were. Planning to give it a re-read. Maybe I missed something.

    • It makes much more sense realizing that the captions that are the same color but broken up are the girls from the beginning with Apollo. Apollo, coincidentally, is my one problem with the book now that I understand it: he’s the Sun god, why is he drawn to look like Hades (which is who I thought it was the first time through)?

  24. Fine review, I agree, this is a stunning start to the new WW run.

  25. Can’t wait till the end of the month to read these. At least I am buying one digital copy each week that I did’nt originally order. Glad to hear Wonder Woman is potw. I took a chance and ordered it because I really wanted to read a great ww book.

  26. Great review Josh! I agree with all the points including the one about how you shouldn’t have mentioned the sideboob. ;]

    I’m kind of disappointed at the flack Catwoman is getting though. That book has a lot of sex in it because it’s ABOUT sex dammit! I just seems so obvious to me. Sigh. I liked it.

    But anyway, Wonder Woman was cool and I think it will need three issues for fans at large to become convinced of that. Buzz on this book will only pick up next year I think.

  27. BTW, Supergirl was my POW.

    • Supergirl was great, but it felt like it just wasn’t overall enough content. I could see it being more PotW-able in future issues though.

    • I disagree. If you read between the lines, there’s lots of characterization and back story. It took the character from nowhere and put her in the middle of a huge mess. Exactly what a first issue should do in my opinion. The only thing it didn’t have in the way of traditional first issue plotting was an appearance from the first arcs main villain. Personally, I don’t fault creators for doing the unexpected. I’ll fault them if the subsequent next issues don’t have heavier plot. But as far as intros go, it doesn’t get much better than this for me.

  28. For people complaining “DC again” the fact is every one that was a pick of the week deserved it ( well I would have gone with Green Lantern instead of Demon Knights last month, but it was still a 5 star book.)

    I read 9 DC books and 5 Marvels and I had three DC’s that were Pick of the week contenders..including Wonder Woman.

  29. Having read through 100 bullets this summer and loved it I’ve become a huge Azzarello fan. I was most excited for this book out of the entire new 52. Never have I been more pissed off that a book sold out. I went to 3 shops and they were all sold out. This was before 2 p.m. I should add. I’m glad its selling well and I learned the hard way to have a pull list at my shop from now on.

    • My shop was sold out and i bought it digitally and it read well, and you can red it on your computer.

    • Thanks for the tip WeaklyRoll. The whole digital thing completely slips my mind sometimes. I might have to wait to read this though since I started a pull list at a shop today and included this book so I’m getting it whenever they receive more copies.

  30. If I had seen you had made this your POTW before I stopped at the comic store, I would have grabbed it, no question. Now I hope they don’t sell out tomorrow!

  31. This was a decent comic book, but I don’t care any more about Wonder Woman now than when I started. I also couldn’t stand the overlay of the Oracles’ dialogue. It was vague and full of clues, but none of it was terribly interesting. Haven’t read through my stack yet, but so far Catwoman was my favorite of this week. Strange we should disagree so much this week when I absolutely agreed with the last two weeks’ picks.

    • The last 2 weeks were picked by different people. But if Catwoman was up there for you, we just might have different taste.

    • That’s not a knock on you, btw. Not everything is for everyone.

    • Oh completely agree, it’s just one of those occasional buzzworthy books that I read where I go, “I don’t get what the buzz is about.” After reading my stack, POTW turned into a tough choice between Batman and Hulk. Birds of Prey was a pleasant surprise as well.

    • “It was vague and full of clues, but not terribly interesting?” So…like most oracles in Greek mythology.

