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  1. Looking forward to this despite my reservations about the "shock" endings of the last few issues. I have faith in Peter David, though. 

  2. I feel like the book is finally back on track, so this should be fine.

  3. @praxJarvin it may not end. David said that what makes Madrox special is that he somehow gets a way after getting emotional and physically beat up

  4. finally back on track. hoping its gonna be a good arc.

  5. Now that you know who is back, I’m excited for this book again.

  6. The last few issues of X-Factor have been great. Peter David is an incredible writer when he has a decent artist and is left out of large cross-over events. This is the best Marvel book with an X on the cover and definitely in my top five books I look forward to every month. 

    Has Peter David ever been behind a big Marvel event?  

  7. I jumped back on with the baby issue and haven’t been dissappointed.  I really hope the quality keeps up.

  8. This was fun, and was finally back jumping inbetween the stories of Madrox and the rest of the crew.

    Also, Layla not only knows stuff, now she has things. lol.

  9. Hey how awsome was the reveal in #39? I’m still so blown away by that issue.

  10. A great, solid issue of X-Factor. It was nice to get a non-earth shattering cliffhanger here, and the issue felt better paced then the last two. There’s good momentum in the series now, something lacking. However, I have to say I was far more interested in the X-Factor story arc than the Jamie stuff, and that’s not good, because I love Jamie.

    Alas. I am glad to see the title back on its legs, as it were. 

  11. I don’t think my shop got this in. Couldn’t find it on the racks. I was definitely a little bummed.

  12. I’ve been off this book since Messiah Complex. Nothing wrong with those books, just something had to give. I picked this one up, without having caught up on what was going on in the previous books, but I followed straight away. I had a blast with this book, and I’m definately back on.

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