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Pick of the Week #210 – B.P.R.D.: 1947 #5

Show Notes

The gang’s back together as Ron Richards and Josh Flanagan gather in Conor Kilpatrick’s bedroom to fight about G.I. Joe, make each other uncomfortable, and try to keep a lid on the loopiness. Is Conor now, or has he ever been, a member of H.E.A.T.? Find out this week!

Running Time: 00:54:51

Pick of the Week:
00:01:33 – Josh says B.P.R.D.: 1947 #5 was full of foreboding and sadness.

00:09:56 – Fantastic art couldn’t save The Amazing Spider-Man #611 from Deadpool.
00:13:48 – Ron was surprised to find the Captain Britain creative team on Dark X-Men #1.
00:15:45 – Was Steve Dillon a plus or a minus in Punisher MAX #1?
00:18:01 – A new day in America dawns in Green Lantern Corps #42.
00:23:37 – X-Force #21 revealed that Beast has gone from cat to horse.
00:24:50 – JSA vs. Kobra #6 wrapped up a strong mini, and brought back a favorite character.
00:25:48 – Kieron Gillen! Jamie McKelvie! Matthew Wilson! S.W.O.R.D. #1!
00:27:43 – Was Batman/Doc Savage missing half its pages?
00:29:48 – Is Stephen Strange still a doctor? Strange #1 holds no answers.
00:30:34 – Batman & Robin #6 was a story triumph and an artistic disaster.
00:31:28 – Looking for fun super hero action? Look no further than Batgirl #4.
00:32:22 – After Action Comics #883, Conor would be happy if Superman never came back.

User Reviews:
00:32:43 – AmirCat really loved Warren Ellis’ new bastard superhero tale, Supergod #1.
00:34:11 – zachtruitt uses a well placed pun to evangelize for Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1.

Book of the Month:
00:36:15 – An argument about the merits of G.I. Joe: The Movie breaks out in the midst of the discussion on this month’s selection: G.I. Joe: Cobra.

00:42:29 – Shaun R. is looking for comics like the Bourne movies, but he has some conditions.
00:45:14 – Jason wants to know who is on iFanboy’s Ultimate Five Person Cross Company Team!

00:49:13 – Don’t Miss with Mark Waid and Kevin Baker
00:49:39 – Murmur Podcast #11 is Conor, Ron, Josh and Paul Montgomery talking television.

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  1. Holy Sh…..This is up early! Thanks for releasing this early for us guys!

    Although you gotta be kidding me with the art for Amazing Spider-Man. (Just by reading the show notes here) It had ‘fantastic’ art? If you like the skeletons of character trying to pop out of their skin then yes I guess you could say it’s ‘fantastic’…

  2. early release and flight of the concords what could be better?

  3. Everybody has a different take on Beast’s design in S.W.O.R.D. I’m going with wildebeest. Without the horns, ya know?

  4. I say Beast looks like an Anteater or the Dragon from Bone.

  5. Ha! I love how you guys make out like Kyle Rayner’s death is going to last more than a couple of months. I don’t know if you noticed this or not but death means precisely diddly squat in the DCU these days.

    Also, I’ve never read an issue of Deadpool before in my life but Amazing Spidey was my pick of the week, beating out even the brilliance that is Unwritten.

  6. @Ilash: We didn’t do that. In fact, we said the exact opposite.

  7. My five person dream team-

    Invincible- Scrappy powerhouse. Comic relief.

    Atom Eve- The woman with the seriously awesome power. 

    Savage Dragon- The Bruiser.

     Batman- Invincible/Batman interaction would be gold. Also the tactical leader.

    Dr. Strange- The magic guy. 

  8. @Conor. Sorry, yeah, I have to admit I posted that before you amended it at the end. Either way though, it has reached the point where I simply don’t care at all about death in the DCU anymore ande despite Kyle Rayner being MY Green Lantern, I didn’t even blink at his death. I suppose it is for that reason that I was surprised that you even gave it a second thought.

    Of course, by the end of the whole Blackest Night thing, I’m guessing pretty much everyone will be brought back anyway. 

    Also, for what it’s worth, while I am normally a big fan of GLC, I was actually pretty underwhelmed by the issue in general. It just struck me as being a bit of a mess with too much action and too little characterisation. Though the death, as little as I may care about it, was pretty well pulled off.  

