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This is unquestionably the worst X-book I’ve read in a long time.  And there have been some terrible X-books over the last few years.  It almost takes a talent to write as if the last thirty years have taken place (I know this is supposed to be a continuation of a 1991 storyline, but, honestly, it reads like a comic from the late 70’s…a BAD comic from the late 70s.).

I can only guess that Chris Claremont has Joe Queseda’s nutsack in a bottle somewhere in his house, and refuses to give them back unless Q grants every whim he has until the day he dies.  I know that Claremont is responsible for creating some of the greatest characters, and most epic storylines in X-history, but that’s no excuse to let him shit all over the title now that he’s too old and senile to put out an interesting book.  I mean, it’s awful.  Bad.  Not good.  Terrible. 

Story: 1 - Poor
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  1. ‘…and over here, oh you’ll find this most interesting. This is Joe Queseda’s nutsack. Yeah I was able to snip it off of him when he was sleeping.’-Claremont

  2. You give Caremont entirely too much credit.  I like to imagine that Morrison, on a wild bender, chopped off Q’s nuts, and gave them to the old man as a tribute.



    Actually, if he investigated he’d probably discover that Claremont misplaced  Q’s nuts (along with CLaremont’s own marbles) years ago.  Really, the whole situation is just sad.

  3. @akamuu: Well whoever has Joey Q’s nuts, he/she/it is accidentally made this comic get made. Sad.

  4. It wasnt that bad and no I’m not a a huge fan of his. I hated his exiles and everytime he touches Psylocke. But relly it was okay now millagan that was a bad x-writer

  5. @xmanslade – What? Was that a potshot at X-Statix?

  6. After his craptastic run on Exiles I refuse to pick up this book.

  7. @manslade: I’m totally with you on Milligan.  I think his run is worse than the Austen run that everyone bitches about.  And the only reason I’ve ever even looked at one of his X-Force/X-Statix issues was for Allred’s art.  But, really, this book was THAT bad, in my opinion.  


    @JesTr:  You really are going to be happier that way.

  8. @BrianBaer: I think it’s more a comment at Milligan’s terrible run on ‘Adjectiveless’ X-men. Many X-fans actually consider that to be every bit as bad as Chuck Austen’s run.

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