Who – or what – is Ultimate X? The answers and even more secrets arrive in the all new ULTIMATE X ongoing bi-monthly series from the superstar dream team of JEPH LOEB and ART ADAMS. Wolverine is dead. Captain America is a fugitive. The Fantastic Four disbanded. Lives have been destroyed and nothing can ever be the same – is there any hope left? It all begins with a search for a brand new character whose identity will leave jaws on the floor and change the Ultimate Universe forever.

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
PENCILS: Art Adams
COLORED BY: Peter Steigerweld
LETTERED BY: Comicraft
COVER BY: Art Adams

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 13.5%


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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. im only buying this for art adama

  2. I’m not pulling this but I will read it at my LCS since the preview didn’t skull fuck me instantly & will consider its future appropriately

  3. Is this the new X-Men book for the Ultimate line?

  4. seems to be.  But the mutants have to be underground here because they are now outlawed.  (or something like that)

  5. I will buy the paperback.

  6. @oldmanlogan88  I second that.

  7. the art looks fantastic, the concept seems intriguing but Leob is a fucking hack. i’m not touching this

  8. Mutants are outlawed? How does that – you know what, nevermind.

  9. DCBS sold me this for a buck, so I’ll check it out. Like Art Adams. And Loeb… I like Art Adams.

  10. @JimBilly4 "I’D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!"

  11. I haven’t read much "new" Loeb so I still like him, but still think I’ll wait for trade for this one.  I also wonder how much hate he gets is real or just everyone jumping on him because it’s fun to hate Loeb.

  12. I didn’t read Ultimatum. But I read Hulk for a while, and it was decent enough fun. And I enjoyed Ultimates 3, some some reservations. So I’m looking at this series a lot like I did Ultimates 3, except Art Adams is a better storyteller than Joe Mad (I like the latter’s art better, though, because I grew up on it).

    I’m definitely alright with picking up at least the first issue of this. Based on the cover, though, if this turns out to be another high school sci-fi drama, I’m probably not going to continue with it for long.

  13. *"I enjoyed Ultimates 3, WITH some reservations." Oops.

  14. Aww, jeez! I don’t want to buy this…but it has been forever since my eyes have delighted in Art Adams’ work. Maybe a flip through at the store will satisfy that desire. Maybe $4 will. Game time decision.

  15. Loeb get’s one more chance…..burn me once shame on me….burn me two, three and four times….shame on me again and again but Jeff….I swear to god if you let me down one more time I am going to cry.

  16. How does leob always get kickass artist to work with him? do the artists just not give a fuck what they’re drawing or something?

    Leob’s books would sell less than an ass-based product if he didn’t have the artists involved

  17. I keep seeing preview art and thinking "why didn’t I order this book?". Then I remember. I love the art but I don’t have interest in the story or writer. For me a good story can still be entertaining with ok art, but a bad story with fantastic art isn’t enough for me.

  18. Loeb is a big name that gets big books. And worse, those books generally sell big time. An artist would probably be foolish to turn an opportunity to do a Loeb book. Now one can easily get into an argument about what is doing more of the selling, the big name books or the big name writer, but something is working right on the marketing front with Loeb. Until he bombs big time (and he may never), expect to see Jeph continue to work with most of your favorite Marvel artists. 

  19. @edward I liked Loeb on his bat-books and those tribute issues to Cap.  Though, his work on Hulk is vomitous at best.  I felt insulted to even buy them.  I’ll give this a shot though.

  20. Loeb actually tends not to work with artists I like much, except maybe Tim Sale, although that is due to my art tastes, which probably differ greatly from most. The artists he’s worked with over the past couple of years don’t really interest me.

  21. Anyone else amused by the fact that the next Loeb book is going to be called Ultimate new Ultimates?

  22. I used to love the Ultimate line…. Every single book, pains me that the only book I buy now is Ulti-Spidey.

  23. Meh. We’ll see.

  24. I thought this was actually pretty good.  I’m very curious to see where it goes from here and actually never rolled my eyes at anything ‘Loeb-y’ during this entire issue.  Some things might not have clicked just right but its a story told in one and we’re moving on.  I liked it, and I think Ultimatum continues to prove that it was needed.

