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Rick and his group are welcomed into a new community, led by a new charismatic leader.  Rick has experienced this before.  Is this the beginning of a new era of peace for Rick and the others… or is this man every bit as dangerous as The Governor?

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn
Cover by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn

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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This new community stuff has got me really excited for the future of Walking Dead. A major player is definitely going to bite the dust.

  2. It always seems like it takes longer than a month to get an issue of TWD, does’nt it? I am looking forward to some new story line possibilities here and I for one hope it is not a Governor type situation I would like to move on to a new chapter of what happened to everyone and how they got this virus and see how many people really survived? That would be very cool to see and how many walkers there really are accross the world. Oh, maybe a spin off called TWD international and show whats happening across the great pond or out in China and/ Japan some of the most over populated areas of the world. Are they sweeping into Europe now and what about South America and Canada?? So many questions and some many ideas, Kirkman you picked an endless story mine, kudos to you!!


    • The idea of Walking Dead International actually sounds pretty cool.
      I love these characters, but I want to see more. Hopefully that is just what the next arc or so I planning to do, Show us more. We need the characters to start moving a bit. The problem with the first half of the AMC show was that we stayed on the farm and never saw anything else. It gets dull after a while.
      So, if done right, and maybe finding a way to connect with the original story, I think a book showcasing the rest of the world would be really cool.

    • Kirkman has stated that he doesn’t want to have any spin-offs, so don’t get your hopes up. Although I do agree, I would love to see how the rest of the world is holding up.

    • He just did a Michonne story for Playboy.

      Not international but a crack in the restraint to keep the world centered on the one comic.

  3. A bad ass leader with a messiah complex would play out nicely as we reach 100 issues.

    I’m all for this new community posing a major threat.

  4. For the love of god, I hope something actually happens in these next issues. I enjoy a good slow burn but this has just not been as fun as it usually is.

    That being said, it looks like things will start firing up real soon.

  5. Things have been burning really damn slowly lately. Hope quality improves.

  6. How long can he keep telling this story without giving some answers? Does Kirkman even have any? Damn it Bob please tell us why! I need to know why there is fucking dead people walking around. 100 issues without an answer and I’m out. Just at least give us a theory.

    • But that’s not what the story is about…

      Just like Y: THE LAST MAN wasn’t about why all the men died.

    • Kirkman has stated that he doesn’t plan to reveal how the zombie apocalypse started, like Conor said, that really wouldn’t matter at this point.

    • its kind of irrelevant. We never know why things happen in this world, but we have to figure out how to cope with them. This story isn’t about the setting…. its about a small group of people in that world.

      Sure i really want to know the causes, and what is going on in the rest of this world and how other zones are coping, but thats not the story being told here.

    • All of those are valid points. I’m not reading this just for the reveal and I do very much enjoy this book. But how many more times are we going to get the same story. Kirkman the champion of creator owned stories is giving us Spider-man with zombies. I starting to feel like I’m reading the comic equivalent to Lost. I have enjoyed the ride but that ” it”s just about these people’s experience” line is starting to get old. Y at least gave us an answer in sixty issues. And on a side note female apocalypse sounds way more fun than zombie apocalypse. I can’t just be strung along on the road without knowing that I will eventually arive at the destination.

    • @keithfury: There is no destination, there is just a journey.

    • I’d stop reading it then. It’s about what happens to these people in this world. You’re not getting an explanation any more than you’re getting a porterhouse at Burger King.

    • @josh: I’m not!? And what is this pink slime that’s covering my ‘porterhouse’!?

    • I am sure we all wish George hadn’t explained the Force, no of us were asking anyway. Also the characters wouldn’t know and it really would add anything. When will Rick get his hand back? Hey! top five one handed characters? are there 5?

  7. “What” lol-5/5

  8. The TV show may have its problems but this issue was freaking fantastic.

  9. Come on Conner aren’t you just a little curious.

  10. This was a fun issue. I was as suspicious as Rick of this new “perfect” town. And maybe we’re starting to see some connection to those crazy teasers? That last page made me chuckle…

  11. Kirkman is going to have to give me a very convincing reason why Rick and his crew would get involved in the “trade” relations problem this new group is having with another community.

    I assume he got involved in the conflict from this issue because the guy seemed a threat to him and his group, but beyond taking out an immediate threat, I don’t see why he would take it any further.

    Jesus is cool as hell.

  12. Good story her. However, and it may be just me, but is anyone else tired of Adlard’s art? I just don’t think he tells the story nearly as well as other guys with real horror chops. For instance, a Declan Shalvey would take this book to a new level. His draftsmanship is superior and his storytelling is stronger.

    • I respect your opinion, but Adlard is one my favorite things about this title. I couldn’t image him not drawing this book.

    • @zombox: It’s mpt a horror book. It’s a survival book. And Adlard continues to improve with every issue. His storytelling technique is so unique that it can look bland at times, but I personally put him in the Steve Dillon category of “simple” artwork that puts the story first (though he has a ways to go before he catches up to Dillon).

    • This book would completely change with Shalvey on art, and not in a good way. (And Shalvey is great.)

  13. This may not go over very well with everyone however; I have started to think as of issue 100 I will probably drop this title. Although I have a crazy feeling maybe thats when the series ends anyway?? I have to say the stories seem to be just rehashed a little bit and the same thing happens over and over again. Mind you I like this comic and the TV show very much it’s just the way the comic is starting to feel to me. Does that make any sense?? I want a little more action and I do know this comic is about Ricks life and how he deals with everything that is going on around him however; I can’t see there really being to many more supising plot twists?


  14. It’s felt like Kirkman has been treading water for quite a while on WD (guess I don’t like it when they’re in one place for too long!) but this new Larger World story has been a huge improvement, I’m in love with this book again!.

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