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  1. Good review. Of course, Hawkeye’s fate at the end of the book is what gives this comic its gravity. If there were no consequences, this imagined reality would have no meaning.

    One question – how does Emma get to be Black Bolt’s boss?

  2. @coltrane: I think it was implied that she is dating him now.

    Or at least she was dating Cyclops and then when the shit went down, Black Bolt tried to help everyone.

  3. "Dating", huh?

  4. @coltrane: Whoops sorry I was wrong there

    I just re-read it and Emma just states after marrying her husband (we dont know who that is), she got help from Black Bolt once everything went to hell for the heroes. So I guess for some reason Black Bolt decided to help the mutants out.

  5. @TNC

    I think that her husband is Doom, as the Mutant settlement is in Doom’s territory, and Doom is featured immediately after the mutant scene.

  6. @coltrane: Really?….It’s never hinted by Emma at all it’s Doom.

    I just thought Emma was hiding in Doom’s city in general. I hope we see more of Doom in the future….cause McNiven’s take on Doom is defined as ‘bad ass’

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