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  1. I’m buying this almost purely for the art. If the story is good doesn’t suck, that’s just an added bonus.

  2. I’m probably in the minority, but I think #501 through 503 were great.  They’re definately reminiscent of the Claremont days (although I hope they get rid of these annoying little character into-boxes)

  3. @cutty see i liked the character boxes, its a funny little gag that keeps the free spirit of the new direction

  4. I’ve primarily just been irked by how much the story has, despite moving to the gay capital of the world, been nothing but shallow softcore Greg Land porn with some passing reference to lesbianism.

  5. @Cutty-Fraction did an interview with IGN i believe.  Made it seem like those boxes were here to stay.  Maybe not though.

    I am hoping this is better than the last arc.  It was ok, I think I just really had a problem with the art.  So hopefully this one turns out better.  If not, I may drop it.  Which sucks because it is currently my only X-book

  6. @drakedangerz:

    I know how you feel! I want so badly to be an X-Men fan again (to the point of trudging through a few of the Greg Land issues), but the disarray of mutants in the Marvel universe over the past few years reflects all too well the state of the X-Line. At least I have Astonishing… but Ellis doesn’t exactly make it very…. "X". It feels more like some indie comic (probably due to the odd art mixed with odd story). Then again, the same could be said of Morrison’s run.

  7. Wait, pencil by Dodson?  Not Land?  I knew my not-dropping this would be rewarded!

  8. @cutty – I picked this up at 500 and have been enjoying ever since.  It’s way better than Astonishing right now.

  9. I can’t deal with Ellis’s Astonishing.  I have too much Claremont in my head, if a writer can’t write the characters in the way that he established, I get turned off. 

  10. This is indeed way better than Astonishing, but I think this arc will be the end for me.  When you put together your pull list and you groan when you see a book that will be in your box that you have no choice but to buy, it’s time to drop it.  Which means the only Marvel books I’ll be buying now are ASM and Old Man Logan.

  11. @Templar – Dodson and Land are switching off penciling duties just like Fraction and Brubaker and switching on the writing.  My guess is that Dodson will do this 4 issue arc and then Land will take over again.

  12. I feel this is finally going somewhere. Finally. Thank you.

  13. @JesusSlanda Thanks.  Now I know when to lower my expectations.

  14. Correction; I’ve still got Cap coming in, too.  How could I forget?

  15. @JesusSlanda-Last arc had both Fraction and Bru as writers, now this arc only says Fraction.  The advanced previous for Feb. again only say Fraction writing.  I know they are supposed to be switching, but is this just a case of the solicits not printing both names?  Or is Bru just sort of advising Fraction, like he did on the bulk of the last issues of Immortal Iron Fist?

    I just really want this to be good because I love mutants.  I desperatly want to know what is going to happen in the future for them.  But 1)Uncanny seems like really the only place to see that, which sucks because it is only mildly entertaining 2) 2010 is when it seems we will really get answers, so have to stick it out and 3) I can’t stand the idea of Greg Land coming back!!

    I need words of wisdom to guide bm in this time of crisis.  You know that "Footprints" thing that Christians keep on their wall?  Well, picture me…talking to Ron…looking at the X-books over the last year.  THATS what I need

  16. Brubaker is definitely leaving the book… eventually.  He was the only current X-writer not at the last X-summit.

  17. @Conor-Hmm, not sure what to make of that news.  Bru did some decent work.  Rise and fall of shiar was fun, but a bit too long.  It does in some way sadden me, but ultimately I think he is best suited for solo titles, or titles with more street level characters. 

  18. I look forward to this arc. People seem to be excited about Dodson over Land, but I feel the need to point out that the picture of Dazzler on the cover makes her chest more ridiculously over-inflated than I remember Land drawing. It seems that the X-artists are turning all the X-women into Cinemax After Dark performers. Maybe D-cups are the new second mutation!

  19. Chest size aside, at least Dodson DREW his rendition of it.

  20. @Templar

    That was funny. LOL.

  21. I like the new Uncanny, there I said it.

  22. Matt Fraction is currently my favorite new writer at the big two

  23. Dazzlers boobs do not look bigger here than in Land’s interpretation.  Land gave her freaking casaba melon funbags.  Surprised she could even walk straight…

  24. @drake: Funniest comment I’ve read in awhile, good show sir.

    If this isnt drawn by Land I’ll give it a shot at my LCS. But if the story is still medicore as ever I wont bother.

  25. Hmm, I kinda like Land’s porny Open For Dick ladies and I’m, you know, like, a ifangay.

  26. @Garrett-w00t for iFangays!!!

