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    This review was created to defend the Ultimates but at the same not advocated what Jeph Loeb is doing to this book.

    This is my problem with this book. Remember
Millar’s very over the top Ult. Fantastic 4. That run was more Fastastic
Four than Ult. Fantastic 4 and this is Avengers not the Ultimates. All
in all this issue was way better but the pacing, like in all the other
issues, fucks up this book. The storyline is pretty much is trying to
fix itself in the last 2 issues. I believe the delays were used to fix
scripts, even though it was blamed on art. I’m guessing this will read
easier in trade but there is so many roll eyes moments with crappy art I couldn’t even recommend a $13 trade purchase.
Everyone is questioning the Pyro appearance on the Brotherhood.  Ultimates 3 takes place a year ahead of all Ult. U books.  Also, Pryo on the Brotherhood just helps prove my theory that Loeb is trying to make regular 616 stories with Ultimate titles.  Hey, there’s always Ultimates 4. 

    All in all this book could have been good but with Loeb’s rushed, over the top style and fucked up pacing with crap art and trying to shove 616 history and story into what used to be a top Ult. title has ruined this book. 

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I guess this is why I feel so lost. I have no knowledge of the 616 Avengers, I only know this team from the Ultimates.

    So if Loeb is assuming all Ultimates readers have read Avengers books, he missed the mark with me.

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