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  1. I really want to buy this based of the writers who are involved, but I’m not gonna get it if the art as porno-y as I’m expcting it to be.

  2. It looked like they changed the Pixie porn-face in at least one version of the cover, so maybe there’s hope?

    I dunno, it’s still Land.

    Still, you’re not going to keep me away from Fraction writing Xmen.

  3. I heard about Land’s art but Brubaker and Fraction make me not care.

  4. 2 of the best comic book writers around right here, good enought to make me buy a X-Men book

  5. Am I a sucker to say that I would buy any ongong series written by Ed Brubaker at this point?


    Also – the only X-Book I was reading regularly (since the last crossover) was Astonishing. Does anyone think that this can take over as the X-Book for those of us too fatigued to read X-Factor, Legacy, X-Force, Cable, et al? Or will this also be so steeped in events occurring in those other books that it will have less value as a free-standing ongoing series?

  6. I am jazzed to be reading the X-men for the first time since Bush was reelected.  It truly has been a bleak four years.

  7. This will be my first Uncanny X-men issue since at least 1993.

    God I’m old.

  8. Im stoked for this. The writers are both doing awesome work in thier other books and as long as Land and Dodson can do a decent job with the art then this book could bring the x men back on top.

  9. Some writers can make me care crap about the art. Good thing is: This book has two of them! I’m superexcited for this…

  10. This better be good….Ever since Messiah Complex, Uncanny X-Men has been dull as anything. Since this is a big time issue, I’m expecting shocks!!! Shocking plot points I tell you!!!

  11. @coltrane68 – UNCANNY is not a stand alone book, it’s tied into everything.

  12. I think the X-books are all more or less stand-alone these days.  Sure, they’ll eventually all take place in San Francisco but they’ll all most likely be telling their own isolated stories until the next crossover, and there’s definately no other required reading if you just want to read Uncanny.  That’s how it was for well over a year before Messiah Complex

  13. @coltrane68 – I gave up on X-Force and Cable a couple of months ago. I haven’t regreted it, nor has it taken away from my enjoyment of the other X-books.

  14. I agree with Cutty.  Aside from Messiah Complex, none of the recent Xbooks have been particularly interconnected — or even cognizant of each other.  Whether that’s going to change when everything’s based in SF, I don’t know.

  15. it’ll be tough at first with Angel having metal wings and emo in one book and feathery and easy going in another.

  16. The x-universe has 0 cohesion these days, and its all over the place with all these one-shots and mini-series’.  They had it perfect pre-MC with Uncanny, X-Men, New X-Men, and X-Factor, but they just had to fuck with it.  At least Cable and Young X-Men will most likely be cancelled before ’09

  17. @Conor & xebix – Thanks for the thoughts. I think I am just going to jump into this one and see whether I can read it alone.

  18. Why are the X-Men moving to San Fran?  Are they doing this because people like me say it’s stupid to have all their heroes in one city?

  19. Fine, I’m going to trust you guys that the writing will outweigh the art, but you all totally owe me if this issue sucks.

  20. @goat77– put it on Marvel’s tab my friend, they owe me a porsche’s worth by now.

  21. What a letdown.  I expect a hell of a lot more out of a 500th issue

  22. Ok-B Clay Moore close your eyes–I have to say it. The Land art SUCKED. Characters looked different from panel to panel. I know it’s a tired refrain already, but what the fugg?! WHY DOES THIS GUY GET HIRED?! His work in this issue frankly looked unprofessional, ESPECIALLY When you put it next to Dodson’s who was actually able to get a character to look the same from panel to panel.

  23. This this book was okay, but it needed more prologues and epilogues. 

  24. Three words — provocateur Sentinel art. What an awesome Morrisonian concept!

  25. From this point on I"m boycotting this book until Land is gone.

  26. I liked this issue. Land isnt that great but had some cool Magneto scenes and Dodson was good as usual. THe writing was up to what i thought it would be too.

  27. It’s funny that this is POTW for the ifanboy site…Considering the (right now) 4 out of 5 user reviews thought it was medicore or worst at best.

    This issue was the same old crap we’ve been getting since Messiah Complex. Scalped and Powers you can try to convince me on why it’s fantastic…there is nothing, not one single thing in this issue to tell me that this was worth the POTW. But then I forgot that X-Men lover Ron picked this….wonder what the choice would’ve been if we didnt have an X-Men fantatic for this week’s pick.

  28. @NextChampion–read Ron’s review–he lays out pretty clearly why he picked it. The whole point of POW is that’s a personal opinion…it’s not like his pick makes other books worse right?