  32. This. This is what I wanted and expected from the DC reboot. A re-imagining of the characters that, while faithful to the core concept, was modern, fresh and fun. Despite having but one issue Azzarello has already crafted a world with atmosphere, a sense of depth and mystery to discover. With scant phrases they seem fully realized, well-rounded creatures that pique my interest. And the art… oh the art. Could they have recruited a more perfect style for this book? Archetypal, strong lines with a flare for freezing action elegantly on the page. What better typifies the origin of the Greek myth other than bold, strong and rich? I have yet to finish my books this week, but I cannot see a one of them that has a hope of toppling this for pick of the week. It is, unequivocally, the best of the 52 that I have yet read and I will kill any man or woman who disagrees in a pistol duel.

  33. I was surprised at how much i enjoyed this. Wonder Woman was a character that i’ve never really been able to get into over the years, but this book really was fun. I can totally see that “horror” angle that was teased for so long. I like where its going..the takes on the Greek gods…yeah i’m in. Loved the art as well.


  35. just finished. damn good comic bookin right there

  36. I was really surprised by this as PotW; I came out of the book knowing as little about Wonder Woman as I did going in. Hell, even Batman rated an introduction in his books, you’d think Azzarello could give us a little bit to grab onto. The plot is fine for what it is, but so far the execution has me feeling like I missed an issue or three.

    • I am so sick of all the 52 books over-introducing everything, it’s like reading a first person wikipedia article. They all have relentless prattling internal monolgues. Ugh where is Stan Lee or Gardner Fox when you need them??

      “It’s been years since I’ve been back in Gotham. Good thing I’m from around here. I know the city streets like my own pair of sneakers.” Dialogue: Heh. “There was a time when I wasn’t the right hero for this city. But now I’m back and everything is going fantastically well. But the thing is, sometimes there are conflicts in a comic book, if only there was one coming on the last splash page of this issue, good thing there isn’t.” SPLASH PAGE Dialogue: Damn. “Me and my big mouth.”

    • The intros have been a little clunky in places, but I chalk that up to the skill of the writer; I still think it’s a necessary function. Who likes to start movies in the middle?

  37. This book got right into the action, although I too would have liked to see a few pages of introduction to Diana and her settings in the DC universe. I hope it gets better in the next few issues.

  38. LOL WHY??

    The cover looks like it was done in MSPAINT and looks awful and out of Batman, Catwoman and Nightwing, this was the worst one. Maybe I don’t understand WW but I think this book was terrible 🙁

    • Wow. That’s the first time I’ve ever hear anyone badmouth Cliff Chiang’s artwork.

    • I think it is the first time. Is it just this image or do you not like his work in general?

    • Honestly guys, I am a 38yr old comic virgin, reborn. I am literally new to comics and was coming into this reboot not knowing much other than Superman, Supergirl and Batman. So I guess my views are that of someone new.

      Honestly, it is the cover I don’t like. I want to and I want to like this book, desperately but I can’t, I got lost!

    • That’s cool. I hope you find something you really enjoy.

    • Also I am very sorry to be “Brutally Honest” I just want to go on record that I wish I had half of the talen these accomplished artists have. I just didn’t like the cover or I just failed to see what the artist was trying to portray. Maybe I should have chose different words.

    • Harras was right; the 90s are back.

  39. This scratches the same itch as Marvel’s “Hercules” – modern superheroism combined with ancient superheroism. Unfortunately, “Herc” is getting cancelled, so how much of a demand there will be for this genre of storytelling only time will tell. If this goes back to standard “Steve Trevor”/”woman in man’s world” storylines, I’m out. It took me a minute to realize that Hermes was the guy in the house; I first thought “Who is the blue-skinned WWI doughboy”?

    • I think Herc’s cancellation isn’t really indicative of a lack of interest in ancient and modern combined. Herc got two issues to itself and then it was swamped with Fear Itself and Spider Island for months. I blame the death of Herc on events.

    • The books have very different tones.

    • They do have two different tones, though I think the current incarnation (“Herc”) is closer to what Wonder Woman is going for – a human trying to help people caught up in godly affairs. The origiinal, buffoonish series did well enough to last into the 20’s or 30’s before rebooting (including crossovers with World War Hulk, Secret Invasion and Dark Reign), while this one is lasting 10 issues. As a lover of classical Greece and Rome, I want this kind of book to go strong, I just hope that the demand is there for it. I’ll be sticking with it for a while at least.

