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Pick of the Week #350 – Prophet #28

Show Notes

iFanboy celebrates its 350th episode with a triple-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! We asked you, the iFanbase, to send us e-mails on any topic you wanted and boy did you deliver! Not only did we break out the booze to go along with the email but we also streamed the recording live on the internet. It was madness, we tell you. Madness.

Running Time: 03:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:24 – Ron doesn’t know exactly what happened in Prophet #28, he just knows that it’s the Pick of the Week.

00:09:33 – Introduction and beverage rundown.
00:11:44 – B.J. from Lucasville, OH is new to comics and is confused by multiple Earths and multiple comics starring the same character.
00:13:44 – Jackie T. from Queens, NY wants to know about Chuck Austen, Marvel events, Avengers stories, and breakdowns/finishes.
00:21:59 – Drew M. wants to know about favorite Vertigo OGN.
00:23:29 – Glenn from Texas thinks he might want to get into The Walking Dead, but he isn’t sure.
00:24:26 – Peter W. from Glasgow, Scotland asks the iFanboys to pick one costume, one vehicle, one home/HQ and one object from either the DC or Marvel universes.
00:29:09 – Andy looks back on the first year of The New 52 and doesn’t like what he sees.
00:34:00 – Jason from Australia asks about the state of digital comics.
00:37:39 – Mike N. from New Jersey is a big fan of Jason.
00:40:52 – Ethan wants to know who picks the music for the weekly podcast.
00:42:52 – Adrian Z. from Australia is looking for Australian superheroes.
00:44:44 – Oscar M. wants to know if anyone’s opinions of The Dark Knight Rises has changed.
00:47:30 – Daniel V. doesn’t get the point of going to comic book conventions.
00:49:28 – Damian (FraggleUprising) buys his books digitally. Should he feel bad about that?
00:50:07 – Eric W. (Banjoduck) wants Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy and asks about Michael Caine.
00:52:25 – David C. from Glasgow, Scotland wants to know about classic covers.
00:54:40 – Michael R. from UK casts each iFanboy as a Muppet.
00:56:31 – Scott P. from Florida asks which classes we would take at a comic book university and who would teach them.
00:59:35 – Tom (FOX22) wants to know about Atomic Robo and Dark Avengers.
01:01:51 – Peter V. from Arlington Heights, IL (PV) wonders how artists are legally allowed to sell sketches of DC and Marvel characters.
01:03:43 – Ken O. from Madison Heights, MI has a question about numbers and left-handedness.
01:07:50 – Rick from Minot, ND (IamSpartacus) wants to know which comic books were the most influential.
01:10:25 – Mike G. from Canada asks about memorable moments from the past six years of podcasting.
01:12:18 – Ben C. from Austin, TX is a big Top Cow fan.
01:13:26 – Chris S. wants to know how much editing goes into the weekly podcast and wonders if the iFanboys would ever cosplay.
01:15:45 – Dave W. from Washington, DC asks the classic question: would you rather own a droid or Wayne Manor? Also, which Beatle is our favorite?
01:18:53 – Brad D. from Canada wants to know which comic book series read better in trades rather than issues.
01:20:15 – Wes from St. Paul, MN wants to know about the current rise of Image Comics.
01:23:35 – Conor P. from Galway, Ireland asks how the iFanboys would improve the comics industry.
01:27:01 – Jake. H. (lonemagician) thinks that Marvel and DC should welcome Image’s resurgence.
01:29:05 – Bryton S. wants to know how iFanboy maintains their enthusiasm for comics, the difference between cartooning and illustration, and hooking up with creators.
01:32:28 – Kyle S. Toronto, ON has a question that involves *shudder* rebar.
01:33:06 – Skip from California asks about editors and their role in making comics.
01:34:52 – Zak H. wants to know everyone’s favorite childhood comic book memories.
01:38:09 – Aaron B. doesn’t like the ads for the new DC Comics Converse shoes.
01:38:53 – Martie G. from Chicago, IL (Boomergirl) has a relationship question and a question about 80s cartoons.
01:43:43 – Chris C. from Georgia (stuclach) asks about the best change in comics over the life of the podcast.
01:45:22 – Roger C. from Montreal, Quebec, Canada has an idea to save superhero comics.
01:47:57 – Wolfdog from St. Paul, MN wants a Reign of Fire and Twister comic book.
01:49:38 – Andy G. thinks that Marvel NOW! is a good time to jump off single issues.
01:52:17 – Mike F. from New York is worried what will happen to comics when comic book films stop being popular.
01:54:22 – Patrick H. from Leeds, England wants to know which characters should be featured in a Justice League film.
01:55:20 – Joe M. wants to know what the first book was that we bought because of creator rather than a character?
01:56:43 – Dylan (gonzo) asks about unintentional moments of comic book comedy.
01:58:33 – Rylan L. wants more in-depth reviews of the comics on the weekly podcast.
02:01:30 – Ilan P. thinks that DC has no idea what to do with Superman.
02:04:48 – Matt K. from East Northport, NY wants to know why screenplays turned into comics get a bad rap.
02:07:18 – Desaun B. from Knoxville, TN thinks that Marvel should have gone the reboot route with Marvel NOW!
02:08:27 – Jason B. wants to know the secret history of iFanboy, including stories about secret angst and in-fighting.
02:13:12 – Matt B. (Templar17) wants to cast the iFanboy in the roles from Jaws.
02:14:16 – Isaac N. asks which superhero and supervillains have had bad costume redesigns .
02:15:27 – Ryan D. from Minneapolis (thedude007) wonders if comic book single issues are going to become collectable again like LPs.
02:16:45 – Andrew D. from Fargo, ND (somewhatsuperbuddy) wants to know, if the iFanboys were treasure hunters in the Marvel or DC universes, what would we look for?
02:19:03- Art M. from California wants to know more about the iFanboys.
02:21:17 – Wayne M. wants to know how the iFanboys comic book reading habits would change if they stopped doing iFanboy.
02:22:22 – Dan G. wants to know about “the great comic book hiatus.”
02:23:45 – Tom from York, UK wants to know which superheroes should star in a standalone out-of-continuity story?
02:25:14 – Owen C. asks if we would you rather live in a world with superheroes & villains or zombies.
02:25:49 – Eric from New Jersey asks about which Bronze Age creators have worked best in the Modern Age.
02:27:04 – Richard T. has some X-Men questions.
02:29:20 – Al T. from Hertfordshire, UK asks how those superhero porn parodies are allowed to exist.
02:30:35 – Roshan A. from St. Louis, MO (koryrosh) wants to know why we, as a society, love superheroes.
02:32:40 – Brandon F. from Simi Valley, CA (Sherlock19) asks which creators we would trade between Marvel and DC.
02:34:47 – Ryan Haupt wants a raise.
02:34:58 – Nathan E. from Albuquerque. NM has a lot of questions, some inappropriate.
02:42:02 – James V. from New York pits the iFanboys against each other in superhero combat.
02:44:16 – Pete S. asks for everyone’s Top 5 comic book series.