  29. @AlexG: I know that, trust me I do…I dont wanna relive the Powers fiasco we had here. I’m just saying that it’s weird that this is being commerically and reader reviews are panning this book. To me, it sounds like the majority of people thought this was one of the worst books of the week. Just odd that I’m on the site with the side of the few people who actually liked it.

    It doesnt make the other books look bad, but it certainly raises eyebrows to people who thought the book was bad. (Like me)

  30. Lets not take the POTW too seriously. To me, we all have our own, it just happens that Josh, Connor, and Ron get to talk about theres for 10 minutes on a podcast.  Its all personal preference, it doesn’t have to be representative of Ifanboy as a community

  31. Did anyone else notice that at the end of page seven the mayor was like, "oh what a spectacular view…" and it seemed like they were setting up for a two-page Welcome-To-San-Francisco-Cityscape spread, but then turn the page and it was just ugly faces staring at the reader???  Those expressions were something else, especially Emma where she’s giving a line that should be a flippant dismissal of the Sentinal art exhibihition, but she looked like she’s just fallen into the terlet. 

    I’m intrigued by the idea of putting High Evolutionary in the book, but not enough I think at this point to keep on with Uncanny.

  32. When did the X-Men start hanging out with Al Gore?  I thought for a moment I was reading the comic adaptation of ‘An Iconvenient Truth’.

  33. @Harper– I thought that spread was gonna happen too after the Mayor said that.  I was bummed they didn’t.   

  34. My favorite panel was the the Porn Face Emma Frost with a random white glove sitckin up out of the bottom of the panel.

  35. I like Greg Land’s art, and he draws a great Beast.  😀  I did find the switching back and forth between the two styles to be confusing, but I could pick my way through.  Fraction’s intro — and don’t try to tell me that first page is not 100% Fraction — is a sort of giddy delirious sweeping delight.  It set up the new order in a clear way.  Things are going to be different, they will be cosmic and human both, and they will start fresh.  It was an homage to old school and a nice intro to the new situation.

     I just wish it had come out before AXM #25.

  36. Dude, Beast looked awful.

  37. On pg 6 Beast looks like current Beast then on pg. 10 he looks like old school Beast.  And on the same page was Wolverine trying to do The Rock’s People’s Eyebrow, and what’s with Emma’s facial expression on that page?

  38. This was pretty mediocre. Maybe I’m just X-Men’d out, I just couldn’t summon much feeling for the story. I love the writers in other stuff, but here I just can’t make myself care.

    Dodson’s art is so much better than Land’s, it’s distracting.

  39. I liked the art.  i thought it was clear and understandable.  art was great.  @kory beast always looks bad.  i havnt seen a good beast sence he turned cat.  what disapointed me was the story.  i felt like i was being preached too.  "Did it have to be a hibrid?" like was cheesy and yea i get it the new base is running green, you dont have to tell me 3 times in a row. sheesh.  the dialoge seemed off as well.  i should just write a reveiw.

  40. Did I mention I hate feline Beast.  I started reading recently and I was disappointed to find out he looked like a Muppets reject.

  41. @harper: the lack of sharing the "spectacular view" took me right out of the story.  the art has to enhance the dialogue and this just didn’t work.

  42. Why everyone hatin’ on this issue ? I personally liked the premise of the book. 

    1. They established the new HQ.

    2. Gave us an impression how the city reacts to the X-men.

    3. They showed us the villians for the next time.

    4. And made SF the center for mutants, which is perfect because now the big Teams aren’t only in freakin’ New York.

  43. I liked the story very much.  Sets a good ground for what’s goingn to be the current arc, and nestles them in nicely in SF.

    However, the art was atrocious.  SO MUCH TRACING!

    And then what is up with the scene where White Queen and Storm have no faces at all?

  44. @Spooky- Did you read this book?  Bad art and out of character dialogue was why this was bad.  Come on since when does Cyclops who normally is a very serious guy yell ‘suck it’ during a battle?  Why during a life and death battle with sentinels and Magneto does Emma yell at Colussus for throwing a Hybrid, and why does he apologize?  Pardon my French but any other person would tell her to shut the fuck up and go eat some tofu.  And did I have to be lectured to about going ‘green’?  But hey more power to you if you enjoyed it.

  45. I think this is my first encounter with Greg Land art.  I have heard about him before but have never purchased/read any floppies that he has drawn.  I opened the book and was just turned off and I swear Scott looked different in every panel.  The story and writing I think saved this book but the art was just some haggared shit.

  46. If they’d just pull Land from this book, it’d be golden.

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