  9. @miyamotofreak: Kirkman pretty much set it up in that issue that led to the Marvel Team-Up. If he ever got to write Brave & the Bold, pretty sure there’s going to be a Batman/Invincible team-up.

    Kyle Rayner isn’t dead. Its just a point the arc which I call "The Third Issue Cliffhanger." Basically, around the 3rd issue, which is probably the penultimate issue of the arc, the hero is stuck in a very grave trap/situation and there’s no help in sight. Than the final issue of the arc hits and it turns out to be not that big of a deal and the hero goes, "Big Whoop!" and punches the villian in the face.

    Some of my favoritebooks are guilty of this, and while I am not that old to comics, but I think its safe to assume its a widespread phenomenon.

  10. Does anyone know where the Geoff Johns interview is found, or what his team is?

  11. I think Shaun might also like the Unthinkable

  12. I loved Dark X-Men #1 alot this week, it was certainly a great suprise. I was also pretty estatic to see that Nate Grey is back, since he was my favorite character when I was younger and I awesome kick ass powers mattered to me more than characterisation. I definitely like the idea of X-Man better than his stories, as I was never able to really get into any of them. The only ones I really liked was when he was revamped into the mutant shaman, and thought he had alot of potential from there…and then got killed off! I’m very excited to see him return though. 

  13. Great! right when I really started to like Kyle Rayner and even asked the ifanboy crew to recomend me some Kyle stories, DC kills him off

  14. I don’t understand how you can talk about the fun tone of Abnett and Lanning comics than bitch and moan about Deadpool. Its the exact same arguement. Comics should be fun, right?

  15. I never said there was anything wrong with Deadpool, rather I just don’t like him.  I get why others do. But there are different kinds of fun.  That’s like saying you don’t understand why I think one comedy is different than another.  Like if I like Paul Rudd, I have to think Jim Carrey is funny too.  Cuz I don’t.

  16. Still wishing there was some Unwritten love… maybe next month’s arc wrap-up issue? 

  17. @Josh: seriously, dude? listen to your podcast agian. Ron said Deadpool was a marketing scheme and Conor straight out said he didn’t like it

  18. If you don’t understand how Deadpool’s hack work "humor" l is different from Guardians of the Galaxy’s tone, life may be hard for you.

  19. You realize we are 3 different people right? 

    But, they are marketing the hell out of Deadpool.  And you’re right, Conor didn’t like it.  Neither did I.  What that has to do with your original point, or my response, I’m not sure.

  20. That is such a tired defence. You, the collective ifanboy,  form and push opinions of certain books. That’s why Abnett and Lanning’s childish shit series has been elevated to some great level because of it’s humor and fun tone. Why does that principal not applied to Deadpool?

    and Josh, I never said you said Deadpool sucked so come down off the cross

  21. @edward: Humor and fun are not universal — they are different and varied. This has already been explained with examples.

  22. @Conor: the Paul Rudd/ Jim Curry thing makes no sense. There differient people. Joe Kelly’s one dude. he wrote the issue of spiderman you love and this one. the problem is you have an irrational dislike of deadpool. Where the open mind?

  23. I wish there was an emoticon for the face I just made.

  24. Q_Q

  25. yep, there’s no emoticon for realising you’re totally wrong, sorry Conor

  26. It’s pretty hard to have a constructive conversation when I feel like one side is starting off combative, and not really in it for a discussion, but to gain points, so I’m not going to participate in this one any longer.

    This isn’t the kind of interaction I want to have or enjoy, so I’m out of it.

  27. Just to be clear. Jimski did say my life may not be worth living and Conor was dismissive first.

    But hey that’s just the same double standard applied to the comics too

  28. @Crippler – I feel like I want to like Unwritten more than I actually do.  It’s pretty good, but I have loved an issue since the Kipling one.  I haven’t really had anything to say.  I guess I’m waiting for them to wow me.

  29. I keep meaning to move to trade on UNWRITTEN but every month I forget.

  30. Hellboy got my pic.

    As for Strange? I think that the art was a perfect fit for a story in which Doctor Strange plays magic baseball. The only real contrast I found was in the cover and the interior art, not in the interior art and the story.

