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Pick of the Week #346 – Black Kiss II #1

Show Notes

The original iFanboy Trilogy is back in full effect. Then things get dirty really fast, but that’s because of a dirty, dirty Pick of the Week.

Total Running Time: 01:02:30

Pick of the Week:
00:02:14 – Ron’s Pick of the Week, Black Kiss II #1 has a message. Other than just a lot of… the nasty.

00:13:26 – Matt Fraction and David Aja brought the thunder with Hawkeye #1.
00:19:51 – Feelings are mixed on Avengers vs. X-Men #9.
00:23:34 – There is a perfect book, and it is Fury: MAX #5.
00:26:06 – Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #2 is happening, but do we want it to?
00:30:19 – Mind the Gap #3 is picking up, and it is good.
00:31:15 – First X-Men #1 is like X-Men: First Class. Not that one.
00:32:58 – Is that really happening in Smallville: Season 11 #4?
00:33:55 – Could Jamie McKelvie save The Defenders #9? Ron thinks so.
00:35:28 – Is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 a kind of delicious junk food?
00:37:17 – Justice League International #12 is sad, but not because of that.
00:38:06 – But there’s Batwing #12 teasing how good that last book could have been.
00:38:22 – Animal Man #12 and Swamp Thing #12 get on with it.
00:40:54 – And with RASL #15, that’s all she wrote.

User Reviews:
00:43:06 – Midwinter has nothing but high praise for Hypernaturals #2.
00:44:45 – koryrosh talks about a bunch of characters we don’t know in Avengers Academy #34.

00:47:01 – Dylan wants to know our picks for the iFanboy comic book creative team.
00:49:20 – Jim likes supporting characters.

00:52:38 – Sal wants to know if we saw Tom Jane’s Punisher short.
00:55:12 – Matt wants to know where the official movie adaptation comics went.

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  1. Awesome show this week!…and thanks for mentioning RASL, Batwing ( even for :16 ) and Hypernaturals

    RASL is a pretty cool series (I’ve read the first three volumes and look forward to picking up Vol. 4 in a couple of weeks).

    Batwing is one of my surprises of the New 52 and I’m still enjoying it and truly satisfied with Marcus To on art.

    I picked up Hypernaturals issues 1 & 2 this week and I agree with Midwinter…this is really good stuff by DnA. A must read!

    • I’ve been catching up on Batwing digitally, and I have to agree that it’s been a surprise for me as well! I’m really enjoying the current arc.

  2. Hey thanks for reading my review! Side note: big zero and coat-of-arms were new characters to me too… I think there was some hint that they were part of Norman Osborn’s initiative program (kinda like the other kids in Avengers Academy, except they were apparently actually evil?)- but, yeah, you’re right about it being a bunch of characters no one knows…

  3. This song feels more appropriate for the episode:


  4. I remember reading spider-man 3 novilaization and loving it then i saw the movie and the ending changed so much. to bad the movie the and book didnt match up. the book was great!

  5. Josh’s Bane might be the funniest thing ever….

    More of that!

  6. Well I’m learning more abut Pat Loika tonight thanks to this episode…

  7. You forgot a timestamp of 00:58:45 – Talk shit about Pat Loika.

  8. Dislike…. Wow guys next time edit it out when you make fun of someone.

  9. I’m out.

    I can get Word Balloon somewhere else.

  10. Another great episode guys, love Josh’s Bane!

  11. Guys, as an avid movie-goer, there is nothing better than seeing something in the movie theater. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with going to see a movie multiple times in a theater, no matter the total.

    I’ve listened to you guys for years and I know your sarcasm, but the shot at Pat seemed low. Should have edited your podcast more.

  12. UGH. Enough with the prequel hate.

  13. Your guys’ show sucks. I’ve thought so since I struggled through 25 episodes in 2009-2010. Two of your hosts are ok at best….one of you three is just completely unlistenable. This show makes me ecstatic that I don’t listen to iFanboy. Why in hell would you rip on Pat like that and be dumb enough to NOT edit it out?

    You guys are assholes. Nice work.

    Eric White

    • I’m not choosing a side here, but if you don’t listen to iFanboy and don’t like their hosts…how would you know what was one in the latest podcast? I guess you heard about the hullabaloo somewhere, went to the time stamped occurrence and become more incensed? I guess that’s what happened.

    • That’s exactly what happened. Pat posted that he was feeling hurt by a podcast that he is a fan of. The grapevine posted the time stamp…I listened to a few minutes on either side of that. And I don’t think I’ve become MORE incensed. It just reaffirms for me that the show isn’t that good and that the hosts are dicks.

    • I guess the good that can come of this is maybe more attention given to Pat. It made me search his name and discover he’s a podcaster, also. Maybe it’ll drive traffic his way. Turn a negative into a positive.

  14. Come on guys, that just wasn’t nice.

    I’ve always come to iFanboy because it’s a positive website where the kind of negativity shown here doesn’t happen. We all screw up sometimes and say things that are dumb but I think you need to offer a mea culpa on this one and apologise to Pat.

    • @RahUniQue Spot on! I don’t know Pat, but have now found his latest podcast. I rather fancy an interview with Tom Brevoort.

