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iFanboy #225 – San Diego Comic-Con 2011 (Part Two)

Show Notes

You thought part one was enough? No, there is more from the 2011 Comic-Con International in San Diego, and we’re bringing it to you. Get ready for more from the best in comics at the biggest event there is in the industry.

Cliff Chiang will soon be lending his talent to Wonder Woman, along with writer Brian Azzarello. Cliff tells us a little about the new take on the Amazon princess and how he deals with people being mad about her having pants or not. There are going to be gods, and fights, and all sorts of exciting new stuff, and it’s going to look fantastic.

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez are behind the wonderful and scary Locke & Key series from IDW. As the series ramps up for the conclusion, they discuss just what goes into this acclaimed horror series. Plus, as they approach the second to last story arc, they discuss what’s coming up in the future for the team, and the very real possibility of more Locke & Key, after some new projects together.

Jonathan Ross, the UK TV chat show star turned comic book writer joins us to talk about his onslaught of new projects with The BLVD studio. After the success of his story with Tommy Lee Edwards, Turf, Ross has a whole slate of new comics coming out with artists like Bernard Chang, and, did he just say Bryan Hitch? He did.

Legendary guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave joins us to talk about his new comic book, Orchid, from Dark Horse. Conceived and written entirely by Morello, the musician tells us of a story about battles and monsters and magic, but also class struggles and social consciousness and themes familiar in Morello’s music.

Crazy, insane, Eisner Award winning person, Jim McCann joins us after Return of the Dapper Men from Archaia won the Eisner for Best Graphic Novel. Along with artist, Janet K. Lee, Jim shared the honors in a very rare tie with Wilson from Dan Clowes. But that didn’t put a damper on what was a wonderful experience, as Jim recounts it for us, as well as how he already damaged his trophy, making it slightly more like the Death Star. You’ll need to watch.

Kyle Higgins is new to the scene, but already handling plenty of big name titles. He worked with Scott Snyder on Gates of Gotham, and is making a splash in the DC Relaunch, heading up Nightwing and Deathstroke. Hear his take on these new series and what he thinks of the characters, getting a little sneak peek at what’s in store for September.

DC’s co-publisher and superstar artist Jim Lee wraps up the show, talking about the relaunch, as well as fan reactions. He also talks about taking on art duties on a book like Justice League and what it means to do a team book so packed with characters, and how he handles the challenge, as well as the fun of it.

We’ve got one more show coming your way next week!


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  1. That’s quite the guest list.  
    Jim Lee should be interesting.

  2. lol at Jonathan Ross’ plea for less no pants rule for men. That long pause, staring directly to the camera got to me.

  3. Ooh Tom Merello’s book sounds *get it?* awesome!! 

  4. Awesome! LOVED part 1. Lot’s of fun for those of us who couldn’t make SDCC.

  5. nice work guys! still very strange seeing Wossie on screen and not interviewing some Hollywood actress for the BBC

  6. Alright, I’m calling it. Joe Hill is not Stephen King’s son, he’s his goddamn clone.

    • JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

      Just saw this. I thought the exact same thing. “Did they accidentally start interviewing Stephen King about Locke and Key?” That’s a shockingly similar profile.

  7. @tomistommy You’re not kidding.

  8. I desperately wanna see that Locke & Key pilot. Alas, I doubt I ever will. So that’s bad. 🙁

    But the episode was great, guys! So that’s good. 🙂

  9. Anybody have any information on Speed Trap?

  10. @margtvl  There isn’t much information. It wasn’t actually supposed to be announced in San Diego, and as such, there’s no official press release or information about it out there as far as I know.

  11. Thanks Josh.  I will keep an eye out for it.

  12. I have to say I really like what you guys have done with this year’s coverage. Seems like you really went after interviews with some different people, rather than the usual suspects. Some of your best interviews as well, interms of quality and entertainment value.

    I have to admit, sometimes I’d like to see the starstruck or geeking out moments for you guys. I mean running a comic website and having that give you the opportunity to interview a guy like Tom Morello is pretty amazing. I had to chuckle when Josh managed to find a way to talk to him about guitar when asking a question about comics. I really got the impression there was so much more there you were dying to ask or say.

  13. these were a really fun series of video interviews. Really fun to hear the creators talk about their work in that setting. Also the title cards were pretty cool. 

    @tomistommy  –yeah thats what i thought too! if you see Joe Hill sitting front row at a sox game then we will know for sure!

  14. Jonathan Ross..Dude rules. Now I really want to pick up TURF

  15. I’m going to declare right now that Josh should be the go-to guy for interviewing musicians. Before, I had typecast Ron into the Musician Correspondent role, but for now he can just stick to the Teen Idol beat. Just one viewer’s opinion…

  16. @ABirdseysView  When I was learning how to play guitar, Morello was a giant influence on me. I think he’s one of the greatest innovators of using the sonic possibilities of an electric guitar, right up there with Hendrix and Van Halen. His riffs are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, but his use of sound is compeltely unique.

    There’s that.

  17. *sees Joe Hill in interview*

    Holy shit…..That isn’t Stephen King? 

  18. … McCann is awesome in interviews. lol

  19. Ross was hilarious and Morello’s enthusiasm for his book + soundtrack has me sold. Another great round of interviews. Josh had excellent questions for Morello. That had to be intimidating to talk to the guy whose riffs inspire tens of thousands of people into such kinetic energy, when you’re at the shows, 99% of your attention is on the event but 1% is looking around and wondering, “okay people we’re really doing this right now, this is no longer a concert, we’re really starting The Revolution now, right?”

  20. Jonathan Ross writes comic books? Almost did a spit-take when I saw him pop up.

  21. My favourite thing about this was hearing someone discussing a very recent learning curve. Alot of writers around have been working on it a while and are in their stride and their learning curves are more issues of tightening up a style for a specific book. As someone who writes and is trying to do so professionally its encouraging to hear someone working in a major media industry (Wossy) talking about his recent experiences. Its just a new kind of interview

  22. @bobby2889  It’s hard to write comics. It’s harder than screenplays, and it’s harder than prose.

    That’s been my experience.

  23. Jonathan Ross is great, I used to watch his show for years. Turf wasn’t for me, took quite a while to come out, but I guess if you’re a millionaire you can afford it.

  24. @josh I’m writing prose not comics. Comics seems like hell to write. I just meant its cool to see a guy in a professional setting surrounded by guys who’ve been doing it a while saying ‘hey this is what I’ve had to learn all of a sudden’.

    lol that said screenplays sound bloody awful too

  25. Conor sounded like the Micro Machines guy he was talking so fast hehe. Great show guys!

  26. Just curious.  Why the intro w/info we already know?  Just wondering.  Great video!

  27. oh man, I miss Terriers…

  28. @MadMartigan  You mean the title of the show and the hosts?

  29. @MadMartigan It’s not like they’re gonna have DVD’s of these things.

    Then again…..

  30. By the way the short story Joe Hill is talking about at Marvel was called ‘Fanboyz’ (no relation) and it’s in the ‘Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan’ trade. It’s a pretty cute story (a parody of Jackass) but the ultimately boon is that Seth Fisher was the artist. So you got a pretty good writer mixed with a very talented artist.

    I recommend the trade but the short story too. 

  31. Hey….

    Around the 31min mark…..Is that Wilford A. Brimley? 

  32. @MadMartigan  Every show is someone’s first man.

  33. Wow, Joe really looks like his dad.

  34. Very cool interviews.

    Also interesting, Within Temptation released a score for the comic The Unforgiving which ties into their latest album, so badass music and comics have met before.

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