  31. Oh dear.

    yep, The unwritten is very good. I wrote a review about this week

  32. I was absolutely in love with BATGIRL this month.  The first three issues had a few problems for me, but I’m glad I stuck with it for this issue.  It easily outshone the stuff happening in the main Bat-books this week.  Clean art, solid character beats, good stand-alone story, and a nice reveal of the new Batgirl costume made me a fan of this one.  Didn’t quite get the cover and its word balloon (haven’t seen that in a while), but oh well.

    Glad to hear you guys discuss this.

  33. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Dude Ron are you having your pages from Jamie McKelvie colored in? That’s a terrific idea! I absolutely loved the colors in Suburban Glamour, so much so that I didn’t go back and read Phonogram after I learned it was Black & White.

    I want to draft a Team of 5.

  34. As weird as it sounds, I would love to see an episode of Ron organizing his longboxes…  I remember when my dad would crack out his longboxes how fun it would be just to see what he had, and see his reaction to remembering stories that he had long since forgotten collecting.  Not to mention the episode would probably turn out to be mostly Josh and Conor picking on Ron, and who doesn’t want that?
    Even if the actually sorting isn’t filmed, it’d make for a great "Ridiculous crap we found in Ron’s longboxes" vault show. 

  35. 5-person dream team: Jean Grey, Dick Grayson, She-Hulk, Oracle, and Northstar.

    -from me, throughthebrush, and secondbatgirl

    Also, the three of us were in Isotope Comics in San Francisco today.  We told the proprietor that we listened to ifanboy, and he assumed we were looking for Ron.  🙂

  36. Edward, so if you like a writer’s work, you have to like all their work regardless of what characters they use or what genre they write?

    I can totally understand not liking a specific character. It just puts into question the truism of "there are no bad characters–only bad writers."

    My ultimate crosscompany dream team would be five Deadpools all written by five different creators: Alan Moore, Morrsion, Kirkman, Bendis, Way.

  37. sorry, not allowed to talk about it

  38. Not to pick at a flesh wound, but…

    "the Paul Rudd/ Jim Curry [sic] thing makes no sense."

    Well, even though it totally does, allow me to provide another analogy: Will Ferrel. I loved him in Old School, Ancorman, and Stranger Than Fiction, but things like Bewitched or Land of the Lost I wouldn’t be caught watching in a million years.  But hey, that could be more on the shoulders of the movies’ writers/directors/producers/etc. How ’bout ehhh Metallica? Different kinda thing entirely, but what the heck, why not? Ride the Lightning? … And Justice for All? Those’re some fine albums. Load? Reload? St. Anger? Pure shite!

    I for one really enjoyed ASM, honestly more for the writing than the art (though I liked that, too) and I really wouldn’t consider myself a Deadpool fan. 

  39. Great show guys! Definitely gonna pick up GI Joe Cobra at some point.

    RE: Spider-man: I really did not like this issue. I can see myself liking the art on something creator-owned or deliberately different, but I didn’t think it was too appropriate for this. Also, yeah, not a Deadpool fan.

    I know you guys essentially covered this yourself, but I don’t think the Punisher’s age really matters. I mean technically, yes it should, but this issue could easily be treated as a new version of the Punisher (it’s a number one after all!) and as such the minor thing of his appearance (which is still terrific Dillon art!) isn’t too important.

    The 5 person team question is so weird – I was literally thinking about this yesterday on the way home from work. The only difference is I limited myself to staying within each company. But if that’s not an issue: Nick Fury, Dr Strange, Beast (old-school, ‘classic’ or cat, just not this new horse-dog please), Green Arrow and Black Cat. I think. It’ll probably change tomorrow.

  40. Actually scrap that, too much of a Marvelfest so I’m subbing Black Cat for Ramona Flowers and maybe Dr Strange for Batman.

    Argh I am putting too much thought into this when my dissertation is sitting open right there.

  41. Beast should be blue with fur and a normal human face.

  42. @anyone Isn’t beast’s changing face the result of a secondary mutation? I thought I remembered reading that.

  43. @vadamowens – Correct. 

  44. Oh guys. There are two acts I’ve tried my hardest for years to avoid ever hearing: Mika and Flight of the Concords, but in the past 24 hours I’ve been coerced into hearing both of them. Mika was playing when I walked into an FYE yesterday. And now this. I hate to be proven right about things like this; I’d rather just avoid ever finding out. The level of masculinity, conviction and individuality that these guys possess…makes Miley Cyrus seem like Grace Jones. "They’re not for me."

