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Pick of the Week #280 – Punisher MAX #12

Show Notes

This week Ron Richards really doesn’t like photos in comics, reveals his philosophy on the history and importance of the Uncanny  X-Men, and has trouble remembering a classic childhood cartoon. Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan are also on the show.

Running Time: 00:58:29

Pick of the Week:
00:01:27 – Being expertly dark and the funny made Punisher MAX #12 the Pick of the Week.

00:10:13 – Conor comes around to the series with The Infinite Vacation #2.
00:14:35 – Uncanny X-Men #535 excites Conor and Ron, with minor reservations.
00:20:03 – Josh can’t say enough good things about Iron Man 2.0 #3.
00:22:50 – The Unwritten #24 had crazies bunnies… and Josh’s heart.
00:24:26 – Ron and Conor were not all that happy with The Amazing Spider-Man #658.
00:31:08 – Superman #710 brought us a totally unneeded retcon.
00:33:50 – Something big happened in Ultimate Spider-Man #157 & Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #3.
00:36:23 – GI Joe, Vol. 2 #0 raises the question: why do we need all these new Joes?
00:39:08 – Ron and Josh marvel at Northlanders #39. Which is not a Marvel book.

User Reviews:
00:40:58 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:55 – Neb was less enthused with The Flash #10 then he wanted to be.
00:43:20 – WilliamKScurryJr really didn’t like Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker #2.

00:46:44 – Sarah (and Maggie) want to start reading Hellblazer.
00:49:24 – Meagan from Plattsburgh, NY had a bad experience at a comic store.

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  1. Lagwagon! Awesome.

  2. I actually like the top 5 community picks being in the show. Keep it!

  3. it’s a x-ray superman signal. LOL

    i found superman #710 funny and having almost not to do with grounded. i liked that. could have been a funny Superman/batman issue.

    i also never care that much about continouity as that can change between issues really. during IC superman keeps his powers under a red sun after a few months they just turn off in a new storyline.

    keep what you like and judge a story on its own. 

  4. correction

    nothing instead of not

    continuity not continouity what ever that is or whatever.

  5. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but briefly discussing the top 5 community picks is a great idea, and I second the motion to keep it.

  6. I just started reading Hellblazer. Thanks for the tips!

  7. That’s complete bullshit that people who run comic shops act like that. I hope they run out of business as well.

  8. Might have been a slip of the tongue 

    but when did the Punisher kill people’s families?

    I agree though that the character graphing done here with the inmates reactions and fear

    of the Punisher was really great.


  9. @ericmci Page 13, panel 1:

    “I seen his ass in action. Took on five a’ my uncles an’ three a’ my cousins and barely left enough to fill up one goddamn coffin.”

  10. did the inmates decide on their own not to go after Frank, or did they hear him shouting? I suppose it’s ambiguous, but I read it as they heard him.

    what’s funny is that this is not the first time Wacky Races has been brought up on one of your shows.

    also, is it possible people think Ron has a shop because of his (loose) connections to Isotope?

    also, keep the Top 5, it’s interesting to hear 

  11. You don’t want to say that you think that Hickman is Better than Slott – but you Are saying that.

    Really- you think it’s a problem that the Spider-Man writer covered a detail about what is happening

    with the Spider-Man character>?

    Like Josh said this is very similiar to what happens in the bat books.

    And it’s Not the same as writing Damien b/c if it was- then Slott owns Spider-man not Hickman.

    And as much as FF is “currently” a favorite here- not everyone is reading it.

    So Slott doing what he did to cover a fairly minor detail is not unwarranted. 

  12. Conor-  Ahh killing people’s mobbed up family.

    Ok- I was just curious bc it sounded like the Punisher was going through innocents which didn’t make sense to me.


