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  1. Hey I think all of the WoK books have been on schedule.  That’s amazing.  Well done.

  2. Yeah I find it ironic that WoK started in like March and will probably finish before Ultimatum does.

  3. @Parker-haha, true.  I’m having a blast with this book.  A very satisfying story in every way.

  4. Can’t wait!

  5. @Parker Yes, well, it’s not like Ultimatum is the major, status quo changing book or… Oh, that’s right. :-p

    Looking forward to this, my thoughts on this series have changed with each passing each issue. I really disliked issue 2 but 3 brought me back in. As well, the tie-ins left me cold most of the time. Let’s see how we fair here. 

  6. I remember hearing about War of Kings during Secreat Invasion and I was sure it was going to be crap. I’m so thankful that it has turned out to be the best (non-event) event book Marvel has ever put out.

  7. I’m a sucker for Black Bolt.

  8. This book is freakin fantastic!!! So excited for this!!!

  9. Last issue was amazing!  I can’t wait for this!  Hopefully, Rocket will have TWO mops this time…

  10.  Every issue has been great. I dont think i want peace between the Kree and Vulcans empire. I want to see an all out war

     ps Lockjaw is a skrull!



  11. @itiscritical  That made me laugh

  12. this has been great.  i have been having truble telling the diffrence bettween this book and GotG.  they seem to be working so well together.  i love it.

  13. This series has been my potw 3/4 times. If you aren’t reading this you need to pick it up in trades.

  14. I know nothing of the character but I am drawn to this title and GOG, why is this? Trade worthy buy?

  15. After last issue, I had HUGE hopes for this one, but they were a little too high.  This issue is still great, but the Guardians of the Galaxy are absent and, with them, goes the fun. 

  16. So… we ditched the Guardians of the Galaxy/Strjammers/Imperial Guard battle to Throneworld in lieu of some rather heavy and boring exposition? That seems… odd. This issue was terrible uneven for me. I thought the Crystal/Ronan scene was great, but the rest of it felt… dull. Indeed, the appearance of Havok only brightened by day a little. The ending was predictable from the first moment I read "Dare walk the concourse." I will say it was nice seeing the Death Squad again as probably the best idea from a Claremont issue in years (say what you will about the issue, but the concept was solid 24 seconds in 22 pages.). Though, I hope they actually put an end to Rachel Grey (neé Summers) once and for all. 😉 3/5.

  17. Damn, my jaw dropped as soon as I flipped to the last page.  It was odd to get an entire issue of talking heads and politics and war strategies, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t entertaining as hell.  This book is delivering on every level. 

    P.S.  I hate frats.

  18. @PraxJarvin " Though, I hope they actually put an end to Rachel Grey (neé Summers) once and for all. 😉 "

    >Of course you know — this means war.  >00<

  19. So annoyed that my store got short-sold on this. Terribly surprised that so many people are buying it that they couldn’t save me a copy, but I suppose that’s a good thing.


  20. @Ohcaroline-Prax has a point.  I mean, how long can a character last when you put tatooes on her face?  Death to daughters from alternate universes I say!

  21. @drakedangerz and Prax: I’m just waiting to find out that Sinestro is actually Rachel’s dad and put the tatoos on her face while she slept…

    Also, I thought the cover for WOK this week was great!  But, where the heck was Black Bolt in the issue itself?!?

    PS: The cover for the next issue doesn’t look so hot…  I want less Shiar people I don’t know and more Racoon.

  22. @drakedangerz, itiscritical Well, she has had the tattoos for well over 20 years now. 

  23. Ugh…I just found out that Wes Craig is pencilling Guardians of the Galaxy #16 and 17.  I’ve really started to like Brad Walker on that series, and my only knowledge of Craig comes from GotG #11 and 12, arguably the worst of the series (although I think it had more to do with the writing than the pencils).  All I have to say is that Craig better be able to draw animals.  I still don’t forgive Magno for what he did in issue #9 to Rocket and Cosmo…

  24. @Prax-I don’t remember seeing those face tattooes during Brubaker’s Uncanny run. (which was the last time I saw her before this)

  25. @drakedangerz ::sigh.:: You’re forcing me to open the no-no place that is my expansive knowledge of the X-Universe. Essentially, when Claremont brought her into the "modern" X-Universe she was a "Hound" in the future, used to hunt mutants. As such, she was tattooed with the wild pattern as a sign to others. She came to the present of X-Men #199 and realized free from the control of the Hound Master ahab, she could use her telepathy to hide her markings. But when she was in battle, she would have to use the telepathy on something else and thus would appear with the markings. When she got the Phoenix force most recently, she had access to the same "molecule altering powers" that Jean Grey did and was able to "erase" the markings from her face. However, the tattoo is "genetic" and once the phoenix force was ripped from her, she lost the ability to hide them.

    It’s interesting that Rachel bears a number of tattoos against her will: The Hound Marking, the little Phoenix symbol around her eye (only when she’s with the Phoenix) and the Shi’ar Death Mark down her back.  

  26. consider me enlightened 😉

  27. WAR.

  28. @PraxJarvin

    I’m impressed with how simply you explained that, a lot better than I would have done.

  29. @Zattaric Quite honestly I’m shocked that was short as it was, too!

    @OhCarloine I kid, to a degree. I just think the character really has no place in the books and is being put on the Starjammers as a way of being "Well, she doesn’t fit anywhere else. Throw her in with the character Austen ruined and Havok." While I’m a bit Havok fan, not a big fan of the Starjammers thing. Though Corsair had the best boots in comics!

  30. Seriously, she couldn’t even detect a bunch of Darkhawks.  Whaddup wit dat?

    And the Crystal and Ronan romance is still odd to me.  I want to believe that they will fall in love because of these conversations they have…but can a girl really go from Johnny Storm to Quicksilver to Ronan?  He ain’t fugly…but not exactly winning any beauty pagents.  But I am quite enjoying the role Crystal is playing overall.

  31. Now Prax is dissing Starjammers.


    *I also kid.  Mostly.




  33. DAMN, that was f’n fantastic.

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