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  1. So, if this baby turns out to be a mutant is that a second Messiah Complex kind of thing again? Oh those whacky kids. 

  2. Apparently, Peter David is hell-bent on bringing this book back to its former glory and this is the issue where it starts.



  3. I’m finally getting back into this book.  This used to be my favorite book.  Thank god that awful artist got dropped.

  4. Can’t wait!

  5. As long as I don’t see Stroman, I’m excited and on board.

  6. Stroman’s faces looked like someone beat a pug and then put it in a blender.

  7. finally a good art issue. as long as stromans not on i will go back to getting this

  8. this was a realy great issue. i guess theresa and rictor is out, since they will probably kill   jamie. so that leaves string guy, long shot, m and darwin with jamie and vall cooper

  9. Wow. I did not see this going coming. Holy crabapples. This was amazing. X-Factor is taking a turn for the awesome.

  10. Let us all respect Peter David’s wishes at the beginning of the book.

    With that said, HOLY CRAP! I almost cried. That page and then the aftermath.

    Also, bravo for essentially skipping what would have been one incredibly boring issue and just copping to that fact and giving it to us in the recap page.

    David has restored my faith in this book and if he can keep to the promises he made in his recent interviews I don’t see why he can’t meet his goal of doubling this books floundering numbers.

  11. o my God, just when i was getting tired of this book, David reaches into my gut and wrenches it out and punches me in the gut…that doesnt make sense, but this might just be the best issue wince the last Raimondi issue

  12. YES!! X-Factor is great again. Well, at least this issue was.

  13. WOW! WOW! WOW! Cant Wait for David’s #40 and #41! If they are half what this book was…just WOW!

  14. Best issue in years. 

  15. I got off this book a while ago is this a good spot to jump back on?

  16. I stop reading this before secret invasion and am SO glad I picked up this issue!  I’m hooked again. Well done Peter David!!

  17. If Angel hadn’t brought me to tears, this would have been my Pick of the Week.  An emotional suckerpunch that I did NOT see coming.

    Simply amazing, and a reminder why PAD is one of my favorite writers ever.

  18. Well, David redeemed himself a little, but I was disappointed by the turn of events. It felt a little more of a cop out then I thought it would.

    Alas, I will be back next month, though. 

  19. @spoons this the conclusion of an on going story. I would say you could jump on next issue. However you do want to grab this, it is awesome.

    This issue was the best x-faxtor I have personally read. All we need now is Layla to come back and this would probably grow to become my favorite comic!

    Issues like this makes being an X-fan truly worthwhile.

  20. Big art improvement.  OMG, what a twist.

  21. Holy Crap!

    I’m stunned that they did that. Absolutely floored.

    That’s gut wrenching. 

  22. First H@ly SH!t moment of the year!!!!

  23. Picked this up after a long hiatus and it definitily looks like this is going to be a return to form for the series.

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