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The Best of the Pick of the Week Podcast 2005-2010

Show Notes

Trapped on an elevator en route to the big iFanboy tenth anniversary party, staff writers Paul Montgomery and Ryan Haupt count down the top ten moments of the Pick of the Week Podcast. Will enough oxygen remain for these two to recount your favorite inside joke or uncomfortable tangent? Will Middle Management Red Skull or Bad Roommate Black Panther walk away with the prized number one slot? Only one way to find out!

Running Time: 00:34:54

The Top 10 Moments:

00:04:17 – #10. Episode 121 – Real American Heroes.
00:09:14 – #9. Episode 197 – Monkey, with a gun.
00:11:55 – #8. Episode 250, Part Two – Conor, on the subject of prohibition.
00:14:48 – #7. Episode 150 – Things get personal. Very personal.
00:17:03 – #6. Episode 264 – Commitment issues of the gods.
00:20:52 – #5. Episode 3 – TIE fighters are cool.
00:22:55 – #4. Episode 31 – Arthur, from New England.
00:26:05 – #3. Episode 134 – Roll up your sleeves…
00:28:44 – #2. Episode 81 – Don’t put the empty carton back!
00:31:42 – #1. Episode 179 – Ron’s brain loses crucial oxygen.

“Simply The Best”
Tina Turner


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  1. A clip show?

  2. Nice, Ifanboy insanity to end the holidays!

  3.  why did i stop regularly hearing this madness.  You guy’s could create the ulminate mavel sitcom you know that right?


    My favorite iFanboy moment has to be the episode with Sentry: Fallen Sun.  Because ripping into that issue was sooooooooooooooo amazing. 

  5. It’s good to know my e-mail triggered the 8th best iFanboy moment of all time. 🙂

  6. This was amazing. Lovely end to my day.


  8. I didn’t even know I had been waiting for this. This just shows why you guys are my favourite comic book podcast! Here’s to at least five more years spent veering off the rails!

  9. I totally forgot about Arthur from Maine.

  10. I like this.

  11. “Here’s the thing……………………………………………………………………….” – Conor

  12. @NathanNicdao  (like!)

  13. I’m not from Bangor…

  14. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, I know. 

  15. so funny whats the ifanboy origin story ??

  16. ok if thor borrow toothbrush?

  17. The “Show Me the Way to Go Home” singalong is a personal favorite.

  18. what @stuclach said.

  19. “Whatever the fuck sober people do” is an all-time quote.

    And rustyautoparts is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on a podcast ever. To this day, never fails to crack me up.

  20. Mr. Montgomery, I assume it was your music choice…has anybody ever told you how awesome you are?

  21. Oh, my god, I remember some of these, and they are funnier now!

  22. Did not know that I wanted this until I read the show notes.  Thanks guys!

  23. i need the clip of the boys talking about sentry:fallen son

  24. @wangman31888  It is linked in the article Conor and Josh just posted on the 10 best things in comics this year. Enjoy!

  25. Wait – was there no ‘Captain America rates heroes while on drugs’ moment on there? Because that’s a top ten segment for sure…

  26. haha, I love that the Arthur from Main clip also contains the classic What Year Is It in the DCU? discussion, which also ran into the first iFanboy video show.

  27. I wou;d’ve liked to see Ron talking about Heroic Age: Super Heroes #1, that was f-ing hilarious, but these are all great too.

  28. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ABirdseysView  Excellent. I tried to include extra bits where I could and that was one where I didn’t want to cut away early. That’s why I included a little Shiguri Death Frenzy too. 

  29. At work, I sat at my desk literally laughing out loud…. rustyautoparts. I think I played that clip over and over about 6 times. Even if I took my headphones off, folks would have thought I was still nuts

  30. #1 Was funny. 🙂

  31. And that G.I. Joe Tangent? MAN!

  32. @NathanNicdao  I WAS ONCE A MAN!!!!!!!!

  33. @j206  Another vote for “Whatever the fuck sober people do.” That was brilliant and I quite literally choked the first time I heard it.

  34. I forgot how great the ‘monkey with a gun’ discussion was.  When Conor and Ron take a stereotypical shot at Josh for the idea not having enough ‘character’ had me laughing out loud.  Just great.

  35. @MisterJ  That was Tom, not me. I was on vacation that week.

  36. Paul, Ryan, great show. And congratulations, chaps!

  37. Pros: Funny list
    Cons: No Judgmental Steve Rogers

  38. @conor  Whoops, that is the problem with laughing I wasn’t paying enough attention to the intro.

  39. two funny moments that got left off was:

    Galactus at IKEA
    Fallen Sun review

  40. That #1 moment was all me. 😉

    Seriously though, great work fellas. I havent been around as much lately, but iFanboy always has a place in my heart. You introduced me to the wide world of comics, and my life hasn’t been same since.

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