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  1. Why am I still buying this book =P?  What the heck is with the dinosaurs on this cover?

  2. Loeb promised that we get a lot of answers in this one. If not, I’m out.

  3. Well, there is no "Maybe" so I selected "Pull".. depends on how many other books are in the stack come Wednesday.

  4. dude!  wolverine being eaten by a dinosuor, thats fucking sweet…. awesome

  5. Wolvie’s getting eaten by a dinosaur because Magneto has been chilling out in the Savage Land.  I’m ready for some big throw down, stuff so far has been over before it started.  That and I’m waiting for Clint to officially snap and become Bullseye already.

  6. I had high hopes for this mini, as usual with any Loeb stuff I read lately, I’ve been severly disappointed. Could it be that his great works were the abberation and crappy work the norm for him?

  7. Wow, there’s some crazy s@%# on that cover. That’s just intriguing enough to get me to… ask someone who bought it to tell me what that’s all about.

  8. I’m with this book for the full 5 issues I don’t mind it as much as most the people I hear from.

  9. I’m too much in awe of Joe Mad’s art not to buy this. Jeph Loeb is fast proving himself the "Rob Liefeld of writers", but I don’t even care. This takes me back to an enjoyable aspect of the ’90s, when sometimes I would indeed buy a book for how freakin awesome the characters looked rather than how the characters acted or what the story was. Sometimes that was fun, and though I cringe at a lot of the stuff now, I can pretty much enjoy Ultimates 3 in much the same way that I used to enjoy McFarlane and Capullo’s art on Spawn, and I have no qualms about it. I never really cared much about the Ultimates anyway.

     And Joe Mad’s work… while he seems like he’s never learned fundamental "storytelling", he’s just like some enfant terrible prodigy, whose work is just mindblowing and always evolving. He’s just a monster penciller, and even if many other aspects of this book are very very very poor, the raw penciling is just incredible.

  10. Honestly this book is like driving down the freeway and seeing a car flipped over and on fire. I know its horrible and I hope everyone is ok but I just can’t help the fact that I slow down and look.

    I just can’t look away! 

  11. I just read this despite telling myself I wouldn’t buy this issue (I’m weak, in the mind and upper body). It was interesting how Loeb weaved his story into the Ultimates backstory. But at the end, once again, I found myself thinking the book was manic and juvenille. Not my taste in car wrecks.

  12. This was this book to me: some porn with Mom Witch and Wolverine, a rip-off of Disassembled/House of M, and somethingthat looks like Ultron mixed in with a little incest creepiness.


    My predictions: the Tony robots are the Ultrons gone bad–Toney as Ultron, where have we seen that?  Scarlett Witch is actually Wolverine’s daughter in some weird way, and Black Panther and Captain America are one and the same (thus Logan smelled him out).  I don’t think we can fit any more Skrullsin as that was done in year one.

    I’ll read to the end just to see what happens but I am radically unimpressed with this so far. 

  13. I’ll keep buying this book because I like the pretty pictures.  I think the biggest problem is the hype before hand.  It was hyped as this awesome thing for soooo long due to the v.2 delay, so we were expecting this amazing epic.  What we got was a decent story that seems terrible in comparison to the hype and v.2.  But like I said, I’m still going to buy the book.

  14. I like the camera set up of the panels and the use of the silhouette in a few of the pages. It’s totally obvious that the art team are avid movie watchers. I hope Joe Mad sticks with a project for once.

  15. Not Loeb’s best work. Nor Mads’s. At least the art is a little better this time out, though. Tells the story adequately and isn’t confusing. WTF is the deal with Wolverine boning every woman in the Ultimate universe? Its… inane.

  16. Mad’s art gets better in direct proportion to Loeb’s story getting @&#*ier. Did anyone bother to tell Loeb this is the Ultimate Universe? I’m NOT looking for him to recreate M&H’s stories in this, but these characters seem totally different. This story is actually LAMER than Loeb’s horrible Wolverine run…

  17. i didn’t hate this issue like i did the first two. but like someone else said, it’s like watching a car crash. not very pleasant but strangely fascinating.

    i’ve like loeb’s work before, but i really thought this was going to be a stinker and i’d regret paying money to read it. but this issue i felt a little more interested in the story. the character are boring me. there’s no subtle charm or nuances of personality like millar gave the ultimates.

    i’ll keep buying it just to see if it can actually stink. if it’s HUSH calibre, then i’ll be disappointed. but if it’s like his work on superman/batman – like the first arc he did with mcguiness and that other one with pacheco – then i’ll be entertained. only two more issues to go anyway. 

  18. Does anyone know–is Loeb behind Ultimatum?  Because that would suck…very badly.

  19. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting used to it but I though this has been getting better with each issue.

     The first one was awful, the 2nd one was bad, this one was just mediocore. Maybe by the last issue it will be good.

  20. I think Loeb is indeed behind Ultimatum–whatever that is. All I know is that the past two covers of this series have been disfigured by the "March to Ultimatum!" banner. Ugh.

    Maybe this issue was a little better overall than #2, but since all I really care about here is the art, I think I geeked out a little more over Mad’s Spider-man than I did his dinosaurs.

    It was hard to enjoy the flashback without constantly thinking, "What is the point of this? Why is Loeb arduously working out a convoluted Wolv-Magneto backstory…all just so he can have Wolverine annouce, ‘There! That proves I used to have the hots for Wanda AND HER MOM, AND I know that Petro really does have a thing for his sis!"

  21. This was terrible! Sure, Joe Mad can’t tell a story with pictures, but Loeb is writing at the level of a freshman English student what with how weak the pacing and dialogue are. Ugh… the dialogue… "Wanna go, mutie?! Let’s go!"

  22. I buy this in much the same way I bought Onslaught Reborn.

  23. Loeb is very much the head of Ultimatium. Let’s just pray he takes all of Bendis’ advice. This was better than Red Hulk though. I’m sick of this art mostly. HGH users quietly covered in shadow.

  24. I really think Loeb just writes things he thinks the artist would make look cool. it was all over HUSH and now ultimates.  Honestly, without tim sale he’s just not that great. Joe Mad is still one of my favorite pencilers, i just wish he were on something else.

  25. Glad this piece of crap is only 5 issues.  My nephew was a big Ultimates 1&2 fan, so have been picking this up for him as well.  Granted he’s 17, but have hard time passing this semi-porn on to him in good concience.

    He never saw the crap the 90s produced, don’t need to revisit it here.  May just tell him how it ends instead. 

  26. Yea. I agree. If Loeb is, basically, being put in charge of the Ultimate -Verse he’s pretty much going to kill it. It isn’t like its been gangbusters for a year or two now.

  27. god damn! that book rocked balls! that was totally my pick of the week, the story is awesome! Man i can’t wait to see what happens next! RAD! totally

  28. I have to agree with



    I agree with SmokMnky "Honestly this book is like driving down the freeway and seeing a car flipped over and on fire. I know its horrible and I hope everyone is ok but I just can’t help the fact that I slow down and look.

    I just can’t look away!"


  30. i actually am really enjoying this run! I’ve only read ultimates vol. 1 the first trade….but I like Loeb and I think he’s doing a great job. I would just really like to know who Wolverine thought the black panther was/is??

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