    It’s all good, though. I found out about Of Montreal because of you guys. *thumbs way up*

    Good show.

  45. Thanks for answering my question guys, sorry I didn’t explain the question.  I just limited it to 5 since 9 member seems kinda huge and 5 appeared to be a good team number to me.   

    @JediShaft:  This was my question so here is the question and answer from Johns himself, which some how included Captain Crunch?

    With Major League Baseball playoffs upon us, T.J. has slipped you a curve. If you could assemble a team of superheroes, with no rules and no boundaries in terms of brands or publishers, who would you pick?

    The Flash would be in there. Green Lantern. Spider-Man. Hulk. Cap’n Crunch. Mera. Black Lantern Firestorm. And Krypto.

  46. Hey guys, just listened to the episode. I like the show but feel your giving Kyle a bum wrap. He’s headlined a GL book longer than any of them except Hal. What makes Kyle any more superfluous than John Stewart, or Guy. I like Kyle, I mean I like all the GLs. But specifically tell what makes Kyle any more superfluous than Guy? I mean just think about the freaking jump ropes they had to do to even make him a GL again in Rebirth…that made no sense. 

  47. In response the question about spy/Bourne comics – I feel like Red Robin has this sort of Bourne-y feel to it. Sure, he’s not a spy but he is working with the League of Assassins.

    And he’s also travelling around the world, beating the crap out of people and looking for answers.

  48. Comics:
    00:01:33 – Josh’s Pick of the Week, B.P.R.D. 1947 #5, was full of foreboding and sadness.

    Looking forward to reading this in trade

    00:09:56 – Fantastic art couldn’t save Amazing Spider-Man #611 from Deadpool.

    For shame! Y’all know I love Deadpool. And while I realize that many don’t like the character (he’s an acquird taste), I can’t understand why Ron doesn’t love Wade. He’s a 90s era X-character, aka, Ron’s wheelhouse. 🙂

    00:13:48 – Ron was surprised to find the Captain Britain creative team on Dark X-Men #1.

    Excellent team, OK issue. 

    00:15:45 – Was Steve Dillon a plus or a minus in Punisher MAX #1?

    I love Aaron, but this was a tough one for me. Just felt like going back to a book we just said goodbye to, but not QUITE as good.

    00:18:01 – A new day in America dawns in Green Lantern Corps #42.

    Haven’t read it yet, but thought the Kyle chatter and Conor’s giddiness was fun stuff. 

    00:23:37 – X-Force #21 revealed that Beast has gone from cat to horse.

    I’m a fan of Crain’s art, and have really enjoyed this book. IMHO, the best X-book over the last year.

    00:24:50 – JSA vs. Kobra #6 wrapped up a strong mini, and brought back a favorite character.

    Excellent stuff. Almost skipped over this one, so glad I didnt.

    00:25:48 – Kieron Gillen! Jamie McKelvie! Matthew Wilson! S.W.O.R.D. #1!

    A book that’s probably not long for the world, but I’m going to enjoy the ride. Lockheed with a ‘tude = comic book magic. 🙂

    00:27:43 – Was Batman/Doc Savage missing half its pages?

    Agreed on Noto’s art. Just too spartan for my tastes. Looked like a bunch of pin ups versus a sequential story.

    00:29:48 – Is Stephen Strange still a doctor? Strange #1 holds no answers.

    This worked for me on every level. Thought the art was fitting and the story rocked. I didn’t think another Strange mini would be able to contend with The Oath (Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin!) but this is off to an admirable start.

    00:30:34 – Batman & Robin #6 was a story triumph and an artistic disaster.

    AGREED. Philip Tan’s reign of terror is at its end, long live Cam Stewart.

    00:34:11 – zachtruitt uses a well placed pun to evangelize for Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1.

    My pick of the week. Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez are just creating a masterful story. This is now essentially issue #13 of the story. I agree with Conor that the 2nd mini really didn’t set the stage from where the 1st one left off. But if you’re able/willing to read this from its inception, it pays off in a huge way and keeps delivering.

    Book of the Month
    00:36:15 – An argument about the merits of G.I. Joe: The Movie breaks out in the midst of the discussion on this month’s selection: G.I. Joe: Cobra.

