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  1. oh man, for some reason i thought this was only a 7 part series but now it looks like i was wrong and it’s 8. Christmas has come early

  2. Jeesh. Last issue’s solicit described this run as "character defining" (sorry, Larry Hama, Frank Miller, and Chris Claremont). This issue’s solicit claims that it’s "career-defining"–like it’s the best work that either Millar or McNiven have ever or will ever do. At this rate, issue 73 might be billed as the single greatest human accomplishment in history. Despite the hype, though, this ish looks fun enough to be worth my $3. Some would characterize my buying it as the single most memorable transaction ever made–the highest aspiration that U.S. dollar bills could ever have.

  3. Cool cover. I always like it when Wolverine has a face full of bullets.

  4. He’s the best at what he does. And what he does is .. BE LATE.

  5. Hey it’s worth it, the story has no effect on the greater marvel universe and it doesn’t slow any other books down plus it is badass

  6. totally worth the lateness

  7. yeah! probably the only thing I’ll be picking up this week, despite wanting to read other things too.

  8. @RoiVampire-Word.  And I don’t care if its late either, its always a ton of fun.  Venom T-Rex!!

  9. @drake I know! oh my god i bet there is going to be a "#venomtrex" trend on twitter this wednesday. we should start one if there isn’t


  10. @RoiVampire-I’m totally down for that!

  11. @drake well its settled then, #venomtrex here we come

  12. I’m still down for this but come on guys…..3 months late!?

    That should be unacceptable no matter how good the series is.

  13. lovin’ this book. worth the wait and some. 

  14. This is early contender for POtW. Very excellent book.

  15. @TNC-Don’t start with that you sourpuss.  You can’t bring down my excitement for this book.  I won’t let you! 😛

  16. @drake: I’ll keep my sourpuss to a low 🙂

    I’m just confused on why some people are stating it doesnt matter when a book like this is late…..but other books they whine and moan about it. That logic doesnt make sense.

    Listen I have loved this story since the first issue it was introduced. But I cannot in good concious let the delays just let me slip by. I’m not saying it’s going to hurt my overall score of the book or enjoyment….it’s just annoying how there is no reason for this book to be late constantly.

    Having said all that: Venom T-Rex? Greatest thing ever

  17. I don’t bitch about late books, but I agree with TheNextChampion.

    People will pass on Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine because it is late but will accept the lateness of this book.

    Years vs. months I understand but there are other examples like All Star Batman and Robin.

    Bottom line is cats are not consistent with their "boycotts" and their complaining.

  18. I agree that this comic is worth the wait.  That’s why I’m waiting for the trade.

  19. @ScorpionMasada: Who is not being consistent?

  20. This book is FREAKIN’ AWESOME, I can’t wait to read this! 

    McNiven is late because his work is really, really GREAT on this. I don’t mind about the lateness, I’m not paying the guy’s comission, it’s up to him and Marvel what the timing on the book needs to be.


  21. i love this book.  i was just talking to the guy at my local store about the wait for this book.  I cant wait to read it.  sucks waiting, but oh well.  what can i do……nothing

  22. More people than just you, Conor.

    I like this book, so I’ll wait for it.

    However, I don’t think Millar is such an amazing writer that he should be cut some slack whereas other writers are not given the same leeway (I know Millar isn’t making this book late, it is McNiven).

    If people are going to take a stand against late books, they should take stand against ALL late books.

  23. @ScorprionMasada: Okay, I figured I was being painted a hypocrite, but I just wanted to make sure.

    Everyone has their own standards, their personal lines in the sand.  For some people, it’s black and white.  For others, there are shades of gray.  All anyone can do is have their own convictions and stand by them.

    For me – and again, this only applies to Marvel and DC books – I don’t mind waiting a few months for great art.  If it takes Steve McNiven or Frank Quietly three months to do a book, so be it.  *As long as it doesn’t effect any other books*  WOLVERINE stands on its own.  ALL STAR SUPERMAN stood on its own.  CIVIL WAR did not.  When that book was late, it was a problem.  BATMAN & ROBIN… we’ll see how that book is positoined, we don’t know yet.  But I am willing to give those guys a few months of leeway when it comes to getting their art out if that’s what it takes.

    But once you get beyond a few months then I’ve got a problem.  Once a monthly book goes beyond quarterly, then I’ve got a problem.  When ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN (a book I was really, really enjoying) went to one book A YEAR then I had to stand by my convictions and drop it.  Now it doesn’t even come out anymore.  ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK fell into the same category. 

    I was enjoying both books, but I have my convictions.  They may not be your convictions, but they are mine.  And I stand by them.