    I just prefer to get my porn from somewhere else.  Like…from porn.

  27. lol. I’ve been enjoying the new stuff a lot

  28. @Garrett 3.0 (or would it be 4.0) should have groups so that we can make an iFangays group!

  29. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I’d like to know which is the ifangays current favourite book. Mine is Secret Six of course, what with all that hot nekkid Catman in Africa action. 

  30. I don’t have enough money to be a Marvel zombie AND a DC reader 😛

    My favorite book is probably Thunderbolts (ignoring Gage’s SI tie-in/fillers..)

  31. Oh, if you only get one book, get Secret Six. It’s an absolute hoot and full of smokin’ villain dudes. It’s DC ifangay porn.  ;o)

  32. @Garrett-As a straight man, I still love me some nekkid Catman.  That is definetly comic porn done right!

    @goat77-can we also make iFanmexicans?

  33. @Drake

    I think I have a friend who would be very interested in joining that…

  34. THIS ISSUE is an example of what X-Men should be, in art and writing.

  35. iFan…brazilians? Anyone?

  36. i thought it was just the land-ness that kept me from reading this after 500, but it must’ve been coupled w/ fraction’s writing (i don’t think i’ve read anything else of his) because i just didn’t like this.

  37. The Claremont parallels have become ever so clear to me as of this issue. I’ve always been a sucker for that "adventure inside so-and-so’s mind" thing that he did, so that really pleased me, and then there was that ground-level crime/horror element… I just really really liked this and I wish that this creative team could stay on it instead of the inevitable return of Greg "What the hell is storytelling?" Land.

  38. I so forgot to pick this up today!!  My bad, will get it tomorrow

  39. This was an average issue, but I loved it.  X-Men in different places doing different things, lots of new plots starting, and excellent characterizations.  I thought the issue itself was just okay, but these transitional issues are always important for the long, sprawling story that it looks like they’re putting together

  40. This issue finnaly felt like this was going somewhere. I was worried when Fraction took over. I like his IRON MAN, but his PUNISHER kinda sucks. Maybe this’ll get better.

    Anyone else bothered by the fact that almost all of the ASTONISHING team are the main characters in UNCANNY (Cyclops, Emma, Beast, Wolverine)? What’s the point of having two titles if they are just gonna star the same characters?

    I guess I really am the last guy who still likes Grag Land (I feel like I’m sayin I like Rob Liefeld or something… sheesh!)

  41. @butch – I don’t really count Astonishing anymore.  I can’t imagine Ellis is gonna be around for that long, that book isn’t gonna be around this time next year

  42. This issue didn’t do much for me. I’m not all that enthusiastic about the return of Maddy Pryor, because she really hasn’t been gone all that much since she died the first time. She was practically co-starring in X-man all those years. But I must confess to being somewhat interested in this sisterhood she’s forming.

    Am I the only one who thinks Fraction is somewhat overrated? Atleast on his work at Marvel? The Order was good, but didn’t sell. I didn’t care for his Punisher, don’t read his Iron Man. And so far his Uncanny is hit or miss.

  43. @shogunt: I would disagree somewhat on ‘Fraction is overrated’. Some of his work is down right amazing, like Immortal Iron Fist and The Order was a great hidden gem. But so far this run of Uncanny, Invincible Iron Man, and a few other titles makes me a little disappointed about him.

    Maybe he should stick with realistic or gritty comics instead of trying to make a light hearted X-Men romp.

  44. Dodson’s art was great on this, but all the jumping around made it tough to follow.  I know it’s the 1st issue of an arc, so hopefully it will come together.

  45. I liked this issues more than the previoius arc.  Not just the art, but the overall story.  Pretty good stuff.

    @shogunt-I wouldn’t say overrated at all.  Immortal Iron Fist, SI:Thor, the other 3 issues of Thor he is putting out and Invincible Iron Man are all incredible books.  I think its just because he is trying his nitch with these established characters.  On The Order, he created the characters, so he had free reign to do whatever he wanted and have them act however he needed.  Where as with the X-men, the characters are already established, so he just needs to actually connect with them and find out how they really tick.

  46. Fraction’s relatively new in the writing biz right?  He’s definately got a knack for dialogue, I think he’s got a shot at being one of the greats if he can put it all together

  47. This issue felt almost casanovaish in parts, which kinda gives me hope that fraction might pull it together and give us a run like morrison’s.

  48. this was a sexy issue of X-Men

  49. @cutty – Depends on what you consider "relatively new".  Fraction’s been writing comics for at least six years.

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