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  1. Putting "the unthinkable" as a product description for the walking dead is like calling water is wet.

  2. Unfathomable would have been better 🙂

    Hooray for Kirkman

  3. Does Carl get eaten? 

  4. i bet it presents him getting eaten, but really 7 issues down the line there will be flash forwards and carl is a zombie killing machine. I’ve been waiting for it to happen since like issue 25.

  5. @Fvckstick-does he use shuriken?  Or does he steal Michonne’s katana and become a ronin?

  6. @Fvckstick-God I hope so.

  7. I’d imagine Carl getting eaten would be considered thinkable in Kirkman’s on.

  8. YES!  it feels like a year since the last one.  I love this book and wish it came out everyday.  I’d still buy it.

  9. Can…not…wait…

  10. piggy backing off of Brandon2 – Kirkman will have carl eaten … and then it will turn into a weird questionable zombie tale (much like land of the dead) where carl is now the leader of the zombies lol.

     seriously though, i could see kirkman doing some crazy shit like, having Carl get eaten, but Rick grabs his hand, and Carl shreds at the forearm, so rick is carrying around his dead childs arm, until he realizes that his blood type is the same as Carls and they find a way to fuse it to ricks arm…SO, you’ve got rick walking around with a creepy childs arm on one side =)

  11. @Fvckstick- Why did you make me picture that. Why did you do that?! :0

  12. Other "unthinkable" alternatives: aliens, finally. Something crazy happens with that father and son from way back in the first trade. Rick has to kill a school full of zombie children.

  13. I am pretty sure it is involving Morgan and Duane Jones.  Not any kind of spoiler there…just my guess.

  14. @TommyBrownell-Yeah, thats probably a safe guess to make.  My money is on them two.  Possibly one eating the other?????  I would never think of that.  Hence, unthinkable

  15. "The unthinkable"!? Considering last issue Carl was nearly corn holed, what could be "unthinkable" in Kirkman’s twisted (& highly entertaining) mind? Maybe Carl will be raped by a zombie midget & get pregnant with zombie babies?

  16. @wade Maybe nothing bad will happen and everybody will be happy and not at all worried about zombies or crazy people.

  17. Unthinkable = the father and son from Rick’s town have lived a quiet, undisturbed life for the past year. That’s what would be unthinkable. Plus, it would destroy Rick even more than he has been, since this time he would KNOW that he screwed up by not taking his family back there immediately.

  18. We need another WD video podcast or at least a discussion in the audio podcast, its been a while since the last one and a number of trades have come out since then, lets go guys get on your horse and get to work!

  19. @Neal – You’re right, that would be Unthinkable!

  20. God, I love this book.

  21. This could be ‘The Aristocrats’ of the comic industry.

    ‘You see I got this comic, about a father and son surviving a zombie apocolypse and what happens next is (insert your story)

  22. There is a book (NOT a graphic novel) being released in April called PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES. It’s off of the Jane Austin classic, and like 85% of the original.

  23. @supertrackmonkey-thanks for reminding us just how whack and over saturated the zombie craze has gotten.  All I need is Walking Dead and WWZ.  Lets hope the rest of the world moves on to werewolves or something

  24. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES sounds good.  If it had pictures I’d pick it up.

  25. @brandon it has pictures. also, apparently it’s getting optioned. I think I’ll wait for the movie.

  26. Well…I don’t know if I would call that UNTHINKABLE…but it was still very good.  SOOOOO glad Kirkman talked me out of dropping this.

  27. Yeah…that was totally thinkable.  Still a good show though

  28. man, I’m so glad they explained that mullet.

  29. Robert Kirkland writes another gut wrenching enrty in what may be the best horror series since Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

  30. kirkman

  31. LOL Neal

    So, what was the unthinkable part? Abraham’s touching back story of multiple rapes, murders & torture or Morgan killing people to feed his zombie son? Those are just normal things for this book!

    Another killer issue though. No pun intended.

  32. Decent issue.  A good reminder as to all the terrible things that have been happening to people.

  33. @Wade-I’m going with the part about Duane and Morgan.  If you are a regular in Kirkman’s forum, which I am, you see that people love posting about how they want to see those two again, and they are still alive, blah blah.  I think this was Kirkman telling them "ok, you want to see them?  Fine, but it won’t be pretty."  love it

  34. That final line of dialgue by Rick just says so much about the trajectory of this series so far. And so much more. That’s probably one of the hugest lines of the series, coupled with some of the dialogue earlier. It puts a sort of judgment on things, in a very pragmatic, unmoralistic way. This series is so f-ing good and this is shaping up to be one of the best arcs yet.

  35. "The unthinkable" was the perfect tagline for the solicits on this book.  Outstanding issue.

  36. I really loved when Carl joined their conversation about killing. He really seems their equal, not just a little kid…. great issue.

  37. @ButchCassidy. You nailed the best moment. That conversation was chilling. I can just imagine them forgetting about Carl while they sat down and tried to top each other only to have Carl remind them that he is the baddest pre-adolescent on the planet. 

     This whole stinking book has been unthinkable since the spoon issue. What a great horrifying journy its been. This book is POW nearly every month in my book.  I started in trades and switched to floppies when I caught up. I can not imagine going back. Waiting that long between stories would be the unthinkable. Hardbacks, now flipping way I could wait that long. 

  38. By the way. If Kirkman really managed to get out 58 issues in 60 months the man deserves the iron man trophy. Not many books can claim that.

  39. So what the heck for SO "Unthinkable"?

  40. Duh… WAS so "Unthinkable"?

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