  15. I liked this episode muchly. Until I scrolled down.

    I have no idea who Pat Loika is, and even had to relisten to the show to hear what everyone was talking about. It’s, like, two seconds of them having a harmless jab at someone in the same way they do with countless others. Nobody complained before now, at least not to this degree. Who is this guy?

    I apologise if I’m way out of line here; maybe there’s some personal thing I’m not picking up on, but the ratio of reaction to what actually happened seems ridiculous.

  16. This is fucking stupid. They haven’t done anything wong.

    It’s called “friendly ribbing” and it makes the world go round. Hell they did it to JMS in this show, they do it to him all the time, and I genuinely love JMS! I’m not about to turn into a little bitch about it.

    Take it in the spirit intended. I’ve just been and read Loika’s tweet where he “said how upset he was”, apparently, and he said nothing of the sort. Grow the fuck up, all y’all.

  17. Thumper’s Law is here to prevent things like this from happening. I’ve typed many a mean post and deleted it all and never posted it due to Thumper’s Law. Hell, I had one for this episode, but “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  18. Hey folks,

    I have to apologize, to Pat and to you. That was not cool. I don’t really have any excuses. I don’t really know Pat all that well outside of guy-I-know-and-talk-to-on-the-internet-sometimes, and as such, I was with my friends, and we were joking around, and got caught doing it. I like the guy, and I think I hurt his feelings, which isn’t good at all, and now he feels bad, and I feel bad, and a lot of you feel bad towards me, and that’s all my fault.

    Every once in a while, I do something stupid. About once a year. It’s never the other guys, and it’s always me, and there’s nothing left for me to do but take responsibility for it. I’m doing that. I contacted Pat, and I’ll be apologizing to him obviously.

    Anyone wants to direct their admonitions to me, feel free. I’m at josh@ifanboy.com. Or you can yell at me anywhere else you’d like. Again, I’m very sorry, and I can probably learn from this and be better in the future. Sorry to let everyone down.

  19. I’m confused, I feel like the whole world has gone insane.

    I don’t understand why this deserves an apology and every other comment doesn’t. What about JMS? If he tweeted that he didnt like being known as the guy that cant finish would you be apologising?

    From now on the guys are going to have to watch every word that comes out of their mouths which is going to lead to some sterile, unnatural sounding podcasts.

    I quite simply do not understand.

    • They said something personal and not-entirely-positive about someone they like. That person’s feelings were hurt. Not having intended to hurt that person’s feelings, Josh said “Hey, sorry about that, that was shitty.” If this represents the whole world going insane to you, we live in a pretty different world.

    • There’s a difference between an industry professional like a JMS, who may or may not listen to the show. And a fellow podcaster.

    • OK I am understanding a little more now. I have long been under the impression that Pat Loika WAS a creator. Maybe because Bendis goes on about him all the time, and he does describe himself as a writer and illustrator, I don’t know where I got that idea.

      But if this is what happens when someone says a “personal” and “offensive” “insult” of “Hey that guy saw Avengers 19 times” then I hate to think how people would react if anyone was ever close to being actually offensive and purposefully hateful.

      At the end of the day, the point is, Josh appears to like Pat. This was good natured ribbing and was meant in jest.

    • So fellow podcasters are off limits but creators are okay to rip apart?


      I say you express your true feelings about anything comic book related.

      I can understand an apology/clarification if a comment is being misconstrued or you simply need to clear up your intent though.

  20. Still listening to the episode, but regarding the inevitable fill-in for Aja on Hawkeye, it’s Javier Pulido (according to comments Fraction and Aja made on Kieron Gillen’s podcast). I think issues 4 and 5?

    So that’s not gonna suck even a little. 🙂

  21. It’s fine. Let’s move on.

  22. As a fellow podcaster, if I had a dollar for every dumb or unfortunate thing I’ve said on a podcast I would be swimming in rooms of gold like Scrooge McDuck.
    It happens, and that’s all there is to it. I consider both of these guys friends and darn good people. Like Pat said, let’s move on.


  23. Dune was a fantastic movie adaption comic that was much better than the movie. Awesome Seinkevitch ( sic) art. Recommended.

  24. So how many dicks were in that Chaykin Star Wars special?

  25. How come you guys didn’t talk about Earth 2?

  26. The Marvel Star Wars adaption had a bunch of the scenes that were cut out of the movie like the scene with Jabba and when Luke saw Biggs. I’m pretty sure the Marvel Movie adaptions came out before the movies as well. They had that magazine series that was just movie adaptions and that ran for 50 issues or so. Now you have DVD special editions. Besides the Star Wars one I was never that interested in them. Adaptions were a definitely a spinner rack buy by moms back in the day.

  27. I actually just picked up the Kirby 2001 comic and it came out in 1976 about 8 years after the movie and included a retrospective on the movie at the end of the comic. It isn’t that different than the movie but I think it uses some things from the book. After this came out though there was apparently an ongoing 2001 title cause there is an ad for it at the end, so maybe that is where Kirby did his own thing.

  28. Josh’s Bane impression had me rolling on the floor!

  29. Bane impressions are the new Gollum impressions. I think. Maybe there was something in between, I dunno.

    Today I said “Of course!” to someone the way he says it at the beginning of the film.

  30. They don’t do comic adaptations of movies anymore because movies are all based on comics now.

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