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iFanboy #183 – New York Comic Con 2010 (Part One)

Show Notes


We’ve scrambled to get the iFanboy video show rolling so we can give you our awesome New York Comic Con coverage, but we’re still in the process of transitioning.

You can watch the video show here on our nifty new flash player — but if you prefer to download the show via iTunes or our RSS Feeds, there’s going to be a bit of delay as we’re working on transitioning those feeds. In the meantime, you can download the show directly via the links below.

We thank you for your patience as we transition the video show to all the various distribution spots we were on previously.

It’s been a while, but the last big convention of the year was held in New York City from October 8-10, and iFanboy was there.  Join us for part one of our one-of-a-kind comic book coverage, as we stalk the Jacob K. Javits Center for the best talent in comics, and bring them to you.

Fred Van Lente has a bunch of fun projects on the stands, including Chaos War and Taskmaster, as well as his collaboration with bestselling author, Dean Koontz, Odd Is On Our Side.

Francis Manapul is refining superhero artwork on The Flash, and previously on Adventure Comics, working with Geoff Johns.  Conor talks with the artist about his recent popularity, and the evolution of his style.

Gabriel Hardman came from movie storyboarding to thrill fans with his impeccable storytelling on Atlas and the more recent Hulk, both with Jeff Parker.  In addition to wonderful comic book pages, Hardman is one of the best sketch artists on the circuit, turning out gorgeous pinups, one after another.

Stan Lee is always a pleasure to talk to, and at 87 years old, with his company POW Entertainment makes us all look lazy.  With tons of projects on the books, like his work with the NHL, and his line of comics with BOOM! Studios, plus a bunch of stuff Stan can’t even talk about, Stan is busier than most of his on his light days.

Come back next week for Part 2 of our New York Comic Con 2010 coverage!


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  1. Their back!

  2. whoaa, blue and red playbar


  4. Thank goodness you guys didn’t renumber the show to drive up readership — is Thursday the new release date from now on?

  5. What a treat.  Thanks guys!

  6. Aw yeah, iFanboy!

  7. Awesome Accordian Playing!!!

  8. So is this the Ultimate version of iFanboy now that you’re on your own player?  Keep up the good work, gents, or we’ll send an Ultimatum wave after you 🙂

  9. Lots of artists this year so far. They are always fun to hear from. Manapul was awesome and it looks like the delays weren’t his fault. Johns is just taking on too many projects at once.

    And according to Stan Lee Ron has a pretty mouth.

  10. Great show fellas, I love seeing Stan Lee have that much energy and entusiasim.  It was also fun to see Jason Wooooood make a small cameo there in the opening scene.  Thanks for making those of us who could not make it part of the fun.

  11. I like the new player. It looks good and runs smooth.

    Is there any chance you can post a link to a more mobile friendly (lower rez) file with the show in the future? Thank you.

  12. Great show, guys.  Glad to see Gabriel Hardman getting the push he deserves (and him jokingly taking Josh to task).

    Always great to see Stan Lee.  Puts a smile on my face every time.

  13. That was quick

  14. Stan Lee is awesome.  That man is comics.

  15. Awesome show! Was the accordian player taking requests or did he just know the Back to the Future theme?

  16. Hey! I know that dude walking hand in hand with the two little storm troopers!



  17. Man, I could listen to Stan Lee talk for hours. Kinda wish he’d do a series of motivational tapes.

  18. @heroville – no, still aiming for Wednesday, this one just got caught up in a bit of a delay 

    @stuclach – working on providing a mobile version – stay tuned

  19. @ron – Thank you, sir.  I’m looking forward to it.

  20. Stan looked tired. Poor guy. He ain’t young and he’s working very hard!

  21. @Wood – I followed you.

  22. Stan steals the show.

    I felt for ya when Hardman started grillin’ ya.  I wanted to like Atlas also, but never clicked with it.

    Great show, thanks guys! 

  23. Are you guys going to put back those little things on the video that told you when the next scene starts? You had them when you talked to someone new, so it was easy to just skip to the part I wanted. It’s no big deal, but just wondering.