  40. Well put review Josh. I too would not consider myself a “Wonder Woman” fan in so much that I’ve tried her individual title a few times but never stuck around for long. But the combination of Chiang and Azz made this a book I had high expectations for — and it delivered.

    There are times when we read comics, particularly if you read as many as we do, that you can get caught up in the mundane. While I certainly don’t have the chops to ever be a comic book artist, I do think every now and then we need to be reminded of the difference between stellar cartooning and basic sequential linework. Chiang is a story-teller. He has such a fantastic sense of graphic design and expression, and combining those two skills with the requisite ability to pace a sequential action piece is a rare thing. I adored Chiang’s choices in this book. As you said, he makes Diana BIG, but clearly beautiful. He gives her a bit of an angular nose and implies (subtly) a more Mediterranean quality. Making Hermes look like the classic “Area 51” alien was razor smart, too. It would make sense that the mythos of aliens and UFOs might in fact be people encountering the God of Speed.

    Where I credit Azzarello is his refusal to pander to his audience. He assumes that readers are capable of more than being spoon fed every plot point. He challenges readers to dig a bit for the nuances, to project themselves into the narrative and think about what’s to come. That’s a great trait in a writer, and why he’s among my favorite in the business. But it’s also a bold choice for a mainstream superhero relaunch. I’ll be VERY curious to see if our enthusiasm for this work is echoed by the majority. I certainly hope it will, it might renew my faith in humanity. But hey, who needs humans when was have Amazonians and Greek deities?

  41. This was sweet, i’m really loving the new WW costume, and Cliff Chiang on art is awesome!

  42. Am I really the only person who didn’t enjoy this comic all that much? I will read through it again just to make sure that I’m not crazy, but I after one reading, I did not like this book that much at all. This was my first Wonder Woman comic ever, and I didn’t find it to be that interesting. I usually like Azarello’s writing, or at least I’ve liked what I’ve read of his on the Batman character.

    Notwithstanding the fact that Batman is my favorite character and Scott Snyder is my favorite comic book writer, Batman #1 was still the best comic book this week, by far. Like I said, I will read through Wonder Woman again, but I was not that impressed from the first reading.

    • You are not the only person. Several people have commented above that it wasn’t there cup of tea. I, however, think you are all crazy though. 😉

      Loved it! 5/5

  43. Wonder woman deserves a good book. Enjoyed it very much

  44. Loved it something genuinely new original and expertly done.

  45. I read Wonder Woman and thought it was ok but one of the things that really stood out for me was the typography and design of the cover. They really hit it for six (or “home-run”) with this particular re-design, beautiful stuff

  46. great pick & review, josh, thanks for it. one thing i’ll say about the new 52 too is that with the e-versions same day as print, this is the first time i’ve ever been read-up with you guys for the picks. it’s a new level of fun so i owe you, conor, & ron (and DC) a new level of thanks for what you do.

  47. Yes this was great. I’ve never really understood why great runs on Wonder Woman are so rare. There’s so much possibility there. There’s no reason why this book couldn’t be as great as something like Promethea, given the right writer and artist.

  48. Wonder Woman was my surpirse book. This week(although Catwoman was very intresting.) I have some older Wonder Woman books and this one blew all those away. The Amazon Warrior got the best of the Dark Kight this week. Great POTW.

  49. It finally feels like Wonder Woman is back where she belongs after so much rehashing.
    The last time I enjoyed Wonder Woman this much was George Perez’s fantastic solo work on Wonder Woman Volume 2.
    He created stories based on old myth characters and fables, which gave Wonder Woman a unique reason to exist in the DC Universe.
    Definitely looking forward to this series now . . .

