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  1. Yay I’ll be back on track with you guys!

    I got #3, #4, and this issue to read. So I’m gonna have an old school wednesday this week.

  2. i think a reader doesn’t really read this but instead experiences it…. I experiences it a few times a week while in the bathroom

  3. Deadman, oh how I love thee

  4. @edward I think I can do without knowing about your bathroom habits.

    We’ll see where it goes. 

  5. I just listened to the DC comics podcast of Wednesday Comics. I have alot respect for the art director making sure the comic book comes out every week. The artists were asked which dream artist would they want for another Wednesday Comics. One artist called out Sergio Toppi. Awesome.

     Here is the link.

  6. @Prax: no, but seriously, here’s what i do. i grap a copy of wednesday comics, bite my lip and …

  7. @edward    I only use quarter books and borrowed books for the restroom, 3.99  is too much for me to spend to use as a tolet read.

  8. Next; I place the comic on the ground in front of me, using a foot to turn the pages, and get ready for…

  9. I might re-create a cover of Transmetropolitan with this series.

    You know the one..

  10. @edward I knew it! You’re a Hobbit-Fancier! I knew living within a stone’s throw of Hobbit-country would do that to you poor Aussies.

    On a serious note, and to keep things on topic: Last week we talked about "Dream Strips" we want to see. What all-star creative team would you like to see tackle a strip like this? You know we have Gaiman and Allred and the Kuberts on this one who would you want to see do a strip together?

    Mark Millar/David Finch on Superman, Geoff Johns/Amanda Conner on Stargirl, Morrison/Alex Maleev on ANYTHING, Neil Gaiman/Darwyn Cooke, Brubaker/Phil Jimenez

  11. Well in keeping with the fantasy strip for @Prax’s question:

    Keith Giffen/Kevin Maguire on Plastic Man, Darwyn Cooke on JSA, Grant Morrison/J.H. Williams on Batman (just imagine what Williams could do with this!!), and Alex Ross on Superman.

  12. Dream Strips:

    Wonder Woman written by Jessica Abel and drawn by Tim Sale

    Dr.Fate/Deadman by Scott Morse

    Warlord written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Richard Corben

    Worlds Finest: Superman & Batman by Darwyn Cooke

    Enemy Ace written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Geoff Darrow

    The OMAC Project written by Warren Ellis and drawn by John Cassaday

    The Maniaks by Gilbert Hermandez

  13. I’m holding out for a nice oversized collection of these. I hope I’m not dissapointed. The premise is great.

  14. I’d love to see Frank Miller/Jim Lee on a Batman story.  That sounds like can’t miss….oh shit, never mind.

  15. Isn’t this about where everyone predicted we would get tired of this book?  Looks like it’s still pretty popular… 

  16. @magnum240 – I have enjoyed most of it and continue to do so.  I didn’t expect to get tired of it, but I am also not surprised that its pulls have decreased.  The novelty has likely worn off for some.  Luckily, I don’t think I was ever in it for the novelty.

  17. Some of the stories are certainly better than others, but I’m still looking forward to it every week. I’m loving that 3 of the stories have ape-related villains in them. Those damn dirty apes!

  18. Although I think the quality of issue #01 set me up for some disappointment, these have all been great so far, and I’ve no reason to expect any less from this one.

  19. I’m just excited to get three of these in one week. Even if I have heard some negative reaction on some stories; I am still looking forward to it all.

  20. whooo, had quite the experience this morning, lads, quite the experience. if you know what i mean

  21. I’m loving the Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern stories. The rest is quite good and overall worth reading and buying every week. Score one for DC.

  22. "WEDNESDAY COMICS, DC’s spectacular 12-issue weekly series, continues to offer a comics experience unlike any other this August – except 2000 AD or any other British weekly comic since the 1950s. But please believe what we’re doing is NEW."


    Although, to be fair, it is quite good… ;D


  23. You would think that after reading 3 straight issues I would get sick of this? Well no good sir, or sirs! I am still loving this format.

    I will say that the Batman and Green Lantern strip has sorted lost a bit of it’s luster. But then Teen Titans and Metal Men sorta balance out the blandness of those two stories. TT have really improved over the last five issues. It’s not pick worthy but it’s still a soild issue.