“Back and To The Left”
Texas is the Reason


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  1. Yay, thanks for reading my (Ilan P) email, guys! I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa, by the way. Forgot to mention where I was from and it seems like most everybody else did so…

    • By the way, as far as “fixing” Superman goes, I should have been more specific. It’s not that the character that needs fixing, so much as DC’s portrayal of him. At his core, Superman is one of the greatest fictional characters of the 20th century but I guess my problem is that DC seem unable to tell stories that do justice to the innate greatness of the character. Sadly, either way, “tell good stories” and “I don’t know” are my feelings about it as well.

  2. Great podcast.
    Conor, I was surprised that you did not have Batman, Inc. in your present top 5. Is it b/c we are only 3 issues into the current run?

  3. I had a ton of fun with the livestream and I thank you guys for answering my question.

    It’s always tough talking about Jason to anyone though as I mentioned on Thursday. Because he only goes by his first name people get confused on who I’m talking about. Apart from that small annoyance I love everything else about him.

  4. What we need now is a “best of Ifanboy” episode, with flashback scenes like they used to do in 80s sitcoms… [cue transition music]

  5. Wait, both my questions made it on here?

  6. Adrian Z asked about Australian superheroes – Can I mention Darren Close’s Killeroo? Sure,it’s a bikie gang leader kangaroo, but I freakin’ love that crazy roo.

  7. Hey lovely iFanboy listeners,
    What were you drinking (if anything) while listening to this podcast?

    Me: Absinthe & Red Bull

  8. Respect for women should be included as much as possible…but you guys do will always be comics.

  9. great show like always. sorry i missed the live version. would there be any way you can do a video version once a year? just talking about the year’s comics? i totally understand if you don’t, i just miss the video shows.

  10. Groovy mammoth episode gents, and it flew by. Very fun stuff, and for the record the aging hipsters joke makes me laugh even without getting the reference ha.

    Question, are you keeping the numerous questions you didn’t get to for the future? It was the first time I wrote in for example, always meaning to, so if you’ve ever got a light week there I’m sure the archive from this episode is massive.

  11. Any ifanboys going to see Texas at the Rev 25?

  12. i can NOT believe i missed this. i’m so mad at myself. D:
    why do variant covers still persist? what is this the 90s?
    as long as you guys are willing to stick around for another 350 so am i.

    cheers and congrats.

  13. Highly entertaining episode, gentlemen. Keep at it!

  14. i agree with you guys dkr isn’t a good film

  15. Really fun show, gentlemen. Good stuff. Thanks for all your hard work. We, the iFanbase, and forever in your debt.

  16. Thanks for a fun show!

  17. Great show. So how many of us members are there? Nice international presence too, well UK and Aus but still. I have been listening to the old pod casts and i have to say one of my favorite funny bits is Josh’s ” I hope it’s not Nazis ” so funny, i find myself saying it and getting strange looks, you missed a trick there not getting t-shirts made up 🙂 So how did you feel the next day Conor? Thanks for putting yourself though that for the rest of us and the greater good.

  18. Listening to the podcast today and the guys discussing their condition for being willing to cosplay, all I could think was Kickstarter. Who is up for raising $10K to see one of the boys wandering around Comic*Con in their suggested outfit?

  19. great show! these are always fun times. congrats on 350…i’m still amazed at this Cal Ripken Jr like streak you guys have going for delivering shows and keeping the enthusiasm up.

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