  50. I’ve read this twice now. Gets better the second time around once you take everything in. Good job, DC!!

  51. Yo, Azzarello. I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Scott Snyder had one of the best comics of all time.

    Seriously, I did like WW and gave it 5 stars, but Batman was my pick.

    I thought that some of the art in this was rather crude. Not offensive (you’ll never hear me complain about a little sideboob), just rough. Sure, that’s a style, but I like the Batman art better. I also had to read this twice for all of it to click. That said, there were some interesting ideas in here. Don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say where the centaurs came from, and Apollo’s savage tan. Really neat, if you think about it. But I liked the things around WW better than I liked the depiction of WW herself. Sure, she’s a badass Amazon fighter, but we all knew that already. All the other elements surrounding her are what make this a 5-star book.

  52. Loved it. I went from almost not buying this to being totally converted. I want more of this book now.

  53. I am trying to stay on a budget and you guys are make it very difficult. I was going to wait on WW and pick it up after the price drop but now I may have to pick it up.-

  54. My favorite part of this review: Josh gives praise to the coloring job! That was one of the things that really stood out for me on this book. Yes, I loved the pencil work and the story telling from panel to panel was top notch. I thought the writing was very strong. But as I was reading it, I kept saying to myself “Damn, this is one GREAT coloring job!” It’s one of those things that get taken for granted in comics. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

  55. I will admit that I had to read through this one twice in order to follow all of the plot. I found it a solid read, and am intrigued enough to keep buying. Chaing’s art I thought was a perfect fit, especially how he handled the atmosphere of the wordless panels.

    However, my pick of the week is going to Batman. Yes, it’s not the same level of reinvention as Wonder Woman (or Supergirl, which I also was quite pleasantly surprised by), but in terms of both story and art (the openning page & Batcave double-pager were so striking) I was floored by the whole thing. I don’t give out 5 stars that often –ok in my 6 weeks or so on this site I haven’t handed out any — but, Batman meritied my first. It has the feeling of something classic.

    Glad to see the attention given to Wonder Woman, though, as Synder’s book doesn’t really need more publicity to suceed. I’m looking forward to seeing where Wonder Woman goes next; I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this run as well . . .

    Oh, and for whatever it’s worth, Zorro, as always, was pretty damn good too. More people need to be reading that book.

  56. Wow, this issue blew me away! Fast paced action, stunning art, intriguing concept, what’s not to like? Can’t wait for #2, and between this and Batgirl female superheroes are off to a great start in the new 52.

  57. Loved the boo, worthy of the POTW.

    I have to say though, I think I miss the pants. Am I alone in this?

  58. I freaking loved this book when my friend read it he said it reminded him of Greek Street, but with Wonder Woman hahah

  59. Hey, Cliff Chiang’s back on top at iFanboy! Go figure.. (dude’s great).
    I so nearly grabbed this, but did not. You’ve piqued my interest though. Kudos.

  60. Odd that some of you are acting as if Wondy has never had a good run. Ahem, George Pérez, anyone? Anyhow, Ben Caldwell’s interpretation of Wonder Woman in Wednesday Comics is the best recent iteration of the character.

  61. Wonder Woman has done the impossible! My wife and I have been together for eight years and this is the first time she’s picked up a comic, flipped through it, read it, and then said “I’d read that if you got it every time it came out.”

  62. The reason why writers have a hard time making it enticing is becuz they really don’t know the essence of the character…if they did, they’d be able to find an interesting niche that would intrigue everyone. All the writers you’ve mentioned really sucked at doing Wonder Woman. I happened to have reviewed their work just over a year ago. Only Straczynski held the keys to intrigue…from there, you can expand. JMS did what he did becuz it was necessary…to inform disappointed fans that no matter what incarnation she takes, as long as she retains her core, she’ll always be the true Wonder Woman. and I think Azzarello fed offa the foundation that Straczynski laid out.

    And you mentioning the SIDEBOOB was just FINE! Don’t be a wussy, dammit!! **COMMENT MODERATED**

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