  13. My Hellblazer start was on Diggle’s run & I personally would recommend that run to anyone interested in Constantine. As for Milligan’s run, I was not really into it after the first 2 trades. So I am just waiting for thenext run to happen, hopefully sometime soon. But yeah Diggle’s run worked great for me & I am sure it will work well as a starting on point.

  14. Speaking of bad comic book retail experiences, the comics store in Georgetown has this one employee who verbally yelled at someone for buying the Titans book because it was a “bad story” and it was their job to “make sure you buy the ‘right’ comics.”  I was so pissed off at this that I now travel across the city, pay an extra few dollars to public transportation to go to a comics shop run by nice people in Silver Spring.  Just ridiculous.

  15. On the top five. I have to say keep doing it. Its short and sweet.

  16. I hate to be ‘that guy’ on here but: No talk about Journey Into Mystery? I thought Gillen and Braithwaite did a hell of a job on it. Plus the community thought of it pretty highly too.

    Great show as always though. 

  17. Also, I’m sorry to harp on this but I never really knew if you guys read this or not but:

    Have you read ‘Punisher: Born’? Cause everything you guys talked about this issue is exactly like that mini. 

  18. Put me down as for the top 5 community picks as well. It doesn’t take long and it mentions books that might not be addressed at all otherwise.

  19. As for Comics Etc, I checked Google reviews and Meagan seemed to have a review up with responses from the owner, I believe. Seems it may have not have been the employees making those comments. Maybe.

    I hope that is the case, the last thing we need is another crappy store.

  20. “Oh my god! Get to the Answer!”  Was that it?  🙂

    Plattsburgh? Isnt that where Diamond is headquartered? Coincidence?   But seriously, I wont go to the shop three blocks from my house and instead drive to the other side of the city every Wednesday before work.

  21. Joe Casey’s “essays” in the back of Butcher Baker have really been one of the highlights of that book for me, and now I can anxiously await the issue where he explains Butcher’s past relationship with Muttley. Any time I see Butcher in that car now, that’s all I’m gonna be thinking about.

  22. if i didnt shop at earth2comics in california co-owned by geoff johns id shop at ron’s store. the ron store,lol.

  23. I said it last week. But since Ron asked in this episode, I’ll repeat myself. I like the top 5 community POW. It’s quick and easy and gives a chance for books not covered a mention. In theory it should help with the “why didn’t you talk about this popular book”, but as TheNextChampion has shown, maybe not. 😉 I say keep it. It’s fun and simple. Plus it gives listeners more incentive to use the site, which is good for you guys.

    I think you guys should quit reading the contact info at the end of the show and simply play a recording of Ron repeating the phone number over and again. That was great.

    And I fully endorse people taking their business elsewhere if they have a bad experience like Meagan mentioned. That is just wrong. Like Ron said, as a retailer you do not do that. You’re giving them your money. They don’t deserve it if they treat you like crap. Comic books shops are flirting with extinction enough as it is. For as much as it sucks losing stores around the country. Ones that treat their customers like that, I have no prob going out of business. Call it natural selection. 

  24. Another vote for the Top 5 here.

  25. @TheNextChampion  They did mention Journey into mystery

  26. The Amazing Spider-Man complaints sound like splitting hairs.  Shouldn’t this be how the whole shared universe works?  Without doing banners and requiring you to read dozens of issues for one story?  ASM fans can enjoy Slott’s Spidey in an FF adventure.  FF fans will now get Spidey as part of Hickman’s long-term arc with the Four. 

  27. I LOVED The Wacky Races!

  28. Joey Cape’s voice rules.

  29. have the wacky races ever made it to DVD?

  30. i’ve frequented shops all over the country and have experienced judgmental employees at just about every single one of them. Immaturity, awkwardness…even flat out anti-social behavior. The line between passion and elitism is thin. It seems like a lot of comic shops are run like hobbies or clubs instead of real businesses and that’s what allows the behavior.

    I’ve seen women get sleezed on in comic shops more often than i’d like. Not only are you alienating that one female customer, you are alienating everyone else in that store. Vote with your dollars. Only support shops that treat you and others right. 