  24. @ScorpionMasada-Millar shouldn’t be given slack…but then you acknowledge its not his fault the book is late?  I is confused. 🙁

    There is a big difference between being a few weeks late, a few months late, and a few years late. Its not as simple a matter as "boycott any and all lateness."

  25. @ScorpionMasada I don’t think consistancy is that big of a virtue. Especially consistancy in the things they bitch about concerning comic books. 

  26. @conor: That’s a great way of putting it

    I am a stickler on lateness, but I dont let it ruin my overall enjoyment of the actual issue at hand. Is it annoying that it takes 3 months just to get a single issue of Wolverine out? Yes, but as long as McNiven is actually doing the art and not being lazy about it then I can understand the lateness. Unlike J.G. Jones, who had a year to do a good amount of Final Crisis but then decided to sit on his hands and kness by the time he finished issue 2.

    All I’m saying is that I just cant ignore the lateness, and it should be frowned upon…..but at the end of the day I (and many many others) will continue to pay for this.

  27. totally loving this. i dont care how long it takes. let mcniven do his work and millar do his work. let them take as long as they want. this will make an amazing trade.

  28. Oh and let’s also point this out: This is the 2nd time this run was 3 month late. Getting issue #69 took about from August to November to come out…..So should we really be giving slack to McNiven since this is twice now he’s extremely late on a book? Again it’s a grey area for me.

  29. @TNC: It seems like he’s on a regular three month schedule, which I’m totally fine with.

  30. @conor: Maybe he is on a schedule; like 3 issues back to back and then takes a 3 month pause to do the other issues….Which isnt bad since he is probably just trying to get these out as quick as he possibly can….But would it be ridiculous to ask for a warning to the readers for that? Most people probably still just think he is just being late without an explanation

  31. Totally agree with conor. You can’t compare a few months delay to years delay. Any delay is bad, but sometimes it really can’t be helped, so you gotta cut SOME slack.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for this, so far this series has been raping my eyeballs with awesomeness.

  32. I don’t care it it’s late if it means McNiven gets to do his thing.  (Agreeing that "as long as it doesn’t affect any other books" yada yada yada) Every time this book comes out I feel like buying two just so I can have a copy to rip apart and hang pages around my room. Seriously, I dont understand how anybody could be so good with a pencil.

  33. Did anyone else just read TNC do a totally back-flip?

    It does seem slightly hypocritical that some late books are given a pass by the iFanbase while some are tore to bits . Ultimately, I think it comes down to the quality of the book. No one wants to wait THAT long for All-star Batman and Robin because it isn’t THAT good, sorry. The months between Powers issue are acceptable because of the actual intellectual and entertainment value of the book.

    And you know what? Who care. If the book’s good, we’ll wait

  34. Wow, you guy really don’t like it when a book gets delayed!

    I guess I’m different as I don’t pay any attention to release dates, I just pick up what I fancy from the weekly list and I couldn’t tell you whether a book is on schedule or not. I’ve been getting Millar’s Wolverine and hadn’t even noticed that there were any delays. It’s been a great book, that’s all I care about.

  35. @edward – Yeah, I caught the back-flip lol.

    Awesome cover by the way, it reminds me of Marv from Sin City.

  36. So, going by the cover and the description, does the T-Rex shoot bullets? Or are those drops of poisonous acid? I’m confused.

  37. Those are zits. The T-Rex causes severe acne.

  38. Okay I’m not even going to comment or ask what my ‘back flip’ was to you guys. Cause everytime someone points something out about me in general; it turns into a shoutfest. So your not getting an arguement out of me this week.

  39. Here’s something else that bugs me about this series….Are we really going to be focusing on a Venom T-Rex fight/chase the whole time?

    Dont get me wrong it’s a great concept and all…..but we only have two issues left to go. I know the last issue (#73) is going to be double sized, but it certainly seems we’re too close to the finish line to still be doing ‘filler’ moments in this run.

  40. @TNC well it’s probably just the first half of the book and the second half is finding out exactly what they’re transporting which i’m still curious about. hope its something important like an iron man suit or cap’s shield. some cool piece of marvel history

  41. Yeah, I doubt its Venom T-Rex the whole time.

    Also, I don’t think the next issue is going to be double sized, at least not going off the solicit for it.  Millar mentioned somewhere on his forum about working on an "Old Man Logan" special.  So maybe this book is going to finish up the same way Astonishing X-Men did, with a Giant-sized one-shot?  The solicits for #73 and #74 make me lean towards that conclusion.

  42. @Roi and Drake: I hope you guys are right. I mean again, it would be cool to see a Venom T-Rex fight….but just like last issue with Logan’s past, I really hope it doesnt become the focus of the whole issue.