  24. Man Pa Kent is sure on the cutting edge

  25. @TNC I was honestly curious to see your thoughts once you read three in a row.  Glad to see it still holds up.  Your opinion on the individual strips is surprising, though.  What are your favorites?  Batman isn’t my favorite by far, but I feel that no other strip has embraced the concept as well as it has.  Anyway, give me a rundown on each strip if you wouldn’t mind.  I know you didn’t do it on purpose, but i really am fascinated to get a perspective from someone that has read three back-to-back.

  26. @magnum: Well I put it this way: (I apologize to PraxJarvin in advance cause this is how he reviews the series)

    The Great: Kamandi (it nailed the gimmick perfectly), Metamorpho (It doesn’t make a lick of sense, but Allred’s panel layouts are the highlight), The Flash (great idea to split the story between Barry and Iris), and Hawkman (just a beautiful looking comic)

    The Good: Superman (people seem to think this is pretty bad, but I enjoy it), Deadman (Almost on the level of Metamorpho but not quite there), Teen Titans (the last two strips won me over into enjoying it), Supergirl (more like a Tiny Titans story, but it’s so cute), Metal Men (surprise of the bunch).

    Dipping: Batman (the art is really hurting the story), Green Lantern (still enjoy most of the art; but the story is going nowhere fast), Strange Adventures (Pope’s story is good so far but his art is not easy on the eyes), Sgt. Rock (Art is absolutely amazing but the story is slowing then a snail), Demon/Cat (I love the pairing of Catwoman and Etrigan, but again this seems to be going no where)

    Unreadable: Wonder Woman (I give up on this for the rest of the run)

    You could also see my opinions on the title with my review!

  27. This continues to be very good, but not great. I will stick with it to the end.

  28. I love this!!! i was trying to wait untill it was all collected somehow but then my shop had a 50% off sale and well I bought all five!! I am in love with the art on Wonderwoman


  29. This was quite good.  I know I sound like a broken record, but Kamandi, Deadman and Flash Comics are the leaders of the pack.  And as always, I skipped Wonder Woman.  Real shame that they dropped the ball on that one.

    Also, I am finding Supergirl more and more entertaining as the weeks progress.  If nothing else, it sure is cute ^__^

  30. I’m with voodoomama, Wonder Woman is very good. I like to think of it as the visual equivalent to Grant Morrison; it can be tuff to decipher but it is always worth it.

  31. Honestly can someone explain to me what the hell is going on in the Wonder Woman strip?

  32. @Heroville – Diana, before she is Wonder Woman, is having these dreams/adventures where she gathering the seven lost stars of the Amazons. Some of which include future Wonder Woman’s bracelets and tiara.

  33. 0.67% pick of the week? yep, people are over it

  34. @edward 

    The pulls are still very steady. 

  35. @edward Yes, but it’s 4.2/5 with 644 pulls with a 0.97% (as of now) POTW. That’s pretty good. By comparison the most picked book of the week (Cap Reborn w/ 819) only has a 3.7/5 with a 1.7% POTW. So… on average more people think Wednesday Comics is a 4-5 Star book than Cap. However, those people who rated Cap a 4-5 Star book were more likely choose it as their favorite book this week. The Average Rating is a far better litmus test of how people feel about the book than POTW, since many POTW choices end up being a Solomon-like decision. 

  36. @prax (…) you win this time

  37. Finally got last week’s order so without pomp and circumstance: Prax’s Patented Ratings.

    The Great: Kamandi (This wasn’t as good as the last 4, but solid storytelling is solid storytelling.); Metamorpho (I love that it’s different each time, and yet go good.); Strange Adventures (Awesome. My favorite of this issue); Flash (Awesome sauce!); Hawkman (YES!)

    The Good: Deadman (Good, but it’s loosing a bit of the luster it had); Supergirl (I wish the story would progress a bit, but it’s still fun); Metal Men (Still very enjoyable)

    The Mediocre: Batman (I don’t know how you screw up the Batman/Alfred relationship but something about it felt off or forced); Green Lantern (I’m unclear on why Hal would find the Ranger story boring); Demon and the Catwoman (Slipping a bit. It’s not bad, but it’s careening into boring. Also why is Etrigan suddenly rhyming?)

    The Bad: Superman (You wonder why there are so many versions of the Superman origin…); Teen Titans (If wanted the "Average Joe hates the costumed hero" story I’d read Spider-Man or X-Men); Wonder Woman (I’ve stopped reading it and have decided to appreciate it for the art); Sgt. Rock (Sigh… this should be one of the best parts of the book, sadly the writing is terrible)

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