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Pick of the Week #255 – Uncanny X-Force #1

Show Notes

Recorded before New York Comic Con wore Ron, Josh and Conor into the ground, this week’s show mostly focused on all the Nazis showing up in most of the comics of the week. Also, we talk about the Pick of the Week, Uncanny X-Force #1, by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena.

Running Time: 00:59:05

No official show notes this week because of New York Comic Con. Show notes via JFernandes. (Thanks!)

Pick of the Week:
00:02:27 – Uncanny X-Force #1

00:10:08 – Scalped #41
00:14:36 – Hawkeye & Mockingbird #5
00:18:03 – S.H.I.E.L.D. #4
00:20:36 – Batman: Odyssey #4
00:23:50 – Wolverine #2
00:25:56 – CBLDF Liberty Annual 2010
00:27:28 – New Mutants Forever #3
00:29:29 – Sweet Tooth #14
00:31:00 – Baltimore: The Plague Ships #3

User Reviews:
00:32:42 – Ultimate Comics Thor #1 (reviewed by John42)
00:35:44 – Orc Stain #5 (reviewed by JoeCom)

“Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)”
Minor Threat


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  1. This doesn’t seem to be working…is it the same for anyone else?

  2. Yeah it’s not working for me either.

    But hey it’s the end of NYCC; so I won’t stress out about it. The guys deserve some rest. 

  3. good choice in music

  4. Damn, I was really hoping for some ifanboy, but hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow.

  5. @TheNextChampion: "The guys deserve some rest"?! PAH! I DEMAND MY CONTENT!

     I kid, hope everyone had a good time at NYCC, looking fwd to a new show tomorrow.

  6. Hey, Josh is back! Thank God! i missed him so much. Screw Tom Katters

  7. @Edward: Easy.  You don’t want to anger Tom.  You won’t like him when he’s angry.  Tom strongest there is.

  8. @edward and @NoFX4021, did this work for you guys? HOW?!

  9. @Suicidalkangarooz: i dunno, Itunes? 

  10. Nope,not working for me either, I too was in the mood for some ifanboy especially with the video show not being done this past week. hopfully they get it fixed soon:)

  11. @edward Nope not on there, I think Suicidal was thinking that you listened to it already when its not working on the site.

  12. 00:02:27 – Uncanny X-Force #1 (POW)

    00:10:08 – Scalped #41

    00:14:36 – Hawkeye & Mockingbird #5

    00:18:03 – S.H.I.E.L.D. #4

    00:20:36 – Batman: Odyssey #4

    00:23:50 – Wolverine #2

    00:25:56 – CBLDF Liberty Annual 2010

    00:27:28 – New Mutants Forever #3

    00:29:29 – Sweet Tooth #14

    00:31:00 – Baltimore: The Plague Ships #3


    00:32:42 – Ultimate Comics Thor #1 (reviewed by John42)

    00:35:44 – Orc Stain #5 (reviewed by JoeCom)

  13. There are a lot of problems with those Powers that have nothing to do with the content. 

  14. I’m in Australia so maybe our itunes is different to your’s 

  15. Heard there was a problem. Got out of bed to fix it.  Works now.

    Direct download should be this.

  16. Yesssss, Minor Threat

  17.  ha ha! oh, that was really funny! Josh is GREAT, isn’t he? 

  18. Josh you are the man, it’s working now

  19. I imagine Josh waking up with a nightcap, holding a candle and fixing it on an Atari…..

    Don’t ask me why I just like the idea of a nightcap. 

  20. it’s SO good to have him back 

  21. Ron: "There’s been a Nazi ressurgance"

     I burst out laughing

  22. @TNC like the old victorian pajamas you see ebenezer scrooge were……i need those

  23. @Ron: There’s a Vertigo Crime book coming out in February called "Noche Roja."  Written by Simon Oliver, art by Jason Latour.  180+ pages of Latour art.  I know I’ll be getting it.

  24. Josh, re: Scalped. You said that was Gina with the coat hanger. I think that’s actually supposed to be Red Crow’s mom. So interesting that Dash, Red Crow, and Dash and Carol’s unborn child all came so close to being aborted.

  25. "That must be all the Nazis that we have to talk about." Hahaha!

  26. @B I think it’s supposed to be Carols mom/Red Crows wife.

  27. @ed subtle

  28. All Nazis, all the time this week.

  29. Great show guys as always!

    Josh, interesting point about Powers. I actually think that the stuff in the first Powers HC is nowhere near as good as some of the more recent stuff. I dare say that the 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes arc, which finished Icon’s first run is probably my favourite Powers story to date. How does the later stuff hold up for you and when do you think it really started to pick up in retrospect. 

  30. The "Josh-Con" thing at the end made me bust out laughing at work. I don’t know why it did, but people think i’m weirder than usual. Thanks for that. 

    I tried Uncanny Xforce as my jumping on point to Xbooks….i was a bit lost. I needed to do some wikipedia reading about Fantomex to understand what was going on with him and in turn a lot of the story….what a weird character. I kinda feel like this was the middle of an arc or something, prob cause there was no "team assembly" moment.

  31. @vadamowens: What? he said in teh 250th episode that it up-sets him when people don’t make a big deal about him coming back after missing an episode 

  32. Josh loves Nazis, hates Dean Cain.

  33. Fantastic show. Don’t hang in the nazi corner, be warned.

  34. So spiteful with the Dean Cane banter. Geez.

  35. ^Yeah, WTF, that was just weird. And he’s six feet tall, not anywhere close to 4’6.

    And it’s weird to regard him as a "has been" because Lois & Clark was a VERY LOW RATED show anyway. Maybe it seems like a big deal in comic fans’ eyes, but I remember reading that it was the lowest rated returning series three years running. When you take that into account, Dean Cain’s career hasn’t really fallen off all that much, and it wasn’t like he was ever a big star.

    So weird for me to get defensive about Dean Cain, but if Josh disses him again I might consider joining the guy’s fan club or something. I feel bad for him!

  36. I"m just kidding. I’m sure Dean Cain will be just fine.

  37. @froggulper: LOIS AND CLARK’s Neilsen Rankings by season:

    • 1993-94: #55
    • 1994-95: #58
    • 1995-96: #44
    • 1996-97: #104

    It was only VERY LOW RATED in its final season. It was middle of the pack until then.

  38. Funny that the series had a blip in the ratings the 3rd season. Guess that was the wedding year?

  39. Yea!  My favorite bit returns, wherein the guys argue about who the publisher has been for the CBLDF Annuals over the years, only to agree to disagree in a very passive/aggressive manner.

    Comedy gold.

  40. You can always count on Conor for a fact-attack!

  41. Sorry to burst your bubble Ron but I think the other guy in the shadows in Wolverine was his father from Origin. However, you never know.

  42. Having met them in person is odd after hearing their voices on the headset for years.

  43. Love the warcraft 2 nods.  "Mo’ work?"

    and yes, people still say "baked" in reference to being very stoned.  I’m surprised weed isn’t essential to more people’s comic book experience.  You guys is missin’ out.

  44. I’m a little surprised the music wasn’t "Springtime For Hitler" from The Producers. 🙂


  45. If you have an IMDB account, you can set it back to the old way in your settings.

  46. @gobo: Thank you for this info!

  47. Sorry, but this needed more Jack Lemmon Thanos.

  48. Isn’t Lord Baltimore the Indian tracker in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?"


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