    I spit out my coffee when Ron started doing the Cobra-lalalalala! Classic. You guys are 100% right about this. I’m a long-time G.I. Joe fan but never vibed with the post Marvel comics and yet IDW is KILLING it so far. The one-shot special is my current pick for one-shot of the year. Fantastic.


    MC Golobulus


  49. Fun show.  I’m glad Ron is gonna check out Locke & Key vol. 1.  Assuming he ever post on the site, I’m interested to hear what he thinks of it 😉

     Nightcrawler, Catman, Iron Man, Aquaman and The Question (Montoya) would be mine.

  50. Team Liam:

    Captain America – leader
    Batman – strategist, might be redundant w/ Cap, but he can offer a second opinion and be the pessimism to Cap’s optimism. He will also provide the team’s funding. It’s in his contract, he just forgot to check the fine print (provided by Team Liam Mini member, Lieam from Mouse Guard)
    Both Cap and Batman are original persons to wear the respective masks.
    – Big bruiser type, paranormal expert, can bring dramatic tension when he & Batman clash over his use of a giant handgun
    Kitty Pryde – defensive power, tech expert, heart of the team, connection to mutants, can get Lockheed, Colossus, & the X-Men for team-ups!
    Allen the Alien – he too may be redundant as a bruiser, but he’s the outer space expert and the comic relief!

    While I accidentally followed Ron’s rule of ‘have a flyer’ (only one? What that one guy’s gotta go around catching everyone when the Bastrd-jet explodes?), I plan to give everyone Legion Flight Rings. Possibly Lantern Rings as well, gotta check in with my superhero team wholesale supplier. 

  51. @Captbastard: so when a character shows up in a minor capacity in one of your favourite books by one of your favourite wirters, works in totally tonally with the title, you medicately are disgusted by the book? You can’t stand it and throw the thing across the room, so appalled by your previous favourite book.


    is it just that you have a preconcieved idea about that character and enjoy fandom’s weird institutionalized licence to bitch and moan about said character?


    we’re actually on the same page. I really enjoyed Amazing Spider-man but am not a fan of Deadpool.

  52. that should be ‘immediately’ not ‘medicately’

    although maybe you need medication too, i’m not here to judge

  53. @edward: I just think he was giving another example of the kind of argument Josh was making earlier.

  54. My favorite shows are the ones recorded while you are together.  The post Con shows, especially.  We get slightly better interaction out of you three during those shows.

    My team:
    1. John Constantine (Hellblazer) – Smartass and detective du jour.
    2. Jesse Custer (Preacher) – A smartass god.
    3. Liz Sherman (of Hellboy fame) – Pure firepower with a touch of unpredictability.
    4. The Question (the original) – Paranoia and deduction.
    5. Boy Blue (Fables) – Innocence and willpower.

    Tell me that wouldn’t be one interesting ass book.  My brain nearly explodes just imagining the conversations Constantine and Custer would have.

  55. @Ron – Just to clarify X-Force, the dead are being re-animated using the Techno Organic Warlock/Magus virus that Bastion got back in issue #3 I believe.  Eli Bard stole it in issue #6 and brought it to Selene.  The zombie rules they’re using were established back then

    Great show guys!

  56. Fun podcast as usual.

    The Deadpool thing is …Meh! I can take him or leave him at times. It totally depends on the writer. Done well he can be very funny, it’s one of those things you either hit out the park or it hits you in the nuts.

    He is a tad over exposed (To drum up interest in a potential movie maybe??).

    Everything in moderation is a lesson that Marvel has yet to learn (How many X books or Wolverine titles are there? ) They tend to beat you over the head with a character until your sick of it.

  57. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


    Now, thats a superhero crew!  

  58. I heard Superman comics dropped from 50,000 to 30,000 in sales since Superman left.  Yikes.

    Sword #1 wasn’t good.  Haven’t heard this podcast yet.

  59. @KickAss You’re right, it wasn’t good.


    It was fantastic!

  60. Almost forgot to make my super-team! Here they are:

    1) Mitchell Hundred (Won’t be in the front lines of battle or be a combatant, but instead will be a support character. Plus, his machinery powers can come in quite handy.)