  31. I like the top 5 community picks.

  32. Another vote for keeping the top 5 community picks.

  33. @Ron @conor   Loved the episode, one small gripe, in the issue of Amazing Spider-Man when Peter shows up wearing the Fantastic four suit Reed hands him the Future Foundation suit and tells him he left it there the last time he visited. I’ll admit it still read very weird and it was immature of peter to complain about the suit but at least there was a little aside that he had seen the suit before and had left it at the Baxter Building.
    totally agree with you guys that keeping his costume(s) in another location is just weird and stupid

  34. I had the negative experience at the comics shop from the podcast. After emailing the owner and hearing from other people that his employees are very tolerant and open-minded people, we believe that the comments I heard were from a customer in the store. I aplogize to Comics Etc for accusing his employees and I know now that his store accepts all types of people. Because of the comments I wasn’t in the store long enough to get a feel for it, but I’m told that the employees will go out of their way for their customers and that all should feel welcome there. I still feel awful that someone else would mock the comics I chose make comments about my looks. So if you’re in Rochester, try out Comics Etc and do not avoid it because of my experience because mine was a misunderstanding.

  35. Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this but about a third of the trades from Garth Ennis’ run on Hellblazer are now out of print. The first Delano book was recently re-issued with a proper volume number. 

  36. @einstein399  Thanks for the update.

    Employees or customers, it’s a terrible situation.  Stuff like that shouldn’t be happening and I’m sorry you had to experience it.

    I hope the uncalled for behavior of a few doesn’t sour you on the comics experience.

  37. I would prefer something else to the top five community picks, I can read that on the site, and it takes up time reviewing comics you guys talk about anyway.

  38. @OliverTwist – Not necessarily. This week Thor got 20% and they hadn’t even talked about it. Similar thing happened last week with Avenger Children’s Crusade. There are a lot of popular books that the guys don’t read or choose to talk about. Plus, it takes about a minute. Not like it’s bumping anything out of the show.

  39. @OliverTwist  The way we plan the show, it does nothing to take away from any of the book choices.

  40. I say PLEASE keep the  top 5 community picks. I really enjoy hearing a little recap of what the most popular POW books from the week are. Like you said Josh, it doesn’t take away from anything else in the show at all. I think it’s been a great addition. 

  41. I enjoy the top 5. I’d love if it was a permanent addition. Perhaps one of the community review slots on the show could be used for the number one community pick if you guys haven’t read it or picked it yourselves?

  42. fun show as usual. I agree with you on Amazing Spiderman….reading it on its own merits, it was a really fun story and moved me to write that review, however after its sunken in and after hearing your points about FF i totally agree. I mean as a continuity type thing you guys are spot on, its two different directions for one storyline and thats not good. There should be better editorial coordination especially on major books like that. 

  43. Great show. Josh the rabbit in issue #24 is the same rabbit from issue #12.

  44. Really fun show this week.  Love Northlanders, keep mentioning it!  I also like the Top 5.

    I purchased the first Jason Aaron Punisher TP “Kingpin” after Conor’s discussion.  Greatest thing I ever read?  No.  Pretty cool and fun to read?  Hell yea.  Thanks IFanboys.  The best things you guys do is helping readers like me hear about books they might normally check out.

    Hope you get Evie back some time for a guest spot again, nothing says “The community welcomes women” more than having her, or the lost-in-time Sonja, or Molly.

  45. @Jack239 – yes, they have (3 disc set, the complete series). Pride of my collection.

  46. I really like the Top 5 feature. You’ve got stats that the rest of us don’t have access to, and I’d love to hear more of them and your comments on them. 

  47. @JoshSHill  You can go to the Comics Page, and sort by Pick of the Week on the right side at any time, and see the same information.

    Not that we’re not doing it anymore, but you do have access.

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