  43. @TNC: i still love you, broffa

  44. What are convictions if they are muddled or qualified to the point of meaninglessness?

    They are just whims . . .

    I’m not trying to be a punk or anything. 

    I mean I have a selfish interest in you buying late books that I’m reading or thinking about buying in trade. I want to hear your opinion. Your opinion has value. I mean you and the other guys have gotten me into some of the best books I read. Let alone the entertainment value I get from you guys talking comics.

    As for pointing out McNiven is the reason it is late, it is still Millar’s book. And I didn’t want to deal with folks pointing out that it isn’t Millar’s fault when I am already aware of that.

    A book is made great by the writing. Art can make it greater, but a bad script is going to lead to a bad book. Whereas bad art will lead to bad art as long as the storytelling is servicible.

  45. @ScorpionMasada: Like I said, they are my convictions, not yours.  I find them quite meaningful.

  46. Some of the most fun that I have had with any regular (not limited series) in a long time. 

    This is like going to a top-shelf Bruckheimer flick.  Art is fantastic, the last issue’s suicide attempt was completely off the charts.  The writing fully engrosses me and has me waiting to see what will happen next.

    As long as I remember what happened in the last issue without having to re-read, it hasn’t become too late for my dollar.

  47. the delay is really annoying but i still love love love this book. was it last issue that we had the reveal oif what happened the last day he popped his claws as that was amazing. this is such an awesome series i would love to see the title stay set in this ditopian future and look at the vast amount of characters the marvel universe has changed over the course of time. great stuff really cant wait

  48. I want a Marvel Handbook on this future. Now.

  49. I think josh is weeping right now 🙂

    Seriously this was a fantastic issue. The plot is FINALLY moving forward and the art is just getting better by the minute. So I guess a 3 month delay was worth it for this case.

  50. This is what Wolverine: The End should have been I think.

  51. Late, late, late….I know but damn if this isn’t a POTW.

    There have been other great books that were late, too. 

    Damn that was a good issue.

  52. Pretty good issue.  I like

  53. "this is such an awesome series i would love to see the title stay set in this ditopian future and look at the vast amount of characters the marvel universe has changed over the course of time."

     @Sammy:  I couldn’t agree more. Easily my POTW.

  54. I would love to see Marvel make this the next animated feature that they produce.

  55. POTW for me too. Easy.

    Say what you want about the lateness & hate on Millar all you want, but tell me this book is not entertaining & I will call you a liar & put pubes on your cornflakes.

    PS – Is Steve McNiven’s drawing hand on steroids?

  56. Is drawing hand surely isn’t on meth.

  57. wow simply awesome.

  58. Re: Delays — To me, it’s a question of ‘This book is late and this sucks…but do I still want to read it?’ with a book like this run of Wolverine, yes, I do wanna read it. With a book like RASL (which to be fair was never really ‘late’), I have no interest in reading it every 3 or 4 months. I understand there’s also the issue of supporting creators who don’t meet deadlines, but hey, when it’s an artist as fantastic as McNiven, I can be pretty forgiving.

    Anyway, I liked this issue a lot. One of the best things about this book, in my opinion, is seeing the looks the characters, and how they act in the future, even if it’s not a huge part of the story. Seeing Emma, Black Bolt, Dardevil in earlier issues, etc. is something I really look forward to in this book. I also think what they were transporting and how that whole scene went down was very well done.

    In short, this is a POTW contender and I’m still vey excited for this book.

  59. Awesome. 

  60. I don’t mind the delay as long as the art is kick ass. It’s not like this is the only wolverine book out there.  Since it not in continuity I don’t have a problem and if you are annoyed at waiting then I suggest waiting a little longer for the trade.

  61. Here’s what I want after this story:

    Mark Millar and Steve McNiven doing a Doom story. I want that in the worst way just after seeing those awesome two pages (panels?) of Doom leering at the Spider-Mobile.

  62. @TNC I would kill for a Doom mini penciled by McNiven with no writer. Just Doom constantly leering at people and then using the time machine to travel to key moments in history and leer at historical figures from a distance.

  63. Great issue.  I read it twice back to back.  Why cant I get some SSS.  That shit would sell like hot cakes. 

  64. awesome.

  65. @Roi: Ha! That would be the greatest mini ever!

