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Pick of the Week #308 – Wolverine & The X-Men #1

Show Notes

A great week of comics and a mighty stack to get through, which means… THE BELL IS BACK! Join us as we work through the notable books this week in 15 seconds or less. There is no harsher mistress than the bell! Beware! And listen, we know they’re not pamphlets…

Running Time: 00:58:57

Pick of the Week:
00:01:54 – Ron is delighted to hear Conor’s Pick of the Week selection of Wolverine & The X-Men #1 by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo.

00:13:44 – The week of Jason Aaron continues with the surprise enjoyment of The Incredible Hulk #1 with Marc Silvestri.
00:16:27 – And Scalped #53 blew Josh and Conor’s mind.
00:20:40 – Looks like Ron made a mistake by dropping Justice League Dark #2 because Josh and Conor dug it.
00:22:49 – Mixed thoughts about Spaceman #1 from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (Ron LOVED it! Sci Fi goodness).
00:27:56 – Conor and Ron agree, Francis Manapul should draw all the comics, because The Flash #2 was just that good.

00:33:13 – Daredevil #5
00:33:30 – Incorruptible #23
00:33:46 – Blackhawks #2
00:34:00 – Secret Avengers #18
00:34:20 – iVampire #2
00:34:39 – Captain America and Bucky #623
00:34:54 – Lil’ Depressed Boy #7
00:35:13 – Venom #8
00:35:32 – All-Star Western #2
00:35:52 – FF #11
00:36:07 – The Red Wing #4
00:36:28 – Voodoo #2
00:36:50 – Infinite Horizon #5

User Reviews:
00:37:36 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:18 – DenverDave dove right into the water with Aquaman #2.
00:39:30 – mrlogical praised the finish of Spider-Island in The Amazing Spider-Man #672.

00:41:09 – Deshaun is having a hard time with the covers of his comics.
00:45:53 – Anthony is looking to expand beyond capes and tights.

00:48:23 – Russ from Illinois wants to know what we do with our comics.

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  1. Daredevil issue 5 not 15 right?

  2. Amazing spiderman spider island is a event done right

  3. Loved Wolverine and the X-men. It did for me what Waid’s Daredevil probably did for those fans. I needed a total palette cleanse. All the Morisson stuff that stayed too long, like Emma Frost and the Cuckoos, isn’t here. Just fun stuff.
    Although I demand that Aaron do the scene where the Brood nerd yell “Ms. Pryde is a JERK!”

    • Oh, brilliant idea re Little Boy Brood. I hope no one at Marvel reads this as that makes it less likely to happen.

  4. Best Voodoo review ever.

  5. Great show as always but why did you guys not mention of The Ultimates #3, did none of you pick it up? That series has gotten amazing! Some of the most fun I’ve ever had reading hickman’s work.

  6. Great show! I love THE BELL. The occasional return of Tipsy Conor would also be a welcome curve ball to the regular format.

  7. i do love me some bell.

  8. Pamphlets?

  9. The fact that the best issue of Secret Avengers only gets 20secs feels like a crime.

    I wonder who’s going to win the Jason Aaron sponsored Writer of the Year for this site?….It’s a total mystery…

  10. Love the bell guys, reminds me of PTI. It/s good to know you guys struggle with comic book storage too.

  11. Aquaman and Mera are hanging out in a lighthouse, and a cop goes to them for help.

    That’s one of the greatest things ever. If you didn’t like Aquaman… oh man… I don’t know what to tell you.

  12. Ezcellent show dudes!

    One pet peeve / criticism, what’s the deal when somebody brings something up and nobody responds to it? Josh mentioned how comics feel a little to short at 20 pages instead of 22, and Conor and Ron respond with silence. I think this is the second episode where Josh brought that up with no response to.

    I for one agree, I like those 22 pages, and luckily we can still get ’em in other comics. Although I’m not 3.99 comics, luckily we’ve still got some 2.99 and 3.50 comics with 22 pages. Interesting issue.

    Also agreed its a good time, as an indie/Image reader, to be getting back into X-Men and Batman etc.

    • Also, I’d like an edit button for these early morning typos, and I’d like some candy!

    • Not every point on the show leads to a discussion. Personally, as I *think* I said on the show, I don’t notice the lack of pages. In fact, I completely forgot about it.

    • I actually forgot about it too, until just now. Granted, i don’t read nearly as many comics as the iFanboy team, but the DC books I have read didn’t seem any different to me. It’s rare I read a comic and think “that could have used two more pages” so I’m not surprised I didn’t notice it.

  13. Bah, stupid grey X. What am I doing wrong here?

  14. Enjoyed the episode as per usual. Despite what I was saying in last weeks episode thread I tried the new Wolverine and the Xmen. I finally got around to reading it today after listening to the podcast, and while the story might have been interesting, personally the art style just isn’t my cup of tea. I got seriously distracted by it. Its a shame I couldn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else :-(.

    As far as the podcast goes, there is one thing I would like to know. For the previous month you guys went through the 52 and decided what you would continue to buy. I was just curious now that all of the #2’s have come out, did you actually buy all of the ones you said you would buy? Also were there any titles that you decided to pick up that you didn’t think you would? Occasionally it would get mentioned here and there that you guys might have bought something you didn’t intend to, or you didn’t buy something you initially said you would, but I was kind of curious about the overall numbers.

