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iFanboy #224 – San Diego Comic-Con 2011 (Part One)

Show Notes

Strap in kids, because iFanboy have brought you a lot of San Diego Comic-Con, and unlike most of your bigger media outlets, we’re talking to comics people, about comics. This is but part one of three, and we bring you up close and personal with the most talented and interesting names in comics.

Mark Waid is a crafty veteran, and when Marvel needed someone to put a fresh spin on the shadowy and slightly mildewy Daredevil, he answered the call. Only one issue in, and he’s already basking in critical and fan praise. Daredevil is fun, and it’s about time. Over at BOOM! Studios, Mark celebrated his creator owned series, Irredeemable by releasing a great big Definitive Irredeemable in hardcover, oversized slipcase glory.

Things are looking up for Cullen Bunn. Since we last spoke, his creator owned series, along with Brian Hurtt, The Sixth Gun has been commissioned for a six episode mini-series on SyFy. While that’s big enough news, he’s also been named the writer on Marvel’s new origin series of graphic novels, in charge of Spider-Man: Season One. And why not throw in an original graphic novel called The Tooth, about a giant sentient tooth. It’s wacky time.

You might know Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill, but soon Archaia will release his original comic book, Everlast, a post apocalyptic adventure on a grand scale. You want to know more? That will be here.

Judd Winick is excited. He’s excited to be able to talk to Conor about what’s happening finally! Here’s what we know: Catwoman is sexy, and Batwing is going to be one hell of a ride. Seriously, he’s pretty amped about it all.

Joshua Hale Fialkov is polite and considerate. Yet his work can be deeply troubling. His mini-series Echoes was recently released in hardcover, and no one would recommend you read it just before bed. He’s also got a part in the new DC lineup with I, Vampire, which he tells us all about. Finally, he’s got one issue to convince you to love The Test in this year’s Top Cow Pilot Season.

Scott Snyder has come a long way in not much time, and he couldn’t be more enthusiastic about his assignments. Moving on from Detective Comics, he’s taking the reins of Batman along with Greg Capullo, and he’ll let us know what to expect there. Then there’s Swamp Thing coming up, which he’s loving as well. Finally, over at Image, he’s got a creator owned mini-series called Severed, about a creepy hobo. Okay, it’s more than that, but either way, it sounds fantastic.

He’s back! It’s Brian K. Vaughan, and early next year we’ll see the start of his first new series in years! Joining him on the show, and in creating Saga from Image, is wonderful artist Fiona Staples. There’s not a lot to know yet, but if you’ve read a whole Vaughan series in the past, you know this is going to be great.

Come back next week for more from San Diego!


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  1. Now we’re talkin’.  I’ve been waiting for this one.  Scott Snyder should be interesting.

  2. Whoa… Best Intro Ever!!!!

  3. Loved the opening! 🙂 Excited for saga and both Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples seemed so nice – dream team!

  4. The intro was great! I really miss Terriers 🙁
    But great interiews you guys

  5. Scott Snyder actually seems more terrifying now.

    Great episode!

  6. Quick question: Is this show not on iTunes yet?

  7. Forget my last post, something must have been up with my phone, just found it.

  8. Have no fear, the Con shows are here.

    Also, what is that intro music from? Help me, ifanboys! You’re my only hope.

  9. I’ll be honest, that Chad Michael Murray book actually sounds kinda rad.

  10. Snyder’s books really don’t seem very much rebooted, do they? 

  11. On Snyder: It is somehow satisfying when a person whose work you admire turns out to be a seemingly nice, genuine guy. 

  12. I’m actually excited for most/all of the new stuff coming. can’t wait for part two of the show. hopefully some marvel news next week. fingers crossed. great show guys. thanks

  13. Great episode!!  It was really great to see and hear scott snyder talk about his work.

  14. For a second, I thought the description said “Bill Murray”.

  15. @jackietam  I WISH!

  16. Biggest smile came over my face when I heard the Terriers theme

  17. @StupendousMan  – I think it’s ironic that his book is about looking for “genetically perfect people” :p … you know him being a former model and all. :p

    I’ll give it a shot. 🙂

  18. Everlast actually sounds very interesting.

  19. Great show, but I wish you would have talked to Fialkov about The Last Of The Greats from Image. I’m really excited for that.

  20. The Test sounds cool, too. 

  21. @Suicidalkangarooz  We will. There might even be some footage that didn’t make the cut you’ll see a bit later on just that very subject.

  22. Had Everlast come out while I was still in highschool my ex probably woudnt of given me so much slack for reading comics all the time…too much information? Probably.

    That said it sounds like a great read. Looking forward to it plus the Winick and Snyder books. I wish BKV could of said more about his new series.

  23. Thanks as always guys for the great con coverage. Terrific show as always.

  24. @josh  Nice, that makes sense seeing as it looked like the Fialkov video cut you off at the end.

  25. Holy smokes, Chad Michael Murray sold me on his comic.  I’m gonna go download that preview on my iPad.

  26. My God, Flanagan, your interview with Cullen Bunn, you all sweaty and shiny, I honestly thought you were going to pass out.

  27. @jackietam  Here’s what happens. You take a shower, get dressed, and then lug all the stuff over the convention. It’s very sunny, and sometimes, you have to shoot right away.

    Then a day later, I got sick!

  28. I love the way Synder talks so passionately about his books.

  29. Loved the intro! (and the interviews too, of course) 

  30. @josh  Maybe it’s time to hire more interns?

  31. All good interviews but Synder’s enthusiasm is particularly infectious.

  32. Now I’m sad that Terriers was cancelled.
    Great Snyder interview.

  33. Great episode, guys! (great intro, too!)

  34. Mucho props for the Terriers intro.

  35. Fucking Terriers, yes!

  36. Props to Ron for snatchin’ that shirt

  37. Great episode, guys. Meaningless feedback:

    -I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this before now, but….I think if Judd Winick gets tired of writing he could always find a second career as David Cross’ body double…or at least as a professional Tobias Funke cosplayer.

    -Is Conor very tall? Is Scott Snyder not?

    -Ron seemed to have little to no interest in Everlast…I can’t say I blame him.

  38. I actually think Everlast sounds pretty good. A shame some people probably won’t want to read it based just on who is trying to pitch it to them. Not that I’m accusing anyone of doing that…

    Snyder convinced me to check out Swamp Thing. His enthusiasm is ridiculous.

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