    Dr. Doom: Leer


  67. is anybody surprised that this was late again. i mean its MILLAR for gods sake hes beaten kevin smiths rep as THE LATE GUY. i like millar but im going to have to stop reading him becuase hes always so late. example… kickass-LATE  war heroes-SO LATE I THINK IT GOT CANCELLED

  68. damn, Millar is at the peak of a creative reanacaincse right now.  this book doesnt even have any of the terrible diologue he used to write (it also wasnt present in Civil War, which was nice)

  69. Fantastic issue.  Very glad I picked up Wolvie for this mini-series.

  70. @PETERPORKER…..Its not Millar, its McNiven. That’s why Civil War was late. I don’t think that McNiven can handle a monthly schedule. Don’t get me wrong, the art is fantastic. But sweet art like that takes time. He even had problems when he worked @ CROSSGEN & he drew MERIDIAN.

  71. I loved this story, and the art was amazing, as usual. But was anyone else wondering if Emma (and maybe Jean) make themselves look hotter than they are in the mainstream universe, too? It would be hilarious if it turned out that Emma was really a dude after all these years, if only for Ron Richards’ reaction to Cyclops relation to her. "Her."

    Oh, and after several decades and the destruction of the entire country.. Blackbolt remains a badass. 


    @"what are convictions if they’re muddled and qualified to the point of uselessness"

    Unqualified convictions are indefensible. There will always be exceptions to unqualified statements, which diminishes their value. You’re really arguing about people, or specifically consumers, being specific about their decision making process? 


  72. @Kndoubleu: i immedicately throught that as well. not the emma is a dude bit, but i did think she is making everyone think she is phyically perfect

     why was logan happy to let weirdo’s undress him as he talked to Emma?

     and we all know the president is Red Skull, right?

  73. The theory of Emma doing that would work, but not while she was sleeping and/or gets knocked out in a fight.  She wouldn’t be able to sustain the psychic camo while she was unconscious.  Unless she was like uber powerful, but still…

    OK, ending my nerd moment 😛

  74. Red Skull has come a long way, from middle management Red Skull all the way to the White House!

    His campagn slogan — "No, we can’t."

  75. campaign*

  76. That is some silliness.

    Anything can be defended, just look at Conor defend his process above. A beautiful example of the cult of personality mixed with a little rhetoric.

    I’m talking about hypocrites. Someone who says one thing but does another.

    By the way, it ain’t uselessness, cuz obviously qualitification is extremely useful, it is meaninglessness.

    You qualify to much, you stand for nothing.

    But it is just comics,

    This ain’t the DMZ

  77. @ScorpionMasada

    It’s funny, up till this thread I was always taken aback by what I thought was Conor’s absolutism on late books, but now that I understand his thinking better, I find his views on late books more palatable.  (I’m of the don’t-cry-over-late-books camp) Guess its the opposite for you.

    If you re-read what you wrote in your last post, I think it comes off unnecessarily insulting at a personal level, btw.

    And, oh yeah, this is the best Wolverine story I’ve ever read!  Wish it would go on forever.

  78. @ScorpianMasada: “the cult of personality mixed with a little rhetoric”…. slow down there, buckaroo. We’re not talking about Stalinist Russia or Cambodia under Pol Pot, we’re talking about comics on a discussion board mediated by three dudes. (and isn’t rhetoric basically what a cult of personality is?)

    And besides, who’s the hypocrite? Your first posts were about the iFanbase in general but now it’s about a specific person?

    I know it sucks this book was late, I know it sucks we can’t have a book of this quality every month but that’s the reality of the situation. I think you simply have to try to enjoy the book for what it is


  79. I don’t complain about late books.

    Nothing is personal. It is purely ideological.

    Edward, I already stated that it was just comics. You’re not pointing out something new there, kid.

    The cult of personality is a criticism of users not Conor. I wouldn’t listen to the podcasts and come to the site if I didn’t admire how iFanboys convey their thoughts and ideas about comics.

    It was about the users in general. It only became about Conor cuz he posted wanting to know if I included him in the group of users.

    The post before this one was directed at the user who misquoted me.

  80. @ScorpianMasada: so how can a group of people while different view-points be hypocritical?

  81. Solid beats in this book!!

    Loved Pym Falls and the last page rocks.

  82. I really don’t care if this book comes out twice a year, it’s worth it. I felt the same way when All Star Superman was dramatically off schedule. This run is more fun than great, but it’s a great deal of fun and a nice little surprise when it does come out. If you’re going to get upset about this being late, you can check out one of the eight thousand other titles that feature current-continuity Wolverine and come out regularly. They’re doing something a little different over here.

  83. My point was also that no absolutist position position is a meaningful one, only an unexamined one. Yes, stripping something down until it is so minute that it doesn’t matter is possible, but I certainly don’t think that’s the case when there are only one or two qualifiers injected here. 

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