  24. @Suicidalkangarooz: That was a Revision3 thing.

  25. @conor, ok thanks. By the way, great to see you guys again! And Stan Lee is my favorite old person ever!

  26. @Suicidalkangarooz: It’s possible something like that would be added later but right now we’re just focusing on getting the show out.

  27. @ron That had to feel good:) What a compliment.

  28. Great job, guys! New video player works smoother than rev3 player.

  29. @josh and @conor, I saw on topless robot the clip of the accordian playing Boba Fett. It looked like the same clip that you had the start of the video. TR had attributed it to Geeks of Doom.

  30. @mongo: Paul shot our clip.

  31. Can’t wait to see more Stan Lee goodness.

  32. Do I have to resub in iTunes? This hasn’t come through the regular feed.

  33. @IroncladMerc – you shouldn’t have to resub in iTunes – we’re working with apple to migrate the feeds – it may take a few days though – so you may have to watch here or download the file from one of the links above for this episode – sorry for the inconvenience 

  34. Guys, I am so impressed that you got this thing edited and put together in so few days. Great job.

    Fred Van Lente is such a nice guy. I saw him at a small panel at Project Comic Con in St. Louis this year. He was entertaining to listen to.

    Viva la video show!

  35. @ron – thanks for the explanation, I just noticed it was explained at the top, guess I need to learn to read more

  36. Great show, guys! Glad to see it back so soon.

  37. I like having it on iTunes, but damn, that picture looked just as good in full screen as iTunes has ever looked.

  38. Has anyone picked up the Season 13 DVD of The Simpsons yet? Stan Lee does the commentary for the episode he guest stars in and he totally steals the spotlight. He’s even a bit more raw because he isn’t bound to censor himself.

    Sorry if it’s a bit off topic but watching this interview made me think of it. 

  39. Jeez, it’s impossible not to like Stan Lee.

  40. I think Stan came up with Ron’s nex business card. 

    Ron Richards: Great Human Being.

  41. I’m one of those people for whom Francis Manapul has come from , like, out of no where!  He’s great.  His explanation of it here was relly interesting and I’d love to hear more about it.    

    I know he says here that he has refined his art style, but can anyone recommend any pre-Adventure Comics work?  I know it wont be the same but I’d like to see where he came from.

    PS – New player worked great for me too.  

  42. Neat player, neat editing, and no more "holy god!" ending. Sweet.

    It’s great to see Van Lente transition big time into 616 Marvel. His Marvel Adventures stuff was great and he’s bringing that sense of fun and excitement into the big boy comics.

    Stan remains Stan. Excelsior!

    And yes, sometimes the creators listen – and worse: remember.

    Thanks for the content, fellas. 

  43. iSTANboy! Wow, God Bless him, his enthusiasm is soo contagious, a very fun, gracious individual!Keep on keepin’ on Stan!

  44. Cool — was there a compulsory plaid shirt uniform for iFanboy staffers?

  45. Loving the new player. It actually works when I skip ahead.

  46. For the record: I never noticed your font was in the style of the Fantastic Four until this video. Awesome!

  47. Man, I only noticed this today but it was well worth the wait. Really great job guys and, yup, Stan Lee just gets cooloer and cooler each time you guys talk to him, doesn’t he? Ron, you must have felt great after that interview.

  48. For some reason the Francis Manapul portion felt…….uh……..weird?

  49. Any word yet on where we can find ifanboy on Roku?

  50. @fd: As soon as we know, you’ll know.

  51. Is Stan Lee like the nicest man of all time?

  52. @origamikid: It sure seems that way, doesn’t it?

  53. I love Stan Lee busting Ron’s balls. And Gabe Hardman is one of the best comics guys in the business. From both a talent standpoint and being a nice guy.

  54. Wow, great. It’s the same, but sponsor free, and I like it.

  55. Fred Van Lente part was great.  What a personable guy.

  56. Finally found a chance to watch the full episode.  Hey, I’ve been busy. Get off my back. 😉 

    Very nice!

    You’re a great human being.” (Stan Lee to Ron Richards, NY Comic Con 2010)

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