  25. I liked this. Aside from the way-too-convinient organic metal mutation, I enjoyed this. Especially the narration by James Hudson. It was a nice nod to the Wolverine origin I grew up with. Art Adams art is cartoony but in a visually appealing way. The guy that did the digital inks for him should always ink Adams from now on. I’m giving this title a chance. Oh and my only exposure to Jeph Loeb has been through his Marvel work and his work on Heroes and I cannot stand his stuff. His dialogue is usually just godawful, but it was OK in this. I only lasted 3 issues with HULK and didn’t even bother with his Ultimate stuff. I’m not even sure why I picked this up since I don’t care about he Ultimate universe… had to be Art Adams involvement…

  26. Holy shit…is the old Jeph Loeb back? The good one that wrote daredevil: yellow and batman: dark victory?

  27. I had a flick through out of curisoty (really great art) and it didn’t look too bad. Couple of bits were too similar to Superman for all seasons but otherwise it seemed like a fun start.

  28. meh.  Not good enough to get any more issues.  Too bad.  It also sucks that Loeb is doing the new Ultimates line as well.

  29. It’s interesting but I can’t get over the fact that it’s written by Jeph Loeb. After viewing season 2 of Heroes with Loeb behind the helm of some of the episodes I never been the same. That season was horrible!

  30. Jeph Loeb’s prescription for crazy pills ran out! Hurry, read this before he renews it!

  31. Yeah… whenever Loeb touches a title I actually enjoy or anticipate, there’s always something really really awful and PREDICTABLE about his storytelling, mainly I think he’s scripting like a typical underaverage fanfiction writer and not like a professional.

  32. Oh and… *SPOILERS*!!!
    … Did anyone get a look at that preview? Ultimate NEW ULTIMATES? AM I GOING SCHITZO here or am I seeing double? The ULTIMATE Imprint DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER Avengers series when they’ve already got ULTIMATE Avengers. Good god Marvel! Stop! JUST STOP! ISN’T 4 SERIES ENOUGH? AND TWO OF THEM ARE WRITTEN BY LOEB! NO MORE….

    Consequently, I think I’ve gotten so sick of Loeb I’m actually Loeb-intolerant like Chris Neseman.

  33. Definitely not good enough to continue reading. Was rooting for it though.

  34. This was awful. I gave it a chance–and, again, I’m someone who has liked SOME aspects of Loeb’s recent work okay–but this was just a waste.

    The way Loeb writes teengers is icky.

    Jimmy’s powers make no sense, and he’s a completely unoriginal and uninteresting character.

    I like Art Adams art, but the story here was so bad and it didn’t do anything for me at all. It’s a bad use of his talent and, unlike Joe Mad on Ultimates 3, he didn’t even switch it up any. In defense of Ultimates 3, it was a bad story, and Mad isn’t a great storyteller, but it was still interesting to see what his art looked like after so long. But this was just a waste of talent. If I drew as slow as Art Adams, there’s no way I would sign on for something so boring.

  35. I don’t want to say i told you so but i did tell you so

  36. This was bad, real bad. The saving grace for me was the fact it took place in Florida (where I was born and raised.) 



    The organic metal claws was a horrible idea!!! Who was the editor on this? I can’t believe they let that get printed!?! 

  37. edward’s right. Man I was trying to be optimistic but this pretty much confirms that Loeb-bashing should be guilt-free.

  38. Hey I dunno, I know a ton of you really seem to have hated this, but I had a blast reading this! I thought this was great! Can’t wait for the next ish 😀

  39. @ ShonenRafa77 I second that.

  40. @zattaric Apparently Geoff Johns feels this way too! 😀 He tweeted so, lol

  41. I loved the Art Adams art and had the same non-eyerolling experience as DarthDuck. I was entertained, and while I found the organic metal claws awful convenient, it made me wonder who the mom was. Could he have nailed Husk? Mercury? Illyana (she shares Colossus’ genes). A lot of icks, but who knows what their Ultimate ages are. I read a bunch of Ultimate X-men years ago, but for the life of me I can’t remember which X-folk has been shown to exist in this universe.

    However, bottom line, if this is $3.99 every time, I am probably not going to partake. 


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