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  1. HIGH hopes for this. 

  2. You may have to be HIGH in order to have hope for this after reading it.  But still, I see this as a test of endurance.  I’ll keep reading until I can’t take it anymore. 😉

  3. the preview was already a giddy train wreck. i just have too see if its even worse

  4. Wait, so . . . what?  Color me confused.  When does this occur?

  5. @ doski-   it didnt. this is claremont finishing the story he never got to complete when he left marvel.

  6. I don’t think it’s the real story of what would have happened, though. It’s not exactly what he wanted to do at the time; these are just the ideas that he would use NOW if he could go back. The original unused plots involved Prof X dying and Wolverine becoming an agent of the Hand. And the Shadow King was also supposed to become the number one adversary of mutantkind…but instead that plotline wrapped up in a real truncated version ("The Muir Island Saga") before X-Men vol. 2 #1 even came out. Also, as things stood in 1992, there was no way Kitty was coming back to the team. X-Men Forever is just 2009 Claremont revisioning what he would have done; it doesn’t strictly follow the ideas that 1991 Claremont actually had planned at the time. If that makes sense to y’all. Still, I’m looking forward to it.

  7. @CGPO: why read a comic you already have decided you hate?

  8. I read the preview Ron mentioned a little while ago on the podcast…..Couldnt stop laughing. This is gonna be like ‘Holy shit, is this for real?’ type of crazy.

    A customer at my work overheard me talking about it and not only is he gonna buy multiple copies (poor man thinks this will be worth something one day) but he will go directly to my LCS! Did I do good or did I do great? 🙂

  9. @USPUNK:  i dont think its about having decided to hate it. its more about low expections, nostalgia,morbid curiosity and the off chance that it might be good.  OR were just masochists

  10. Check me off under nostalgia.

  11. For anyone who wants the back story on why Claremont left in the first place:

    Also, what flapjaxx is referring to comes from either an interview or a transcript of a con appearance where Claremont laid out in detail what he wanted for the initial arc of X-Men.  I couldn’t find it, but I would like to read it again because it was in interesting story.

  12. @USPUNK: I don’t hate it, hell I’m buying it!  But you know a car wreck when you see one.  Don’t get me wrong, this may be the only X-title I may be buying, after growing up on Claremont’s run.  Much as I love Fraction, I just can’t get into his run.  Sure there’s some "oh cool, now I get to see what would have happened… sort of", but it’s that "sort of" that kind of is making me wary.  The fact that Shadowcat is on the team, he gives Gambit and Rogues real names when it doesn’t make sense to at that point, it feels like more like he’s trying to mark his territory and say to all the writers that came after him: "I’m the goddamn Christ Claremont!  Nobody writes X-Men but me!"  So while I’m sure there will be fun moments and I can deal with his writing style, I think his ego is going to get in the way and nothing is going to make sense, even based on what HE wrote about those characters before he left.  But we’ll see, I’d love to be proven wrong, as I’ve actually been craving old-school Claremont X-Men for the last while.

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  14. This is so insane.  I can’t wait.

  15. Tempted, if only for Scott’s 90’s costume (which is my favorite).  But I heard there will most likely be costume changes in a few issues.  Weak.

  16. @CGPO: Ok now I get ya. And I largely agree with you. Loved Claremont’s run on X-Men but I do not buy a single x-book anymore, talk about trainwrecks! I love Fraction on Iron Man but I can’t stand anything X except X-Force and Cable. I am excited about this because I liked X-Men during his three issues and after he left so I’m anxious to see the differences.

  17. After sleeping on it I feel bad for that guy I helped out now. 🙁

  18. A customer at my work overheard me talking about it and not only is he gonna buy multiple copies (poor man thinks this will be worth something one day) but he will go directly to my LCS! Did I do good or did I do great? 🙂

    Well maybe he wants to put together multiple runs for sale on Ebay a couple years down the road.  You know you can actually make a little $$ from that if you pick the right titles?!  Not everyone prefers the TPBs…

  19. @robbydzwoner: Yeah… only the money savers like myself =p

  20. USPUNX: Yeah, I picked up the first X-Force trade, and I may get the next one, but that’s really it.  I’ll gladly buy a X-Men book if I hear good things about it.  I did get Morrison’s New X-Men and Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run, but I haven’t heard great things about Brubaker and now Fraction’s runs, which sucks, because I love both those guys and would love to be reading a good X-Men book again.  I think that maybe Claremont really should have picked up after issue #277 of Uncanny and did his own Muir Island arc with the Shadowking, etc., and showed us what really what have happened.  This feels a little bit like he’s just going to do whatever because he’ll probably have little editorial interference.

  21. Who *isn’t* excited to find out what Remy Picard is up to? Count me in!

  22. I wonder if we’ll learn that Gambit is related to Captain Picard on Star Trek: TNG?

  23. @ CGPO:  hmmm well in the trek movie they did do an alternate timeline. so maybe your on to something

  24. Picard is from France…

  25. @DarthDuck: Picard is also from the 24th Century.  Who’s to say Gambit doesn’t settle down in the "old country" when he’s old and gray?  He is cajun after all.

