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Rick Remender (Venom, Fear Agent), Jerome Opeña (Punisher, Fear Agent) and Dean White (Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man) bring you a tale of devastation, bravery, and salvation.

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Jerome Opena & Esad Ribic
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Esad Ribic, Ron Garney & Chris Sotomayor

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 60.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. I have been waiting for this!!! It’s ridiculous how good this book is.

  2. I think it is safe to assume that Warren will not rotate back into being a X-man any time soon. He is will soon either be a hermit pariah or a villain. Not dead, otherwise Marvel would have trumpeted it for the past three months.

  3. Best Run from Marvel. Maybe best run in comics.

  4. This final issue is sending shivers down my spine because of the anticipation. I seriously cannot wait to crack this open.

  5. Most anticipated single issue of the year for me. Maybe I looked forward to a few Batman Inc. issues more. Maybe.

  6. So. Fucking. Stoked.

  7. I would want to see the spoiler cover…but its a spoiler cover…

  8. Often when a story arc runs on this long I’m relieved when the last issue comes because it’s finally over. In this case I’m excited because I finally get to read it.

  9. i love this book. This, JIM, and Cap and Bucky are some of THE best comics i’ve read in all my long 22 years of life!

  10. Love this arc more than anything in the Marvel Universe, that being said, im glad this arc is over. Im stoked about the new team!

  11. Definitely interested to see how everything will conclude. The preview that featured Dethklok and Dark Beast seemed kinda rushed, so I hope its not a case of “wrap up every plot point within 20 pages, regardless of whether they fit”.

  12. The art on this run has just been…staggering. Nuts. Crazy, crazy good.

  13. No way I can be more excited. Rereading the entire arc starting now.

  14. More inventive and exciting that any “Event” comic.

  15. This is one of my favorite stories pretty much ever. So excited to see where it goes after this!

  16. This is what you call a satisfying reading experience

    I have no words for how much I have enjoyed this entire story

  17. absolute homerun – what a fantastic story, all the way through – and the story (and art) in the final story arc (issue #18) was breathtakingly satisfying. Very moving the Betsy-Warren-through-their-life scenes, and the “WTF?” ending is just great!

  18. I can’t believe how much I cried towards the end. I was not expecting that to happen. POTW hands down.

  19. Any of these issues available in trade?

  20. Can Remender write all of the X-Men books? Cause, you know, I’d be okay with that, even with as good as the others are currently.

  21. Wow. Did not expect to be that moved. POW.

  22. I would like to ditto all of the good things already said about this issue….in fact, this entire saga has been one of the better arcs or storylines I’ve ever read. Fantastic stuff.

  23. This reminded me when I was a wee bit lad reading the Phoenix Saga and being floored in how much I was invested in the characters. This is by far the best book Marvel has produced in a long long time. Heres hoping regenesis and X-Men Vs Avengers doesn’t ruin the quality of a amazing book.

  24. Oh and big thumbs up to Remender making Wolverine non-existent for the finale.

    • Good point.

    • That’s probably the best part about this series. The “big” characters get sidelined so that other characters can get actual time to shine. They could pull Wolverine off this team entirely, and I would not miss him for a second.

    • How crazy would it have sounded if someone would have told you that the biggest and best saga in Marvel Comics this yearwould center around Archangel, Psylocke, and Fantomex?

      Remender just taught a master class in why every comic doesn’t need to focus on only the super popular characters. Granted Wolverine was on a bunch of the covers. But I totally get that. It’s still comics, after all.

  25. kind if let down actually.

  26. That was a great ride. I like how Betsy gives Warren that last act of mercy. Fantomex is a slippery bastard.

  27. Not only were those future scenes incredibly touching, but they helped accentuate that gut-wrenching final panel.

    Incredibly thrilling with gloriously framed art scenes. 5 stars.

  28. Seriously, this arc will go down as one of the true classics. Crazy good.

  29. And I was looking forward to Genesis/Superman becoming a part of the main cast…

    • I don’t think he died during his fight with Archangel, so the possibility of him having a role in the series is still there. At the very least, Fantomex is gonna have some explaining to do.

  30. Who was Genesis? Did that come out of left field or did I miss something?

  31. POTW in a week full of great books.

    Remender and Opena deserve an Eisner for this arc alone. The first time through, I couldn’t help but read this at breakneck pace it was so exciting. The ability to make your audience really feel how high the stakes are is a very rare and powerful thing. I’ve seen many things in comics, but I can’t remember ever seeing a major character killed off and resurrected in the span of four pages. It floored me. I actually yelled “Oh shit!”. The best part is, this story’s over and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Is Warren an actual “angel” now? Will he ever regain his memory? Will Fantomex leave/get kicked off the team? Will Deathlok continue to go all Yanosh-in-the-pink-slime on everyone? Do they bring AoA Kurt back with them?

    This is what a great comic feels like.

    R.I.P. Sunfire.

  32. Great arc, I think this book has been my POTW for its last 8-9 issues.

    Still, I kinda wish he would have stayed dead. Undercuts the stakes and Betsy’s gift to the dying Warren.

    • I disagree. Remender’s playing with “death” in comics here. The stakes remain high. And the gift Betsy gives Warren remains essential. Remender just pulled the rug out from under us.

  33. What do you mean about playing? That the death was reversed in the same issue? It’s an interesting counterpoint to the last issue of “The Dark Phoenix Saga”.

    Seeing him alive on that last page took me right out of it. Just reminds me that it’s always about the next issue… A story can’t stand on its own and have a finite end because of the property’s value. The nature of superhero comics I guess…

  34. This could end up being a pretty permanent death regardless of the blonde angel that looks like Warren walking around. We just have to see what he is.

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