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The events of Schism #1 have launched the world into turmoil, and the all-new Hellfire Club is ready to take advantage of the chaos. But when the survival of the mutant race is on the line, just how far will the X-Men go? Once a line is crossed, there’s no going back.

The event that promises to tear the X-Men apart at their very core continues, by writer and Marvel Architect Jason Aaron, and superstar artist Alan Davis!

Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciller: Alan Davis
Inker: Mark Farmer
Colorist: Jason Keith
Letterer: Jared Fletcher
Cover: Javier Rodriguez

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Alan Davis? Hell to the yes. This is good stuff. I do understand the complaint that this feels like it would have read fine as regular issues of an X-Men comic rather than a 5 issue mini-epic, but good comics is good comics. And soon it will be a regular X-Men comic called Wolverine and the X-Men.

  2. Well you know Wolverine is gonna win because Scott missed his chin by a mile.

  3. I’m out. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not good enough to warrant continued purchase with all the good stuff coming out. Wake me for X-Sanction.

  4. This issue is late right?

  5. The only X-Book I’m going to read coming out of this will probably be X-Factor… but that’s one more than I’m reading now, so I guess that’ll be a win for Marvel. Right?

  6. You guys are all nuts IMHO
    This has been even better than expected so far and I finally get my wish of having charactor specific series. I’m hoping this will help the continuity of the x-world. Having wolverine in EVERY x book was getting to be more than a little over kill.

  7. Couldn’t help but sneak a look at this at my lcs during my lunch break even though I planed to read it digitally later, wound up buying it and just read the whole damn thing. This i’s my favorite “event” in years and will male for a hell of a trade–with this issue being the best yet (and not just cause it’s so gorgeous! Aaron i’s crafting the very best type of X event for my dollar)

  8. Such a shame marvel put most of their marketing muscle behind Fear Itself instead of this (though JIM is the main Fear Itself story as far as I’m concerned, so I’m actually loving that “event” without even reading Fear Itself proper!)

  9. Time was Storm would be the one fighting, not shunted off-screen. Just sayin’.

  10. This issue was amazing. This is how civil war should have played out. Both Wolverine and Cyclops have good points to support their views. I love Schism. I hope the last issue finishes strong.

  11. This was sooooooo gooooood! I have such high hopes for the next issue and the next few years with Jason Aaron. Thanks god Marvel has something.

  12. wow! i was having my doubts, but this issue really took it to the next level. thats the best x-men issue i’ve read since the dark phoenix saga(granted, im not a huge X-fan). davis on pencils is a genius. some of those panels with wolverine were some of the best i’ve seen with him. kubert is going to have a hell of a time trying to top that performance. he also does a great logan. this story is coming together nicely. i hope logan kills scott. i’ve wanted this character dead for a while now. not a fan, he is just soooooo boring and kind of a douche .

  13. Piss on Logan. Scott has the right viewpoint.

  14. still going to get his ass whipped

  15. I have yet to get this issue, but I haven’t really been digging this mini so far. The last issue in particular felt a bit…well, silly. The new Hellfire Club seems just a bit too ridiculous for my tastes. That said, I’ll probably get this one today. I just hope it steps things up because this isn’t really doing a lot to bring me back into the X world. (And it has Alan Davis art which is pretty much a good enough reason to pick up the book anyway.)

  16. I was pretty impressed with this. Not really digging on a different artist for each issue and that is not a slight at any of the artists. Visually, just loved the last page. 4/5

  17. I absolutely love how this issue played out. Both of their positions have merit and both fit the characters personality. Without a doubt my favorite moment between them was the last exchange. It will always come down to Jean between these two.

  18. Fantastic!

  19. This would have been POTW most weeks if it wasn’t for Batman and Scott Snyder.

  20. Such an amazing issue.

  21. The rational behind this “schism” is pretty disappointing considering the x-men have been using children as front line forces since the very first issue of uncanny, it was the whole premise behind a number of spin off series as well. Not only that but wolverine has been fighting alongside children since the days of Kitty Pryde. Don’t see why this situation would be any different, let alone break up the team… Seems poorly thought out to me

  22. That was a truely at moment after the awkward pasue and after the discussion had run it’s course when Scott just gave into pettiness and told logan Jean never loved him. great stuff

  23. #3 was a little weak, but this made up for it. The argument btwn cyclops and wolverine. There wasn’t any reason for Scott to go where he went, other than he actually wanted wolverine to fight him.

    #teamwolverine all the way

  24. Jumpin’ Jesus this whole series has been great, this issue in particular. I don’t even like the X-Men and I love this book!

  25. im not usually an Alan Davis fan but this was by far the best work of his I’ve ever seen.

  26. Jeez Slim, that was a low blow.

  27. Two thought balloons that could help this story.

    Cyclops: Damnit Jean. Kitty’s back, Colossus’s back, Even Captain America is back. Why haven’t you come back to me?

    Wolverine: I killed my own kids. I never got to know them. I won’t lose another child, not by my hand or anyone else’s.

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