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I shouldn’t be surprised by the curve balls this series throws at me,
but I’ll be damn if it doesn’t always find a way to blind side me.

know that if you’ve not started picking this series up by now, you
won’t be picking it up in issue form, but I still say this book is more
than worth your time.

 If you like giant action sequences with stuff
blowing up, we’ve got that.

 If you want incredibly evil cocky bastards,
we’ve got that.

If you want X-Men characters that are awesome and are
rarely written to their potential, Hot damn do we have that.

 I think
the really cool thing is how awesome the art has gotten. I’ve been a
Pelletier fan since he was doing Green Lantern and I honestly believe
he’s gotten substantially better with each issue of this series. A
lesser artist would have had the confusion of the crowd scene
negatively effect their story telling, but, while I still felt the
confusion of the scene, I didn’t lose track of the players in it, which
is more than I can say for Final Crisis.

This story also has some great quiet moments. The one that sticks out for me is Crystal and Ronan on the beach. I always felt Crystal was just a hanger on since she married Pietro, but she’s benefited from the revitalized Inhumans and is incredibly strong and interesting.

I know a lot of people don’t
enjoy mega space opera storylines, and that’s a shame, because stuff
like this gives the writers a freedom that makes the story so much
better. I know you won’t pick up this issue if you haven’t picked up
1-3, but I can only tell pre order the trade at DCBS (yes, I’m putting a plug in so they read my review, let’s see if it works). You’ll be glad you did.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. DnA do a great job of telling an epic story that’s grounded in character.  While I might have been a bit lost in all the intergalactic politics, I could ground myself in that great scene with Crystal and Ronan, and in Gladiator’s narration.

    And I didn’t expect that last page at all, whoah. (I hope it’s NOT a fakeout as I’ve never liked the character in question).

  2. Knowing how DnA write and how it opens up the series for many more stories and takes away a cheap cop out ending, Yeah I think that character is incredibly dead.

  3. @changingshades: Don’t forget that the phoenix force (I refer to it as that blue thing) has left Rachel.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up in Lilandra.

  4. @JesTr: Haven’t read this issue yet, but that would be a big curveball since the X-Men solicits for this month or next would indicate the Phoenix Force has other plans…

  5. I have not enjoyed this crossover at all. Abnett and Lanning are great at writing monthly books that are character driven books with tons of action but they always fall very short with these "epic" crossovers. Mainly because they are not epic, both this and Annihilation Conquest felt very small and isolated to me. No sense of galactic implications. When compared to Annihilation and John’s entire run on Green Lantern this book is pretty mediocore. There is lots of great characterization but that’s it, no big galactic scale here.

  6. @uspunx


    Really? I’ve just felt incredibly burnt out on GL lately. I can see that this might not feel epic, but I disagree. 

  7. Part of it could be I just got into GL a couple months ago so that book is still very new to me. One of my problems with DnA is that some of their characters feel like cliches, particularly I talking about Vulcan. When he was introduced way back in Deadly Genesis I really like him and it has been a lot of fun to watch him grow over all the various stories. But since DnA have gotten a hold of him he feels like that typical meglomanicial super villain. He feels like a flat stereotype rather than a dynamic character. I love GoG but WoK is really starting to feel long to me.

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