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iFanboy #226 – San Diego Comic-Con 2011 (Part Three)

Show Notes

And so it is that another round of San Diego Comic-Con shows comes to a close with part three of our 2011 coverage. Make sure to watch parts one and two as well!

Kicking off the episode is the Man himself, Stan Lee, talking about more of his myriad projects, like Blood Red Dragon from Stan, Todd McFarlane, and Japanese pop star, Yoshiki. He’s also got The Seekers over at MTV Geek. Finally make sure to follow the modern version of Stan’s Soapbox with @TheRealStanLee on Twitter.

Next we welcome Greg Pak to our show for the first time ever! Greg tells us about Red Skull: Incarnate, his work with Fred Van Lente on the Canadian heroes of Alpha Flight, and his epic, long run on Hulk. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to pronounce his name, this is the place.

Bryan Q. Miller joins us to talk about the ending of fan favorite series, Batgirl, telling the behind the scenes story of how he ended it more prematurely than he’d planned. He also hints at upcoming work with DC Comics after the relaunch, contrary to some rumors that there are no new DC Comics planned from Miller.

Thomas Jane, star of movies and the TV series Hung is a real deal comic book creator. He’s joined by his Raw Studios partner, artist Tim Bradstreet to talk about the various comics they’ve got on tap like Bad Planet, Alien Worlds, and The Lycan, and just what it is they find important when it comes to making comics, and it’s not deadlines.

Rob Liefeld chats with us about all the upcoming work he’s got hitting the comic shop shelves. First, he gives us the low down on The Infinite with Robert Kirkman, and then he talks about Hawk & Dove, with the DC relaunch. Rob drops some hints that there is Deadpool movie footage out there, and it is happening, then goes on to talk about the longevity of some of his creations.

Witch Doctor was the first book announced on Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint for Image Comics. We’re joined by artist Lukas Ketner and writer Brandon Seifert, who are enjoying one heck of a good time at a comic convention. They tell us the story of how Kirkman plucked them out of the blue, just by chance, to announce his new imprint.

Jonathan Hickman talks to us about his newest creator owned work, Red Wing and Feel Better Now, as well as what’s in store in the future. Then we move over to the work at Marvel like Fantastic Four, including talking about one of his least favorite issues of Secret Warriors.

Finally, closing out the show, we’re honored to speak with Walter Simonson, legendary Thor creator, about the resurgence of the character for whom he is best known, and currently being celebrated in IDW’s Walter Simonson Thor Artist Edition and the The Mighty Thor Omnibus from Marvel! We talk about the planning behind his long run on the character in the 80s, as well as his reaction to the Thor movie. But the writer and artist isn’t done yet. He’s got a graphic novel called The Judas Coin on the way from DC Comics, composed of six interconnected short stories featuring lesser known characters. Finally, Josh shares a personal memory with Walt.

We hope you enjoyed all the conversation and love of comics from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. We’ll see you next at New York Comic Con!


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  1. Oh stan

  2. Great episode guys good work. What’s up with Thomas Jane, is he stoned? Also that guy Pak looks like Bruce Banner, just as well he is working on the Hulk

  3. Loved the episode. You can never go wrong with almost an hour of iFanboy goodness.

    But poor Thomas Jane really looked like he was about to keel over any minute. Makes me almost glad I’ve never been to SDCC, especially on a Sunday.

  4. Great episode! Happy to see the Walt Simonson interview at the end.

  5. Damn, Liefeld was great in this interview! It is sometimes weird to see someone that enthusiastic and nice be the subject of so much ridicule. It’s strange once you see the person behind the art. Not that I’m a fan, but I follow him on Twitter because of his love for comics and media.

  6. That’s quite a guest list. Should be a good listen.

  7. God damn that Simonson interview is great. Very good questions that really got him talking. I found it really interesting.

    Hickman’s tone throws me off when, here and on Word Balloon, he talks about how Marvel has treated him well. I’m sure they do and he just tells it like it is, but his tone gives me the impression that there is more to that story.

  8. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Great coverage this year, gents, but dammit I miss Terriers.

  9. what really comes across to me is that there is a genuine love of comics from the guys. that’s why there is such a loyal fan base,i mean if you couldn’t see the the joy in josh when he interviewed walt. so once again thanks to all at ifanboy.maybe this year i’ll buy you guys a round of drinks at emerald city comic con


  11. Wow. Really great mix of talent on this show. Great job guys.

  12. I love the guy who’s asleep in the background during the first interview. Great episode.

  13. Hope you guys do a full on “talksplode” with Simonson when his new book comes out! Josh?

    Also…wondering if you guys would do a “talksplode” interview with Liefeld. I know Jason Wood is quite the fan! That would be cool.

    Great interviews guys!

  14. I love Stan Lee like my own grandfather.

  15. I love the guy asleep in the background of the Greg Pak interview.

  16. Really enjoyed the Simonson interview.

  17. I have absolutely loved these things. Again, really appreciate you guys posting these up for those of us who couldn’t go to SDCC.

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