    2) Midnighter (The best brawler and hand-to-hand/melee weapon combatant I can think of. Not only will his fighting skills come in handy, but his amoral attitude will help out when making "touch" decisions)

    3)Booster Gold (My team’s pointman, since he has the perfect abilities to do so: flight, energy blasts, protective force field, and Skeets assisting him)

    4) Multiple Man (He will be good in devising scenarios and solving puzzles, plus he’ll be helpful in the field as well. Plot wise, he’s a great foil for other characters, as he can play either straight man or comic relief)

    5) Nightcrawler (The team leader, as he’s the most experienced with teams and can rally everyone for the cause. Plus he’s a teleported, which is essential to a team.)

  61. I could see a fantasy superhero team game coming out of this (meaning like fantasy football, as opposed to the fantasy genre).

  62. @comicBOOKchris-Hell yes for Nightcrawler!! *high five*

  63. @ forestjwp  thanks for the answer!

  64. What JeffR sad, Batgirl was brilliant this week. And while I’m not a huge fan of the new costume, it’s much better that the Cassandra Caine cossie, which makes anyone wearing it look like a balloon on a stick/scarecrow gimp.

    I’ve really enjoyed Joe Kelly’s Spider-Man stories but really had to struggle through this latest Amazing Spider-Man. It was fun through the Stilt Woman bit but once Deadpool came in, that was it. This is only the second time I’ve come across him (the previous being a Thunderbolts issue or two) and I cannot stand the guy, if I see him coming up from now on, I’ll pass on the comic. Just not my sense of humour, I suppose. The art didn’t help, being too scrappy for my tastes – pages such as the coffee shop bombing, I couldn’t make out at all. And while Skottie Young’s work is certainly refreshing, again, it’s not for me – his Spider-Man looks too much like Spider-Ham.

    I agree with TheYanni, Kyle was no more superfluous than any other Earth-based Lantern. I grew up with Hal but he ceased to be ‘my’ Lantern when DC pissed all over him. I loved watching Kyle’s journey from rookie to leader – he’s more than earned his time in the spotlight, whereas Hal has been fundamentally screwed. I’m not sure I even like the guy anymore – he’s too much the macho womaniser these days.

  65. Oh, lads, what was that little jingle that came up when Stephen Sanders was mentioned? Googling tells me that was a character on 90210, were you doing the theme tune? I was thinking the alternate Dr Strange ID from the late Sixties.

  66. My five person Dream Team –

    Dick Grayson (Either as Batman or Nightwing)- Leader & can use the Bruce Wayne’s Money to Fund the Team

    Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon – You have you Magic Expert and in Battle you have your Hulk-like Fire Breathing Demon with awesome power. 

    Rogue – Now that She’s in control of her powers, she’d make a perfect addition to any super-team.  

    Thor – God of Thunder

    Spider-Man – Comic Relief and Who Doesn’t love Spider-Man

  67. Okay, let try to explain my conditions a little further.

    1) Little to No politics, it can be interesting if done right otherwise that shits boring.

    Now its not like I’m opposed to politics in the story as long as its used sparingly to help move the story along, thats fine. What I don’t like is when the action takes a backseat to the politics and that becomes more of the focus in the story.

    2) No Black and White series, color comics only. (that eliminates Queen and Country)

    This is just personal preference, while I have nothing against b&w comics its just not for me when it comes to American comics. Now I’ll admit that I read manga but since its less wordy and reads faster,  I don’t have a problem with it. But like I just said, its just personal preference. 

  68. Try not to pose so many arbitrary restrictions. A lot of surprise hits are exceptions to the rule. Or what we once considered the rule. One of the reasons you might not have found the right book on your own is because you’ve limited yourself to safe choices. Just consider expanding the fields of the search. 

  69. @Paul – I did that already before and didn’t like anything that I read. Somebody should just get the rights to make a comic adaptation of the Bourne franchise.

  70. Maybe. 

  71. My AAA team would be GL Hal, Green Arrow Ollie, Bucky Cap, Hawkman, and Jean Grey.  My misfits team would include Kyle Rayner GL, Skaar Son of Hulk, Supergirl, Jack Knight Starman, and Liz Sherman.

  72. Uhmm. at what time do they usually put up the new episode?

    Thanks, iFanbase.

  73. My Team would be:

    Superman, Batman, Flash (Wally [with the new costume]), Spock, Silver Surfer

  74. @NathanNicdao: Early evening, eastern time.

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