  15. Thanks for reading my review!

    I am on Team Ron as far as Spaceman #1 goes–loved it. The dialogue was tricky, but really served the story, further demonstrating how different this setting is, and suggesting some deep class differences in the society (the news reporters spoke in familiar English, only the Spaceman and the presumably poor street kids/drug dealers spoke in dialect). The challenge reminded me a lot of Riddley Walker, an incredibly difficult but wholly unique book written in a devolved future-English.

  16. Ok, what’s the joke about the pamphlets? Something visual obviously happened during the recording of the show.

  17. I used to be obsessed in keeping all my single issues that I would rent a storage space (like Conor) to store my long boxes. That was until someone broke into my storage unit and stolen my entire collection from the 80s to 2008. I didn’t care for most of the 90’s stuff but I had a lot of great comic book run there. I was sad to lose my entire run of Strangers in Paradise considering that I was buying the series since it was first released. My Preacher run, Sandman, the 80’s X-Men, Teen Titans, Fantastic Four. All great stories that’s dear to my heart. Gone.

    In a way, I’m glad that we have same-day digital comics because I no longer have to worry about comic book clutter and buy collected editions of storylines that I love. Having my comics stolen was an unfortunate incident but it freed my from my obsessive compulsion of bagging and boarding comics that I only care to read once.

    • That’s awful, about the theft, Chinochang. OK, tracking down replacements won’t be easy, but presumably the storage company gave you a big lump of compensation?

      And chaps, fun show – I do enjoy the bell.

    • I didn’t have insurance. So I didn’t get anything from the storage company. 15 years of collecting comics and keeping them in mint condition and buying variants and nothing to show for it. There’s no way I can replace them without spending thousands that’s better spent on my mortgage or my kids’ college funds. Obscure titles like Young Heroes in Love will never resurface but I’m glad that Comixology has 99 cents digital sales for me to re-read my fav books for cheap.

    • As long as you had a lock on the storage unit and took other reasonable precautions, you shouldn’t need insurance to get compensation from the storage company. Their job is to maintain a secure facility in which you can safely keep your stuff. I imagine they had some fine print in their contract saying they weren’t liable for anything that happened, but those kinds of agreements are often not enforceable, and really just exist to discourage people from suing. I definitely think you’ve got the right idea as far as not replacing them, the money is probably better spent on other things at this point, but the storage company should’ve paid you regardless of how you ended up using that money. It sounds like this happened a while ago, so I imagine you’ve moved on, understandably, but I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to at an absolute minimum, make a formal demand for compensation from the storage company and suggest that you’re willing to involve attorneys if they’re not willing to work with you.

    • Well said, Mr Logical. It boggles the mind that someone may be able to set up a storage facility and not be insured (the idea that someone broke in and stole your comics sounds well dodgy). If they’ve not offered you anything, approach them, kick up a stink in the press … the local paper would likely love a good comics/David v Goliath story. If they get bad publicity for not looking after their customers, tough – they deserve to lose business.

  18. I have to say that Scalped 53 equally blew my mind just as much as it amazed Josh. It was like the last act of Batman Begins where you did not see that coming a mile away, but once it is revealed, you realize just how prevalent it really was beforehand. I will be epically depressed once this fantastic/terrific/perfect series will end, but I am sure that it will be a great sendoff. Hopefully it will be an ending either as great or maybe even better than the last issues of Preacher or Y: The Last Man.

  19. the bell! segment makes me wish we can see you guys in a video show as.. MUPPETS… that’d be amazing…

    anyways, great job as always!!!

  20. Good Episode, just love the bell! Even though i could not get past Trade one of 100 Bullets, i’m really looking forward to read spaceman Next weak.
    You got a point with jonah hex. I only read one trade and didn’t liked it. Wasn’t particulary bad, but i expected way more after the hype. All Star Western was cool, maybe its because i read it as an issue.
    Keep it up.

  21. Bjork…why?

  22. I’m Desaun! Yay my question was answered!

  23. I’m a little hurt by Josh’s image of me. I mean, yeah, I’m the guy to come to for primo-weed, and, no, I don’t live in Denver anymore. But, to say I live in Springfield Mass?, that hurts. I live in my van down by the river.

  24. @Josh – I didn’t take it as Shunka being “in love” with Redcrow, but more of how Chris Moltisanti feels about Tony Soprano. He loves him and would follow him into hell, but it’s not a sexual thing. At least I hope so…

  25. Been enjoying the podcasts for a year now. Decided to create an account and join in the fun.

    Comics storage. A problem for the ages. I have been trying to pare down my comics collection for the past several years due to storage concerns. If I have a run in a book then the single issues go. DC did me a big favor with the reboot as I no longer felt I needed to keep my 20+ year runs of the Superman and Batman titles, so I just kept the stories I liked and the rest went. I do keep comics with the thought that I would read them again someday if time permitted. (Maybe when I retire, because the stack of unread books still continues to grow!)

    However, I have been moving more towards viewing comics as disposable entertainment. A lot of the new stuff that I am reading these days is going to go back to my store in a year. I might enjoy reading the new OMAC but don’t think that I need to keep it forever.

    I do like the idea of digital comics in order to remove the storage issue but I like the idea of supporting my local store better. Plus I still have a problem with not owning the digital file of the comic I would purchase from digital comics vendors. If they go out of business I still want to be able to read my comic again. The best of both worlds would be a free digital copy for every physical copy I buy but I don’t think that will ever happen.

  26. Throw comics out? At least take ’em to a charity shop. America has charity shops, right?

  27. Baby Bjork approves.

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