  26. Fuck it, I’m totally down. I was really getting excited for the X-Men when these books came out.

    I dropped out of comics shortly after due to lack of funds, but hey… 🙂


  27. I believe Picard main choice of weapon is a deck of cards. You dont need to look at the tape to see if that is true. They’re invisible! In fact, how do you think those phazers work? Pure Picard/Gambit.


  29. If they gave me this for Free Comic Book Day I still would’ve felt ripped off…

  30. Okay, I’m fine with Claremont’s writing style, and while I really haven’t read anything new by him since his return to X-Men back in the late 90’s, it’s interesting to see there’s not a lot of caption boxes in this one, which is what he used to be known for, besides redundant thought balloons.  But I can live with that.  Even the story has me somewhat interested, even though I’m not sure where it’s going.  But where the deuce did this Jean and Wolverine love story come from?  Maybe before sending that reprint of X-Men #1-3 to stores, Marvel should have given Claremont a copy, because I don’t recall any of this mushy stuff.  Sure, there may have been the usual "I have feelings for Jean" from Wolverine, but that was about it.  So this stuff has me going "Uhhh, where did that come from?"  Am I going to buy the 2nd issue?  Sure, I’m on board for a little bit, as I read Uncanny X-Men for the few years leading up to X-Men #1-3, so this is my time, roughly.  But yeah, it’s one thing to tell the story you’ve wanted to tell, maybe with a few changes since those ideas were created 18 years ago, but putting stuff in from complete left-field as he does here is just going to alienate those who would have given him a chance.  Not to mention it’s just sloppy, egotistical writing.  And I think that’s the disappointing part.  He has a great opportunity here and he’s going to blow it in order to feed his ego (why else are Nightcrawler and Shadowcat on the team?  He loves those characters, but unless he was writing "Excalibur Forever" as well, he’d never get to use them, so ta da, they’re miraculously on the X-Men!).  Also, was the 8 page preview in X-Men Forever Alpha taken from either this issue or an upcoming one?  Or is it new material that was meant as a prologue to this issue?

  31. @CGPO – and to think, this is supposed to be the x-men at a less confusing time!

  32. The X-Men in the 90s were just as convoluted – possibly more so – than they are now.

    I really liked this issue, and I’m definitely on board. The Logan dream from Grey is very much overboard for her character then, but seeing as how this is an alternate universe non-canon story, I’ll get over it.

  33. this was not as bad as i thought.  i dont know if it was because my expectations were incredibly low or if it was actuly a ok story.  i agree Jean seemed a little out of char with the wolverine thing and i dont know were this book was coming from or where it will go.  i havent decided if ill get #2 yet.  it will probly depend on how i feel at the time.

  34. @DarthDuck: Yeah, no kidding. 😛  But I can deal with the convolution, it’s the inconsistency in the way the characters are from X-Men #3 to this.  I understand that 18 years have passed so Claremont’s ideas of changed, but some of this stuff comes from left field entirely.  I guess he didn’t want to take 20 issues to get this point in Jean’s and Wolverine’s relationship, as the whole point is to kill Wolverine in the first few issues I guess, but still.  It is a bi-weekly book, he could have taken a few issues longer.

  35. Beg to differ!  Jean and Wolverine made out in ‘Inferno’ and also, I think, in ‘X-Tinction Agenda’?  One of the crossovers leading up to X-Men 1.  Even if you don’t count some of the out-of-continuity bits that Claremont wrote as backups, basically saying she’s been lusting after him from Day One, they definitely had a vibe by this point.  I loved seeing this from her point of view. 

  36. @ohcaroline: Yes, the kissed in Inferno, however that was partially because Wolverine saw Jean since she’d died, and Jean pushed him back.  While there was some connection, she was still not "Oh Wolverine, take me now!" the way she is in Forever.  Even X-Tinction Agenda it’s not as mushy.  I’m not saying there wasn’t that love triangle, that’s pretty common knowledge, but Jean never as a gushy and mushy towards Wolverine as she was in Forever #1.  I think Claremont did that because Wolverine dies in the opening story arc, so he needed that connection.  That upon itself is fine, however the fact that #1 takes place shortly after X-Men #3 it makes no sense.  They story line feels like there a middle somewhere that Claremont skipped so he could get to the end of it.

  37. I’m inclined to cut the guy a little slack for continuity when he’s picking up an almost-twenty- year-old storyline, esp. considering that he wrote the original.  I don’t disagree that the writing was a bit over-the-top, but I was expecting that going in.  And I think it works well for the story to make it clear that Jean was into him, too, it wasn’t a one-way thing (which I never thought it was). 

  38. Sold out everywhere I went! Gonna try again next week.

  39. Do you think Chris Claremont knows everyone laughs at him behind his back?

  40. He can’t hear you laughing over sound of all his money…

  41. I wonder if Claremont will continue with his original plans for Sinister and Gambit? Originally neither were supposed to be real.

    This issue wasn’t that bad, but it also wasn’t terribly good either. I probably wont be sticking with it.

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