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  1. I was wondering this book was going to magically appear again.  Did it go from a 6 parter to a 5 parter?  I just remember seeing the solicit for #5 on and thinking…what the happened to #4.

  2. pssst Ultimates consider you dropped

  3. I think it might always have been a 5-parter. Initially I thought it was going to be 6 issues as well, because that seems more normal, but the news has been out for a long time now that Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 are each going to be 5 issue-"stories".

  4. Its always been a 5 part story.  I remember seeing #1 of 5 thinking, "Just five issues?  Nothing of real consequence can happen in 5 issues."  I just want there to be a pay off.  So far I have been sorely dissapointed.

  5. oh wow, I forgot all about this title.

  6. @Kimbo, right with ya…

     God this book is so terrible! Poorly written and just loads of shit brown color all over the backgrounds. I dont see why so many people like Mad’s art…again it looks like shit lol

  7. I liked that huge banner Joe Mad did for issue one, but since then Ultimates 3 continues to find ways to make me miss Mark Millar and Brian Hitch.  I don’t understand why it’s late, I don’t understand why it’s so bland, and I don’t understand why everyone is fighting.  Come on Jeph Loeb please don’t continue to disappoint.

  8. I hardly even remember the storyline, other than it’s pretty crappy, and the delays … ouch. Joe Mad is a killer though, his art is sick.

    Does it make me superficial to buy a book just for the art?

  9. ^Nah, I buy the book solely for the art too. Loeb’s writing here is so bad it’s entertaining to me. That IS the "pay-off" for me. And I love Joe Mad’s art even though the coloring has ranged from awful to barely tolerable. I’ll buy a book of Joe Mad’s art no matter how horrible the writing is. It’s like pr0n for the 14-year-old kid that still barely lives inside me.

  10. Jeph Loeb is an asre-cown

  11. This series has sooooooo much potential and I agree with most of the comments that it seems to be disappointing.  After some of the worst delays in marvel history and the promise of on time delivery, this book should be dropped as a response to being lied too.  That being said, I am an Ultimate Universe fan, I love the concept, I really like most of the stuff they are putting out and I hope that they put more effort into getting this universe back on track.  I am very put off by the 616 universe and the baggage that comes along with it and will continue to support everything Ultimate to show marvel that there is money to be made in a fresh new start of a comic universe that ties things together and is manageable to read.

  12. I picked this up and am completely lost! I have no idea what is going on! I hate delays.

  13. I can’t believe I read the words, "Come with me if you want to live." This is more grotesque than abortion footage.

  14. I can’t believe how most people are actually dropping Ult. X-men and not this.  Last Week X-men recieved 129 pulls but this abismial waste got 199. 

  15. This continues to disappoint.  Bad dialog, action that couldn’t be followed, and WAY too much that needs to be resolved with only one issue to go.  I was late to the game and bought issues 1-3 all at once, thinking "well, even though it’s not great, with only two more issues how bad can it get?"

    That yellow stuff?  Egg, all over my face.



  16. I cant stand Loebs writing, his story makes me miss Millars greatness!! I still love the eye candy. Mad is still my favorite artist. Just wish he could do a monthly book with a GOOD writer!

  17. "come with me if you want to live."  I think that was supposed to be atip off that he is a robot.  Doing the whole Ultron thing–meh.  This book blows huge chunks.  I had to go back and read the first 3 just to remember what happened.  I will go ahead an buy 5 just to comeplete the set and to know what happened.  Marvel has to put a team together that can turn this book out on time. 

  18. The art – 5/5

    The story? If I understood what the hell was going on, I guess I could rate it.

  19.  why is black panther here has there been a explination. i think loeb didn’t need  to bring his A game because how much MAD’s name would compincate and marvel knows this.

  20. This book’s twist made me giggle. Last year’s Jeph Loeb/90’s icon collabo Onslaught Reborn is still much funnier/sadder, but this does manage to be wonderfully terrible.

  21. How the hell is this series only five issues? God I wish it was only one but I got a bone to pick with Loeb.

    How the hell can you write a story with four issues so far? Then end it with no climax until the last fucking issue? How his Loeb going to finish this book in one issue? It cant be done, it’s gonna be so rushed and even more shitty then the already shitty writing in this book.

    I cant take it anymore, Loeb was (keyword was) my favorite writer for a long time. His old DC work was terrific and I will still enjoy it. But clearly he has lost his ‘it’ that has made him a good writer. With this and Hulk, there is no fucking reason to read anything with Jeph Loeb on the cover.

  22. NextChampion syas it all. Makes me really worried about Captain America: White. All the other Marvel color books have been great but Loeb has sucked major since returning to Marvel. I still love MADs art, just wish he did more and on time.

  23. My question is how the hell does Loeb exepect to tell this story in five issues. It makes all kinds of sense that is not. It just keeps building to something that won’t make a lick of sense and will come out in about six months.

  24. @kevrum – I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Loeb knows the artist’s name alone will sell books, so he has saved his good story ideas for something else? Pretty weak … he’s not working for free.

  25. this book is very loud, very exaggerated, and very dumb. 

  26. This is utter crap. After the Josh/B. Clay Moore discussion, I’ve given more thought to just randomly badmouthing books, so what I say here is FOR MYSELF only–After a SERIES of botched runs on a number of titles now, that I WASTED my money on, Jeph Loebs name now means "DO NOT BUY" to me.

  27. Amen, I don’t get the story at all. It seems like we missed a whole lot but I have to go dig out the past issues to make sure cause I don’t remember what the hell was going on when we left the last issue. While the art is beutiful it is not clear what is going on and sitracts from the story, oh wait maybe there wasn’t a story.

    I am so into finishing books but this one may get dropped. Probably not though with only one left. Good thiing my son got a job at the LCS. Maybe I will make him buy it for me so it doesn’t cost as much.

  28. i am so confused by this.  black panther showing up makes no sense at all.  hawkeye seems way off to me.  is scarlet witch dead or not?  I agree with AlexG.  Jeph Loeb is now a reason to leave a book on the shelf.  I honesly have never felt that way about a writer, only about artists.  Like rob liefeld.  How appropriate that they did that horrible Onslaught book together.

  29. and @lantern4life, i totally understand why people are dropping ult. xmen and not this.  the only difference between the two is that the art is better in this book, and its less of a commitment.  Only five issues, as opposed to however long its going to take the next writer of ult. xmen to repair the damage done over there.

  30. Artwork awsome! Story: Lame as lame can get. Their going to try to wrap this up in one issue???! I’m only buying this for the art. If Loeb is writing it, I don’t want an Ultimates 4.

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